I earn my daily bread through blogging. It’s relatively a new concept in India and not many people would believe in the first statement. But some do. But let me be truthful. There are a lot of things which people must know if they have read that statement and felt curious about it.

about blogging

Are you wondering how is it possible to make money through a blog? Are you thinking what kind of effort goes into this? What kind of difficulties bloggers might have to face? What are the good things about being a blogger? What are the fears that grope us in the middle of the night? Read this post to find the answers!

  1. It is simply not possible to set up a blog, throw in some not-so-unique content and sit back to see your bank balance rising. In other words, you can’t earn money just by writing blog posts on your own blog.
  2. To be a real blogger, you have to master the techniques of SEO, inbound marketing, affiliate marketing and networking (and many more).
  3. Becoming a full-time blogger takes time. You won’t start earning good enough money in months or even a year.
  4. Blogging requires consistency and great deal of effort.
  5. You will need to read a lot. Having a mentor or a person who knows about it isn’t enough. A professional blogger won’t have time and ability to explain everything to you in one go. So, read!
  6. You cannot put all your eggs in one basket. You never know when one source of traffic or income ditches you. Be prepared!
  7. Blogging requires entrepreneurial skills even when you won’t be called an entrepreneur.
  8. You need delegation skills. Understand that doing everything by yourself doesn’t bring you more money. It makes you lose it.
  9. Not all bloggers you see out there are professional bloggers. Not all of them are successful.
  10. Most of the people quit blogging within a year because they found no success in it.
  11. Success in blogging comes slow. You have to be patient and determined.
  12. Many people lie about their blogging income. Many don’t. You have to see which person can be believed.
  13. No one earns money just by having one blog. Earning money from a blog is like stepping on the first stone towards solopreneurship.
  14. You can earn money through sponsored posts, guest posting, freelance writing services, consultation services, affiliate sales and selling your own product. There are many more ways to earn money through blogging which are yet to be explored.
  15. Everything changes. One day you will master the SEO and next day, the entire system would change (thanks to algorithm updates by Google). You would need to start again!
  16. Blogging is a continuous learning process. New platform and changes in old platforms keep turning up. Face them!
  17. Blogging can take a toll on your health. Sitting on your work desk all day and hitting your fingers on the keyboard isn’t a health-friendly task.
  18. Blogging can help you build your identity. but you have to be very careful about how you brand yourself.
  19. Personal branding is one of the most important aspects of blogging. People want to know you and want to be able to trust you.
  20. To be a successful blogger, you will have to keep trying new techniques and ideas.
  21. Blogging makes you an extrovert.
  22. Blogging brings a huge change in your personality. You become confident, independent and professional.
  23. Blogging teaches you a lot about life in general.
  24. You learn how to network with people and the importance of right kind of company.
  25. You learn how to analyse people and have a sound judgement about them.
  26. You learn how to push yourself to work harder, even when you don’t feel like getting out of your bed.
  27. You learn how to negotiate.
  28. You learn a lot more about the niche you blog about. If you want more knowledge about a particular subject, set up a blog about it.
  29. If you want to earn money from your blog, think like a businessman.
  30. Prepare your blog with a perspective to sell it in future. Consider your blog as an asset and invest to make it grow.
  31. Follow influential bloggers and analyse what makes them.
  32. Try to improve your general habits. They will affect a lot on your blogging skills.
  33. When connecting to influencers or professional bloggers, follow the right etiquette.
  34. Be very careful about how you present yourself on social media. That will affect your personal brand.
  35. Being a blogger comes with its own drawbacks. You are highly prone to wasting time on useless things – social media, analytics and more. Too much of anything is bad!
  36. Be very careful about where you spend your money. Some tools are important and some are just wasting your money. Measure your return on investment well.
  37. Blogging isn’t a no-investment way to earn money. You need to invest time and money into it.
  38. The concept of setting up a blog for free and earn recurring income doesn’t exist. Not anymore.
  39. This is a highly competitive market. Lots of new blogs are created each day. You need to find your USP to get an edge over them.
  40. Make yourself unique.
  41. Blogging requires you to master the very basic things as well. From writing to sharing on social media, there goes a lot of thought and expertise behind that. Learn it!
  42. Being humble is a trait which is rare in people all around the world. But to maintain your reputation as a good blogger, you need that.
  43. And now a bit about blogging and the host of this blog. I started focusing on blogging seriously in 2013. It took me almost two years to be able to generate full time income through “blogging” (You will know why it’s in quotes in the following points).
  44. Main source of my income is social media marketing and content writing I do for a number of brands.
  45. Finix Post is a blog where I share personal experiences of my life. Just like this blog post which is based on what I have learnt about blogging in the past years.
  46. I always try to focus on personal branding. And now you know why. Don’t you?
  47. I use this blog for the purpose of branding. It brings me business. Learn something from it πŸ˜›
  48. Working on Finix Post is my hobby and passion. Maybe that’s why I always get time for this baby of mine.
  49. Two more projects I endorse publicly are Brijraj Blog & Startup Champ blog.
  50. I tried to share everything that came into my mind about blogging. These are the things which must know if you’re curious about this profession.

Are you a blogger? Tell me if you agree with what I have written.

Are you a person with a curious soul? Did this post help you to know a bit more about blogging as a full time profession?

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  1. A very frank post. I started blogging in 2007 n since no one read I put a stop. But my love for writing and encouragement brought me back. Loved the frank opinion that you put here. You haven’t just showed the good aspects. U hv explained each point properly.

  2. Thank you so much on this post. You shared much insight. I am also a aspiring blogger. However, as I am still a student and not earning any money, my dad does not approve of me getting myself a domain, since it’s using his money. Do you have any advice? Do you think it’s necessary to get a domain to be successful?

  3. Hey Manpreet,

    That’s a huge list indeed. I too agree with your point that, blogging can build your identity and many people actually blog for that reason. However, a strong personal branding needs to be made which will decide people’s perception about them. There are many ways to do so, but one needs to find their own ways for a perfect image.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great weekend πŸ™‚


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