As if sweating all day in summer wasn’t enough, now we have to deal with the humid weather that makes us irritated and want to run away from the place we live in. But can we really do that? Can we just run away and spend a long time on some beautiful island that has a perfect weather? I doubt that.

Makeup kit for beginners
Makeup kit for beginners

So, what you and I can do in real is learn how to deal with humid weather. Here are some skin care tips to deal with humid weather. There are some more tips regarding home decor and eating habits which I will share in my future posts. Do check them too!

1. Keep your face clean

This is certainly the most important thing you need to take care of. The humid weather makes your face look oily and that’s not where it ends. Such a condition can aggravate the acne and pimples and trust me! Getting acne is painful. You don’t want it. Better use a good facewash to keep your face clean. Face wash with lime in it is the perfect product you need to beat the humid weather.

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2. Use Less makeup

Reduce the amount of makeup you wear. Please note that I said amount! I didn’t ask you to part away with your favourite blush or foundation or whatever. You just need to reduce the amount you put on your face. Keep it light. Why? Because the more you put on, the greater are the chances for it to come off like you’re a melting doll.

3.  Go For Powdered products

I figured this tip 15 days before. Due to some reason, I stopped using a face powder and was happy with it for months. But that was a big blunder I was making in the kind of atmosphere I was living in. Using a face powder not only sets the makeup but also reduces the chances of getting that messy “I have not washed my face since years” look. Dab on some face powder even if you’re not wearing any makeup.

Also, try to use powdered products like powdered foundation, blush, eye shadow etc. Cream based products are a big no unless you want to look like a birthday cake!

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4. Don’t forget the SPF

I am saying that because I have forgotten it and hence realized its importance. Of course, makeup products nowadays have SPF in them but make sure you use a proper sunscreen cream before putting on any makeup. If you’re going to stay at home all day long, even then wear a sunscreen.

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5. Use good face wipes

It is humid. You’re bound to sweat and feel irritated. In such a time, using a normal tissue or a cloth would just mess up with your skin. The skin on your face is sensitive than the rest of your body parts. Make sure you take good care of it.

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6. Cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturize

Though I doubt any guy would be reading this post but this applies for both guys and girls. This is a 4 step process that you must follow religiously twice a week. Use a good cleanser to wipe off the dust from your pores, and then use an astringent to open the pores and then scrub for 5 minutes. Usually I use cleansing milk after this step but it is better to skip it during humid weather. Once you’re done with scrubbing, use a toner to close the pores. And there you are! With fine dirt less skin that would glow. Mission accomplished.

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These tips may sound too much but once you make these a part of your routine, you would realize the importance of these and the kind of positive affect they have on you and then, my friend, you would want to thank me. You are welcome. I hope you enjoyed reading. 🙂

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