Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Being in good health reflects in your physical appearance, your emotional state and also your self esteem. But with everything around us turning into a poison, how can we be healthy? How can you make yourself healthier?

But you know what, that’s not the most important issue. You probably know how to make yourself healthier. But you won’t practice it. Maybe it is difficult, uninteresting or just lame. All of these may or may not be excuses but I think we still need to do something for our health.

After gaining a lot of weight and feeling super unhealthy all the time, I decided to work on me. I did things which were easy and doable enough for a lazy and stubborn person like me. And this is what today’s post is about. I am going to share those 6 easy things you can do to make yourself healthier.

1. Switch to Sugar Free: Sugar Free has obviously been a victim of bad marketing plan but that doesn’t make it a bad product. Contrary to the popular belief, sugar free is a product for people who may or MAY NOT have diabetes.

The sugar we put in our shakes and sweet dishes in order to make them tastier gives us nothing but extra calories. Sugar Free just reduces that number of calories.

And I liked to call those ‘saved’ calories as the calories I burned in a day. It is same in fact. Isn’t it? Also, I did reduce half a kg in a month just by switching to sugar free.

make yourself healthier with sugar free

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2. Move More than You Usually do: The biggest reason behind me gaining weight and becoming unhealthy (I got pain in knees and my hand as well) was that I didn’t move at all. My work, blogging, requires me to sit in front of my laptop all day long. That definitely took a toll on my health. But I couldn’t just stop blogging. Right?

So, I went for this option. I just moved a little more than I usually did. That could include anything – like walking around while reading a book, walking over to the fridge to have a glass of water instead of keeping a bottle of water besides me, dancing in the bathroom while brushing my teeth instead of just standing and admiring my face, shaking my body while listening to songs instead of just lying down on my bed… You can make a lot of changes like these in your life and remember! They do make a difference.

3. Clean your house: Health isn’t just confined to how you look or being free of any ailments or physical body aches. Emotional health is as important as physical health is. Do you feel restless or irritated sometimes? Do you feel low and inferior sometimes? Do you feel like doing nothing?

In most cases, this can be cured or reduced by just one thing – cleaning your house. A clutter free room/house with everything in its place, bright colors around you and pleasing fragrance… That can have a sound affect on your emotional state.

Apart from just cleaning your house, make it a cozy place to live in. Yes, that applies to that rented apartment or dorm room as well. Try it!

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4. Cook: Yes, after the Maggi Ban, a lot of you would have lost interest in your ‘hobby’. 😛 But cooking is an art which is more useful than anything else. It pleases your emotional state and your taste buds as well.

Maybe you’re just a beginner and you don’t have any idea about cooking. But at least you can try. There are plenty of blogs out there that can help you begin with cooking and try out the hidden artist in you. And analyze what a positive affect it has on you!

Me with my favorite sandwiches
Me with my favorite sandwiches

5. Go out: Getting fresh air is vital for human existence. Even if you’re an indoor person (same pinch), you need to go out once in a while and that ‘once’ should be often. Clean yourself, dress yourself up, put in some makeup and go out.

The most important task you should be doing during your entire lifetime is to try to keep yourself happy. Thank your body and soul to be with you all the time, to face whatever you do.

6. Read books: A little bit of exercise is a must but health enthusiast often ignoring the mental exercise part. More than anything, you need to keep your brain healthy. You need to prevent your thoughts from getting rotten. You need to keep them afresh.

And for that… you need to read. As I discussed in my write-up Why I am collecting books for my children, reading isn’t a hobby. It is a drug that you must take to live a sound and happy life.

make yourself healthier by reading books

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Tell me! Were those things difficult? Would they be difficult to implement? Remember! With these 6 easy things you can make yourself healthier! Why not remember them and practice them? What do you think?

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