You would learn it in a hard way but eventually you will understand that all that glitters is not gold. Don’t you wonder how awesome movie stars are? They have lots of money, style, fan following and what not.

They basically have everything you think is required to be the happiest person in the world.

But did you ever consider the amount of effort they put in to make those movies, some which work. Did you ever consider the mess their relationships are?  Did you ever consider how it is like to be followed by paparazzi all the time?

Similarly, working from home or even blogging is now the most amazing profession. Why it shouldn’t be? You get to work from home and do what you like. You get to choose when you want to work, how much you want to work and with whom you want to work.

Ask the people who do it. It is rarely the case.

When I was wondering about the same thing, I thought of sharing 5 unpleasant things that one faces while one work from home. And that’s what I am going to do today. This is not to push you back or make you feel like working from home is bad.

Consider this write-up just as a preparatory material you read before an examination. It would help you take the exam in a better way and then succeed.

1. Lack of inspiration/ideas/motivation

work from home 2

Most of the work from home things involve creativeness (I believe every work involves creativeness but this one requires it the most) especially blogging.

You need to come up with new ideas every day and also stay motivated to keep working without anyone appreciating or acknowledging your efforts.

In a proper workplace, all these things are easier to do but when you’re confined within four walls of your home with all the people of the family unable to understand what you do, it is difficult to stay motivated and inspired.

New ideas? Tell me! Did you ever get an idea by just looking at a wall? Maybe you got one. But can you get a hundred ideas by looking at the same wall?

This is what people who work from home face. They need to make a lot of efforts to accomplish what they’re doing. My advice would be to get out. Go for regular walks every morning.

If your hobby is your profession, find some other amazing hobbies that you can pursue when you need a break. Get refreshed.

2. Health issues

As I type, I can barely bear the excruciating amount of pain in my right hand that is definitely because of excessive typing. Even after regular hand exercises, I couldn’t get rid of it and so, I am learning to adapt and bear the pain.

Regular exercises

Headache and eyesight issues due to looking at the screen, backache and neck problems due to sitting all day long, obesity and related problems along with pain in hands is something people who work from home face on daily basis.

Those who don’t, they put themselves on a strict schedule and follow things as I have mentioned in the next paragraph.

Eat healthy food with more green and leafy vegetables (for eyesight and obesity), drink more water and reduce intake of coffee, walking around after every 45 minutes of sitting work, regular exercise and regular walks.

3. Lack of networking

A lot of my friends think that I am on Facebook all the time. How free I am! And I can do nothing but give a hysterical laugh at the thought. A lot of working from home involves the use of social networking sites.

Build networking

Maybe we are managing social media, maybe we’re trying to contact someone for help or maybe we’re just looking for more ideas… but one thing I am sure of is we never just while around on social media. Those Facebook hours people enjoy during their free time, we never get them. We’re always working.

That’s why we never get a real chance of networking. Do we not chat with people? We do but then it is for work. All the connections we make are usually because of the kind of work we do. There are hardly any real and true connections.

This might sound mean but then the world is a mean place and maybe many bloggers or people who work from home won’t agree, but deep down they know this is the truth.

Only once in a while, we find someone who we’re really interested in and want to connect to. Rest is work!

4. Lack of relationships

When you talk to someone for work purposes (all the time), how can you think of building a sound relationship with that person? It is like playing the mean game. I help you and you help me. That’s it.

Friendly relationships

Well, this is what everyone does initially. But soon you will start realizing that you’re losing something very big. You’re losing the relationships you could’ve built. In fact, over a period of time, you even start losing the relationships that exist out of the internet.

When you become a workaholic and spend all your day on your computer, you never get time to catch up with your friends or call up your cousin. You’re just too busy on building relationships on the internet and therefore lose the few real relationships you have.

My advice – don’t network. Build relationships. Connect with people you like and only because you want to be a part of their circle, not because you need to because of the kind of work you do.

Carefully nurture offline relationships as well. Give time to your friends and family. It might not convert into money but it will definitely convert into happiness.

5. Unhappiness

You knew this was coming. Didn’t you? Imagine yourself with no inspiration, lots of health issues and no one to take care of you. How would you be? What would you feel? Unhappiness. Won’t you? This is what people who work from home start feeling eventually.


But you can stop that. You can stop yourself from being unhappy. Work on rejuvenating your soul every once in a while Take a break. Travel or just walk around your colony. Be health conscious.

Keep health your topmost priority while paying adequate attention to your mental health. Meet new people. Build relationships and maintain them. Be happy.

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