Isn’t it painful to see the person you love, be completely oblivious to your feelings? Not every person will resonate the kind of feelings you have for them. But a little bit of respect and acknowledgment is what we all crave for. Don’t we?

tips to win mutual love and respect

I haven’t been a great person when it comes to mutual love and respect. My extrovert nature and my “I am too awesome” attitude seemed like a ticket to the lonely island. I started losing the people I loved. I started repelling good souls. And in the end, I felt nothing but lonely.

That was the cue that something in me needed to be changed. I needed to learn how to win mutual love and respect. When I say that, it sounds like it’s a game! It isn’t. With your material pursuits, you often forget to value the relationships in your life. It is crucial to get back on the track before you lose everything that’s worth living for.

So, today, I share some strategies I followed to make myself get closer to the people I love, stop hurting the people I care for and build new beautiful relationships.

  1. Understand that everyone is important

When was the last time you smiled at the mute janitor? Do you ever feel thankful for their services? Before you go on to conquer the big, start focusing on the small things in your life.

Being respectful and kind to people who serve you will bring a sea change in your attitude. You will feel right. You will feel the urge to be more generous to people.

A beautiful example of this is portrayed in the British Airways Ad campaign. A British Air Hostess is visiting India for the first time. While she’s trying to fight the perceptions she has about Indians (not always positive), she meets a kind old lady. The type of profession she is in, she has to be courteous, and there she goes! She ends up building a beautiful relationship with an Indian. Would that be possible if there wasn’t any mutual respect?

I am not saying everyone would be as kind. Sometimes you smile, and all you get is “why the hell are you smiling at me?” But trust me! Even one smile that comes back to you will help you change for the benefit or, at least, change your perceptions!

  1. Meet new people

manpreet with her bffs

Some will be good. Some will be bad. When you meet the good people, you will get a chance to build new relationships. When you meet the wrong people, you will realize the importance of the people who love you and care for you.

For example, living in a hostel for years made me realize that only real friends I have are the ones I made while I was a kid. Those are the people who want to be with me just because of the bond of friendship. No hidden agenda!

  1. Speak out your heart

When was the last time you said “I love you” to your love interest? When was the last time you thanked your mother for all that she did for you? When was the last time you acknowledged the sacrifices your father made for you? When was the last time you showed gratefulness to your siblings for safeguarding your secrets?

The most important people in our life often feel ignored. They’re not wrong. We just take them for granted. We forget to tell them what’s in our heart. We forget to tell them that we love them.

The expression is what that builds mutual love and respect. You need to speak out! Now! More often than you already do!

  1. Try to understand people

understanding people

Before reacting to any kind of situation, try to understand the cause behind the actions. If the security personnel at the airport sounded rude, why is that so? Maybe they’re just overwhelmed with the crowd and finding it tough to deal with everyone accusing them of getting them late! Wouldn’t a smile and an understanding attitude make things go smoothly?

Trust me! That very expression that you understand the gravity of the situation is enough to change the environment of the place. I have tried that! When you feel hatred towards people, just put yourself in their shoes and then decide. Things would be much different.

  1. Practice mutual love and respect

Practice makes your perfect. If you want others to respect you, start respecting others. If you want others to acknowledge your love and affection, start being loving and affectionate. It’s as simple as that!

There’s it. I have shared the strategies I followed to win back the mutual love and respect I think I deserved (and want). I am sure if you follow these, you would never say or feel that “no one loves me”.

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