Buying new books is one of the most favorite hobbies of book lovers. We alway buy more books than we read and our to be read list keep piling up. An avid reader always has more than 100 books in his to be read list. Seriously.

I have been buying a lot of books these days. Don’t worry. I have understood how it can burn a hole in your pocket. Have decided not to buy any more books until I have finished reading all the books on my shelf or unless I get a super awesome deal once again. πŸ˜‰

Today I am going to share the books I got.

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

gone girl by gillian flynn
gone girl by gillian flynn

This is the first book I picked up for I have heard a lot of things about this book. The story is about a guy whose wife vanishes one day. He doesn’t know where has she gone. He doesn’t know if she willingly left the house or has been kidnaped. This is followed some mysterious messages. Now, he has to find his wife. I found the plot very interesting. It is a little bit similar to Zahir by Paulo Coelho but I haven’t read both of the books so I can’t say that for sure.

2. Fifty Shades of Darker by E.L. James:

fifty shades of darker by el james
fifty shades of darker by el james

This is the second part of the fifty shades trilogy. If you have been following me since last year, you would know that I had the complete trilogy. But I let someone borrow the last two books from me and never got them back. I really wished to complete the series so I bought the second book right when I got a good deal.

3. The lady’s maid by Dilly’s Court:

the ladys maid by dilly court
the lady’s maid by dilly court

I haven’t heard about the book ever. The reason why I still bought this book is because the plot sounded very interesting. In the book, two women give birth to two girls but have to give their daughters away for some reason. These two girls grow up in an entirely different environment. And that’s where the stories begin. This book reminded of many fairytale kinds of books and I felt immediately attracted towards the book.

4. A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini:

A thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini
A thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini

I read Khaled Hosseini a long time ago. Kite Runner was the book and I felt so touched after finishing that book. In your life, you would find books that would intensify your love to read more. Kite Runner was one such book and I have heard that all the books of the author are that good. That’s I got this book.

5. The house of Hades by Rick Riordan:

heroes of olympus the house of hades by rick riordan
heroes of olympus: the house of hades by rick riordan

I picked this book only because it was huge. One, I love big books. Two, I do plan to read the series sometime in future and with the kind of deal I got on this book, I felt it was a good idea to add this to my bookshelf.

6. Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna:

mrs funnybones by twinkle khanna
mrs funnybones by twinkle khanna

I recommended this book in my article about new Indian books and I recommend books only if I think it is worth recommending. However, I hadn’t read the book myself as I had mentioned in my previous article. So when I was shopping for new books, I was compelled to get this one.

These are the new books I have got and I seriously plan to not buy any new books until I am finished with all the to be read books already on my bookshelf. Let me know what books doaaa you have on your bookshelf but haven’t read yet. Hope you liked reading.

Sorry about the photography. I tried to play with my camera and ended up with these horrible looking pictures. Would improve in future. πŸ˜€

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