Managing daily chores is difficult. And I know you won’t believe it until you are given the task of actually managing your home. I always thought that my home maker mom does nothing but watch T.V. Deciding the food menu for the entire day, cleaning the house, doing shopping and managing laundry seemed nothing to me. But when you do it, you know it is hell lot of a task and it is difficult to manage all the daily chores efficiently, especially if you’re a newbie.

daily chores

Let me help. I have been in the boat of the ignorant people and now I am at a situation where I need to manage such daily chores along with managing my work. Having said that, I must tell you that I have figured out some important things that can help you turn into a pro. Yeah! You can be a pro home maker. Read these tips to find out how!

  1. Schedule your tasks: every night or early morning, give yourself fifteen minutes to decide what you plan to do all day long. List what are the tasks that need to be done, prioritize and assign specific time limits to those tasks. A daily work schedule is really necessary. Trust me! If you don’t do this, you would spend most of your time thinking about what to cook. And when you actually enter the kitchen to cook, your inventory would be all out of stock. So, better schedule your tasks and make your life easier.
  2. Multi Tasking: I do this all the time. There is a reason why I always carry a book with me. My waiting time is always a time spent reading good books. Similarly, you can club a number of household tasks. For example, you can clean the kitchen while preparing tea. You can organize your desk while listening to your favourite songs and so on.
  3. Divide the tasks: If you’re living alone, this might not help but if you’re living with your family or a friend, make sure you divide the tasks. My roommate and I always plan and divide the tasks before we step out of the bed. This not only reduces your work load but also relieves you from the useless stress you would put yourself to while thinking that you’re the only one to do the work.
  4. Don’t procrastinate: I know you would really laugh if you hear this advice from me (the biggest procrastinator ever born) but take this seriously. That one plate lying in the kitchen sink would turn into a huge pile of dirty plates in a blink. Better get that one plate off as soon as you can. Never procrastinate when it comes to managing household chores.
  5. Automate: This might sound weird because this is coming from an old school like me but the reminders thing is really a savior. Also, you can use different apps in your mobile phones to keep a record of what’s in your inventory and what needs to be bought. That also saves you a lot of effort plus money. I use the normal reminder plus notes in my nexus 5 to keep track of inventory, chores list and completion updates.

Did those sound too much? They are some really basic tips that can help you turn yourself into a pro when it comes to managing household chores. Most of the women these days are working women and I know each one of us love to excel in everything we do. So, excel in managing your home. And live your life better.

I hope this helps you and if it does, give it a share. Thanks!

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