Hobbies are underrated. Most of us don’t give them a second thought. Parents don’t encourage their kids to indulge in hobbies. And people like me wonder in what cubicle would they be stuck if we had such an attitude towards hobbies!

Seriously! If I hadn’t worked on my hobbies, I wouldn’t be living this lifestyle – working from home, earning good enough income just after I finished college, and indulging in things like buying a new phone! I recently bought iPhone XS.

You need some amazing hobbies –

  • To give yourself a creative outlet.
  • To keep your mind and soul fresh.
  • To just have options in your life for side income one day, because any hobby can become an income source if you do it seriously.

The best part is there are so many amazing hobbies. In fact, any hobby can be amazing depending on how you approach it. But just because I love to make lists, here’s a list of hobbies that I think are totally amazing and everybody should try!

  1. Photography

photography tips - shoot better videos

Recently, I discussed online courses everybody should try. In that post, I discussed how photography is an excellent way to teach yourself to appreciate art and things around you, in general.

But you’ll be amazed at how complicated this hobby could be. Complicated yet self liberating. The hobby can also become a very good side income option, but when you begin, approach it with the right attitude… not to make money, but just to learn and appreciate the art.

2. Blogging

shoot better videos

Another very creative hobby is blogging. Alas! These days it’s more about making money online than actually blogging. I would urge you to focus on blogging as a creative outlet, as a means to share your experiences and knowledge instead of spinning off articles you picked from the internet and hounding the brands for free products. That may initially seem enticing, but it soon becomes a chore and some day, come back to eat up your conscience.

So, approach blogging as a real hobby first… where you express, help others with what you know and build a community. After that, if it opens up opportunities for you, grab them and enjoy!

3. Gardening

amazing hobbies - gardening

It’s another hobby that I have recently tried and though, I haven’t done much with it yet but it’s very therapeutic and tiresome, at times. Be it a small kitchen garden in a corner of your house or a big garden with lots of pots and plants…

the joy of gardening doesn’t depend on the size of your garden. It depends on your effort, your dedication and the end results.

If you want to start with gardening, there are several gardening vloggers popping up these days on YouTube, who I think are amazing. They teach you so much and in such an easy to learn way!

Honestly, all these hobbies that I am mentioning can be easily adopted… you can learn about them using the internet and practice them regularly to get better at them.

4. Reading

booktube channel

Of course, how can I forget this! Reading is by far the best hobby I have picked up. The earlier you pick up, the better it is. But what should you read? I suggest you read a combination of both fiction and non-fiction books. Both are equally important for your overall development – emotional and career. Pick the right books and you’ll never have a hard time with reading. But again, if you’re finding it difficult to read books, you’ve the internet to find resources to learn how to fix it. Here’s my playlist on YouTube on reading books that can also help you out.

5. Learning

Learning as a hobby? What does that even mean? See, all of us cannot have same interests. Some of us have very weird, in a good way, interests. What do we with that? Some of you may find airplanes very fascinating while some may find interest in makeup. I say, learn about them. Become an expert on the subjects. Look for online courses related to the subjects as well as YouTube tutorials and authority blogs. That would help!

6. Knitting

amazing hobbies - knitting

It’s so underrated! I mean, if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you already know how it helps you to have steady hands to be a better surgeon. But if you don’t, first of all start watching Grey’s Anatomy and secondly, try knitting. Not only would you learn something cool to do in your free time or when you’re watching boring T.V. but also would you be able to make cool sweaters for yourself and save up money on your clothes shopping. It’s a win-win situation!

7. Painting

amazing hobbies - painting

This is something I have tried and figured out I cannot do but some people are just too talented. And they don’t even exercise their talent. Are you one of them? That incredibly gifted individual who knows how to make brush strokes to create art? Don’t let it go waste. Use it. Paint!

A Request: If you have a hobby and you practice it, document the process and talk about it. This could be your way of giving back to this amazing world… you never know how your one post or share could inspire somebody and change their lives. So, don’t shy away from talking about your hobbies or even discussing that you’re picking up a hobby. Share! Talk about it! Do it more often!

There you go! This is my list of seven amazing hobbies that I think everyone should consider but in the end, pick the one that truly interests you. Don’t just follow anything just because everybody else is doing that!

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Do you have a hobby that’s not in this list? I would love to know… it would be awesome if you can share about your hobby in the comments below! Would totally inspire me so much. Please comment!


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