Isn’t life too complicated? Some things keep bothering you all the time and make you look for how you can make your life simpler. Every day you find yourself tackling some new issue, further confusion, new dilemma, and you just wish you could learn how to avoid them.

make your life simpler

Welcome to the club! From work to relationships, everything is complicated. And I have felt the wrath of that too until one day. One day, I decided that I want to get rid of those complications and live a simpler and happier life. So, I started experimenting with some ways to make your life simpler.

Do you want to know which techniques worked for me? Do you want to know which things I did to make my life easier? If yes, read on! I have listed five of them in today’s post.

1. Write everything down 

Have you ever forgotten a vital task? Have you ever behaved like a parrot who keeps repeating a phrase in hopes of not forgetting it? Have you ever felt too heavy in your head because of the tasks you need to do in a day or week or month?

There’s a solution to it. While I cannot give you the recipe for the magic potion to help you complete all the tasks automatically, I can tell you how to calm down your mind.

Write down everything in your mind on a piece of paper. Be it some emotions, a to-do list or some thoughts which have been haunting you since a while. It helps you to clear off your mind from those things. Once you start writing everything down, you would feel that sense of lightness in your head. Try it!

2. Use Feedly to read great content

If there’s one thing that proves that you have a crazy mind, it would be your habit not to read anything. I agree, not everyone is interested in reading novels. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be expanding your knowledge.

Each day you should work to make your mind learn something new, something different. You must follow some great people, listen to what they say, analyze what makes their life simpler and amazing and implement those things.

The internet made that very simple. You can easily get access to any information you want, follow some great people who willingly share their advice and learn. But there is one chaotic thing that needs to be fixed. It is how to keep track of those great people/blog/websites you want to follow.

Well, what I do is use Feedly. Feedly helps you follow all the blogs or websites you want in the most strategic and straightforward manner. All the latest blog posts of your favorite blogs can be accessed at one place without feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of content or without missing any updates. So, start using Feedly to read great content. It will make your mind sharp and clear and thus help you to make your life simpler.

Are you following Finix Post on Feedly?

3. Use automatic schedulers

I agree that this point might appeal to people into social media management profession. But come on! Think differently. You can automate a lot of things in your life which takes some burden off you

Something as simple as setting your alarm for the entire week according to your weekly plan falls into this category. Do you set your alarm daily? Don’t. Just plan for the whole week and do that in one go.

Do you like keeping your social media followers or Facebook friends updated? Use HootSuite to schedule the posts for the week and focus on making real connections instead of editing a picture every single day.

Start looking for more such ways to make your life simple. Automate the things that you can and do them in one go to spare more time for yourself. What tools are you using for automation?

4. Indulge in some physical activity

When I was eating all those pizzas while being depressed about my work, I didn’t know the importance of physical activities. I was too dumb to understand how it could help me get rid of that stress and “I am good for nothing” feeling.

But since the time I started going to gym and working out, I stay more active, I am putting in more hours at work, my confidence has increased gazillion times, and I remain calm.

Can you imagine how much I was able to accomplish just by devoting two hours to my health and a few rupees that would have been spent on a pizza anyways?

Physical activities like running, exercising, playing sports are a must especially if you have a very busy schedule. You might think you don’t have enough time for these but for one month, give priority to this and see how you’re able to do more in less time and spare more time for yourself and, of course, make your life simpler.

5. Enjoy your life

enjoy your life

Stop whining about how you are earning less than that person. Why can’t you use it as motivation to work? Stop complaining about how you don’t have expensive clothes and jewelry. Why not make a style statement with the stuff you can afford? Stop whining about the thing you don’t have. Why not work hard to get those things?

Apart from all these anxious thoughts, one thought must be given the top most priority, and that is you must try to make the most out of each moment of your life. Getting sad over petty things won’t take you anywhere. So, why not stay where you’re and enjoy?

These are my tips to make your life simpler and happier. Life is too short not to do what you want to do. Complications create issues. Remove them. Keep it simple. 😉

Tell me how do you deal with stress and workload. Any special tips that you can share with me?w

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Thanks for these tips.

    Though, for handling stress, I’ll add two more ways: listening music and self-talking. They both works great.

    For organising: I would say EverNote is best. You’re probably using it?

    • Hello Munendar,
      Talking to your own self is a brilliant way to deal with stress. That’s why I write. It’s my way to talk to myself.
      Yes, I do use evernote but currently, I am loving the new in-built notes app on my phone. 😀


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