Bengalis and food share an eternal bond. The popularity of Bengali cuisine all across India bears testimony to this fact. Kolkata is a food lover’s delight and offers myriad options to cater to all kinds of tastes. From the good old seafood to the numerous sweet delicacies that taste as good as they appear, the city never disappoints. Let us take you on a yummy ride across the length and breadth of the city today, with the best foods to eat in Kolkata!

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  • Roshogolla

An apt start to any culinary ode to Kolkata has to be the traditional Roshogolla. While you may have savored different kinds of rasgullas in other parts of India, you have to taste the Bengali Roshogolla to believe it.

One of its kind, this sweet wonder is the most precious gift the place has given to food lovers. Head to any of the K.C. Das outlets in the city to enjoy Roshogolla, one of the best foods to eat in Kolkata. The city of joy also offers a host of other delicious sweets such as Sondesh, Jalebi, Mishti Doi, Kufli, and many more, for those who are always looking for ways to satiate that sweet tooth.

  • Street Food

Source: Biswarup Ganguly

An integral part of cuisine in any area of India is the street food it has on offer. Kolkata is no different to this. The city of joy has flavorful street food for all kinds of budgets and tastes. Head to Dacres Lane to get the best street food in the city. If you are in the mood for a quick but fulfilling bite, grab a kathi roll. For those who love spicy fare, a host of fish and mutton dishes are available. The street is also famous for Chinese dishes such as chowmein and fried rice. Our recommendation? If you want to have the best foods to eat in Kolkata, all at one place, Dacres Lane is the place to be!

  • Non-vegetarian Delights

If you are a non-vegetarian lover, a sojourn to Kolkata would be incomplete without spending an evening at the Mitra Café. Get a taste of any of their chicken, mutton, and fish dishes. Curries, kebabs, biryanis- they have it all!

They are also known to serve delectable starters which will leave you asking for more. For the morning people, Mitra Café offers a variety of breakfast options. You can savor different kinds of egg dishes at this lovely café.

  • Vegetarian Fare

Vegetarian Fare
source: Chotonn

The city of joy does not disappoint vegetarian food lovers too. Aaheli- The Peerless Inn, is a popular stop for many tourists who visit Kolkata every year. The place is famous for its delicious vegetarian food which includes thalis that comprise a little bit of everything. For the fried food lovers, they have loochis (what we conventionally know as puris). Then there is an assortment of vegetables and dals, all made using authentic Bengali kitchen ingredients. Coconut is a predominantly used component in all the dishes. To round it up all, they serve delicious Bengali sweets, making it the perfect meal. The place also offers a non-vegetarian thali if you are someone who loves to gorge on meat and fish. Over a period of time, The Peerless Inn has garnered the reputation of places that serve the best foods to eat in Kolkata. 

  • Tibetan Cuisine

Tibetan Cuisine
Source: Ritesh Man Tamrakar

if you are someone who can never have enough of Tibetan Cuisine, then head to Territi Bazaar in Kolkata. The place has some of the most amazing momos and spring rolls on offer; you will simply love how different yet flavorful all the Tibetan preparations are! A must visit when in Kolkata!

  • Kebabs

Kebabs are an important part of the Indian food tradition. For the best ones in Kolkata, head to Peter Cat and order a kebab platter. We guarantee that you will have the most mouth-watering and delicious mutton and chicken kebabs at this outlet. A go-to place for the best foods to eat in Kolkata!

  • Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata Biryani
Source: Bandana’s Kitchen on YouTube

For all the biryani lovers, Kolkata offers a special delight- the Kolkata biryani. A rich blend of spices and mutton combined with finely-grained rice and cooked with love on a tawa, this one will leave you asking for more. Kolkata biryani is definitely one of the best foods to eat in Kolkata. 

Kolkata is one of the top travel destinations in India, not only because of its culture, but the splendid food it has on offer. Bon appetit!

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