Are you getting married soon and want to look your best during that time period? Obviously, you would want to. But, if you think just the makeup is going to do that for you, unfortunately, you’re mistaken. Makeup is best when used minimally just to enhance your already gorgeous skin. Now, what to do to get that naturally gorgeous skin? Well, it’s not very tough.

You’d just have to follow a proper skincare routine for 3-4 weeks and keep in mind certain points, which I’m going to discuss here. So, here are 7 crucial skincare tips to get a beautiful and glowy skin naturally.

1.Natural beauty requires natural stuff

Natural beauty requires natural stuff

So, you want a clear and beautiful skin? First of all, cut down on all the chemical products that you use on your skin. Raid your kitchen and you’ll find some of the best and natural ingredients to get a gorgeous skin. Haldi, lemon, besan, malai, milk, honey, cucumber, are some of the best things and can be used to make beauty magic potions.

2. Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen

Direct sunlight can damage skin cells and cause various skin related problems. You wouldn’t want a stupid extraterrestrial body to ruin your day for you, right? Exactly. That’s why you need to apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. It will keep your skin soft and protect it from harmful UV rays as well as pollution.

3. Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine

If you run on coffee, too bad, you’d have to stop running. Okay, not exactly. But along with the “alive” feeling it gives you, caffeine tends to dehydrate your body and make skin look tired and old, especially your face. So, if you can, try to avoid it. Or else reduce the consumption to just 2 cups per day.

4. Drink water.. A LOT

Drink water.. A LOT

Water is the best detox your skin can get. It clears out the toxins from body and behind the skin and keeps your skin looking younger and fresher. You can add cucumber or lemon to keep your system alkaline and fight bloating. You can also get an infuser bottle and try different detox recipes.

5. Do exercise regularly

Do exercise regularly

If you already go to gym, very good. If you don’t, try to incorporate some easy exercises in your daily routine, preferably in the morning. Exercising helps to flush out toxins and keeps you feeling more energetic throughout the day. It also keeps the skin radiant and makes a huge difference in your day to day energy level.

6. Don’t try new things near your wedding day

Don’t try new things near your wedding day

This is very important to avoid last minute risks and skin reactions. If you want to try new skin masks and facials, get it done 2-3 weeks before wedding, so that you know if there’s any skin reaction. If all goes well, you can get it done again near wedding day. Another important things is that no grooming routine like threading, tweezing, waxing, etc. should be done near the wedding day. It can cause skin redness which is not a good thing. All the grooming should be done atleast 4-5 days before wedding.

7. Be happy

Be happy

Last, but not the least, stay happy around your wedding. Do not take unnecessary stress and tension. Keep smiling and enjoy the process. I promise, you’ll be the most beautiful bride EVER.

So these are 7 skincare tips for brides to get a naturally beautiful and radiant skin. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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