Do you have a very important task in hand but you don’t feel like doing it? You know the task is very significant for your life and needs your immediate attention but still you’re unable to start working on that task.

When you start putting off the seemingly ‘difficult’ tasks, for you find other chores that make you feel more comfortable, that’s when you start procrastinating.

Many people confuse procrastination with laziness. These two have entirely different meanings and effects on our life. A lazy person doesn’t like to work at all but a procrastinator does work but tries to stay away from the difficult or challenging tasks.

According to me, procrastination is a more serious problem than laziness. Because being lazy is your choice but being a procrastinator isn’t a choice. Procrastination is caused due to your inner feelings that make you feel de-motivated or scared. Procrastination is what forces you to be stuck in your comfort zone and hinders your over all development.


I would call myself to be one of the ‘masters’ of procrastinators. When I wanted to start a video blog, it took me more than a year to overcome procrastination. Even now, I deal with this seemingly ‘genetic’ flaw in my personality at regular times.

But as everyone knows, this personality flaw is more dangerous than it seems to be and it needs to be bade goodbye.

Here are my tips to overcome procrastination, which have been tested and verified!

1. Stop Dreaming: When I thought of starting a video blog, the idea gave me some amazing dreams – dreams that I become a very popular face on YouTube, dreams about me being featured in popular newspapers for being an awesome video blogger and many other related scenarios were what made me feel happy and inspired.

But just when I started thinking of the topic and content for my first video, procrastination came in. All the people who have tried their hand into blogging would know that running a ‘real’ blog isn’t an easy task and video blogging is one step ahead of conventional blogging.

Now when reality seemed a bit harsh, I preferred to keep dreaming. I dreamt about my success as a video blogger again and again but nothing ever happened.

Do you understand why I failed? Yes, because I didn’t try. Do you understand why I didn’t try? Not because I was scared to do it, but because I felt more comfortable while dreaming about my success instead of actually working for it.

So, do you know what’s the first step you need to take to overcome procrastination? Stop dreaming about working on your dream. START WORKING!

2. Stop ‘being forced’:  The biggest reason behind procrastination lies in your mind, which is controlled by you only. Tell me if it’s not!

Now, there’s one very common culture that people of my age follow. Ask them why did they fail? Maximum of them would answer –“I didn’t want to do it. I was forced to do it and hence I failed.”

If only you had trained yourself in a way that you tell your brain about what you want and what you don’t want, you would have never opted for the  ‘being forced’ excuse.

If only you had never opted for ‘being forced’ excuse, you would have never faced the problem of procrastination.

Stop repenting on what you had wanted and how things have not gone your ways; just do what you’re supposed to do now. Grow up! You’re not a child who has plenty of time to cry over the toy which mom didn’t buy for you. You have a lot to accomplish. START WORKING!

3. START WORKING: This is something which I shouldn’t have told you while discussing this topic but my friend, that’s what you really need to do. I know the task is very difficult and you don’t know how to do it or you simply don’t want to do it. And that’s why you’re procrastinating.

Try to break the task into several smaller tasks and pick up just one of them. All you need is to start and the ‘ghost’ of procrastination would be shooed away.


4. Use the one third rule: You may call it the effect of too much of The Big Bang Theory but this one does work.  Split your entire day into three parts – for one third day you should play, one third rest and then the other third time you should devote to your work. Once you get plenty of leisure time, you would want to work yourself, unless you’re also suffering through laziness ‘syndrome’.

5. Learn Time Management: Sometimes we do suffer from time management issues. When I have too many tasks to do and too less time, I prefer doing nothing and go to sleep. But this doesn’t work if you are supposed to deliver the project the next day or have an exam next day.

So what you need to do is learn some time management skills. This would not only help you overcome procrastination, but also support you for your whole life. The person, who knows the value of time and learns how to manage it, is invincible.

There could have been many more points which I could have listed to overcome procrastination but as I said, I am going to discuss the ones I have tried myself, above five are the ones that work for me.

When I know dreaming isn’t the solution and stupid childish excuses won’t work, I actually START WORKING. The practical skills like time management, one third rule application and breaking tasks into smaller ones while using reverse psychology to make myself feel that I am loving what I am doing, help a lot.

In fact, these are the ones which REALLY WORK…

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And if you have some additional tips for overcoming procrastination, do Share with me 🙂

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  1. Great write-up, Manpreet.

    You know this is one of the biggest obstacles in our generation. We have surrounded ourself with so many unnecessary things and gadgets that we don’t even have time for ourself.

    I have seen many people around me who want to do something big in their life but they keep procrastinating and then end-up with nothing.

    Your first point must be “stop dreaming, start working” because dreams always push us forward.. If we will stop dreaming then we will not be able to motivate ourself and fail to do planing for future. So along with stop dreaming one MUST start working to achieve their dreams rather than just keep dreaming.

    I loved your one third rule and going to try it. 🙂

    I am running so many projects that I spend my whole day just to manage various things. Hope this practice will make me more goal oriented and I will be able to get more outcome.

    I was very bad in time-management around 5 months back but soon I figured out the problem and started working on it. Few iPhone apps like Evernote, and Asana are helping me to manage my tasks and I am able to track them anytime.

    Getting started is difficult and almost 90% of people fail here. They have the idea but don’t have courage to start working on it.. and once they start it, most of them get stuck in time-management.

    This article was mind opener for me and I am going to try your one third rule from today itself. 🙂

    Thanks for the big contribution.

    • Hello Kulwant, one third rule – yes do try it. I would be looking forward for your experience. It has really worked for me. Relieved me from the excess stress and made me stop whining about work and actually do the tasks in my hand.
      What kind of problem did you face while managing your time? Want to share? I am also working on a write-up on time management. It might help me 😀
      And yes, apps like Evernote really help. Evernote is like food for me. Rest I haven’t tried.
      And yup, you’re somewhat right about the first point. Dreams make us do better too. And yep, we should keep dreaming but yes, we should try to realize our dreams instead of just dreaming. Shouldn’t we?
      You know I have been that ‘want to do something but can’t’ person for a long time. In fact, even now there are stuff which would make me get categorized into those kind of persons. But I am putting in continuous efforts to overcome this flaw and I have also been successful at that. But efforts are still continuous..
      Thank you for your insights on the topic Kulwant. 🙂

      • Manpreet, the problem was – I wanted to do many tasks in little time and most of the time I got confused what to do and what not.

        Soon I figured it out and started writing all tasks in advance on my notebook. By doing this everything was clear to me what I am going to do tomorrow.

        So things started getting in shape after few weeks.

        wowww !! You are also a die-hard fan of Evernote.. I wrote one article about his app few months back which you can check here.

        I would love to see more awesome stuff coming from you.. 🙂

        • Writing the things down and prioritizing the list is really good and works like magic.. I am onto that article.. 🙂

  2. Hello Vinay, Thank you for liking my post and yep, the one written by your is better. Thanks for leaving the link. It would be of help to my readers. 🙂

    • Hello Kamya, really glad to see your comment on my blog. Never knew that even you read my stuff. 😛
      Which of the tips did you try?
      Thanks.. I am glad that my work was of some help to you. 🙂
      Keep visiting Finix Post 🙂


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