Happy New Year. I hope you faced a good start of 2015 and I am sure many of you are already ready with a long list of New Year’s Resolutions. But how many times have you actually kept them? How many times did you actually succeed in keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolution

I know it is difficult. But it is not impossible. Here are some ways that can help you to keep your New Year Resolutions 2015.

1. Be specific: I have talked about the same subject on my previous blog and this point directly comes from that article. If you aren’t specific about what you want to accomplish, you would never get it. For example, if your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and you aren’t sure about how much weight you actually want to lose, you would probably fail in your motive. Start working with figures and decide how much weight you actually want to lose and so on.

2. Plan well: Making unrealistic goals are the second biggest issue people face when it comes to keeping New Year’s Resolutions. If I say I would read 500 books this year, it is simply impossible considering the amount of time that is spent on my job, blog, family and physical workout. So, it is better if we make small goals after a good amount of planning. Plan before you act.

3. Be regular: It is better to keep your New Year’s Resolutions right in front of you all the time. Write them on a piece of paper and stick it on the side of your bed so that each day you wake up, you would get reminded of what you want to accomplish. And from my personal experience, I can say that it does make a difference. Avoid making notes on mobile phones etc. Chances are you would never open those notes. Force yourself to read about your goals every single day.

4. Be confident: Do you think you won’t be able to read 10 books a year because you cannot even bear 1? Stop doubting yourself. If you know something is important and you must be doing it, just have confidence in yourself and do it.

5.  Keep trying: The most important thing in life is keep trying for a better future and one day you would accomplish what you want to.

6. Share it with your friends: there is nothing worse than the fear of humiliation in public. Make yourself vulnerable to that. Make a list of your New Year’s Resolutions and share it with your friends. Ask a best friend to keep track of your progress in the goal. And also tell him that you ought to be humiliated at the end of the year if you fail to achieve your goals. You would experience the magic after that. Things would start happening.

Many don’t believe in the concept of New Year’s Resolutions but I feel they are just a medium which allows us to try and reach our goals. And we must utilize every such medium we can get hold of.

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Share.

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