All those healthy snack ideas on Instagram and Youtube are mostly made up of things that are way too expensive in India or just not available. When did healthy turn into expensive?

What are some healthy snack ideas you can use when you’re feeling hungry but need to stay fit? Well, here are some options for you if you’re feeling hungry right now and want to eat.

5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Indians


  1. Paneer Sandwich

Two slices of brown bread, about 50 grams of paneer, one onion, any Indian masalas you like – and those are the ingredients for first healthy snack for you. Did I mention how easy to cook these are?

You can make it even more healthier and wholesome by adding in more vegetables. It tastes yum and takes about ten minutes to make.

2. Boiled chana and Rajmah

Think of these-  black chana, rajmah, and white chana. You can boil these. Then take the boiled chanas or rajmah, put them in a bowl, add in chopped onions and tomatoes, Indian masalas and shake it well. There you go! You have a very tasty meal ready that’s very healthy as well. Who said healthy snacks ideas for Indians had to be about boring food?

3. Omlette

I am not saying that the yolk is unhealthy but if you’re focusing on weight loss, just remove the yellow part. Take three eggs, pour them in a bowl, add in masalas and then, put them on a non-stick pan. Cook and eat a healthy meal.

4. Namkeen Daliya

Oh yes! The foreigners have their sweet porridge whereas we have our very own masaledar daliya which is a much healthier way to have daliya. It’s a great breakfast dish and it’s very healthy.

5. Idli

Another healthy Indian food item that can be part of this healthy snacks ideas for Indians post is Idli. Read more about idli in this post.

It’s really healthy and is, in fact, a very common healthy Indian breakfast dish.

6. Upma

Another very healthy Indian food option is upma. You just have to roast the sooji (Semolina) and then in another pan, heat oil, add veggies, cook, add suji and some water with your choice of spices and you’re done.

It’s a good snack when you’re feeling very hungry. It’s easy to make. You can even keep roasted sooji stored in refrigerator for use.

Guess what! Upma is also vegan. Isn’t that cool?

You have six options right now for healthy snack ideas for Indians. While I find more healthy snacks ideas for Indians, you go and try these out. You’ll love all six. Until then, I’ll have more options ready for you. Don’t forget to check back this post every once in a while. BOOKMARK IT.

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