It’s amazing how these fried fritters taste while you can smell the wet land and see the drizzling rain. In India, we eat pakoras when it rains. But how do you cook the best pakoras ever? Read tips straight from my own kitchen!


It’s a not recipe post. You can look for the recipe of onion potato pakoras anywhere. I’m going to tell you how to make these taste the best. Let’s begin!

Guide To Making The Best Pakoras Ever

1. Use Mustard Oil

Pakoras taste the best when they’re cooked in mustard oil. No refined oil. No olive oil. No canola oil. I don’t understand your health consciousness when you’re eat fried food. If you’re eating fried food, make sure it tastes good enough to make that sacrifice!

Mustard oil gives a unique tinge of taste to the gram flour and it’s highly recommended for making the best pakoras ever.

2. Coat The Ingredients With Dry Besan First

Most of us put in the ingredients – veggies, masalas, besan, water and then mix it. Now, I cannot explain why but my pakoras taste the best when  I do  this – coat the ingredients with dry besan first. Properly mix the ingredients until the besan is properly coated on each ingredient. And then, bring the water into the picture.

3. Keep The Mixture Runny

It’s not a necessity. My mom keeps her mixture thick and her pakoras taste good as well. But I like crunchy and crispy pakoras and for those you need to keep the mixture runny. You need to keep the batter thin, so the coating on the ingredients will be thin and your pakoras will have a super enticing crunch.

4. Cook on slow to medium heat

Cooking slowly not only ensures the pakoras are cooked thoroughly but it also helps the onions in there to get slightly caramalize. Oh that taste!

For a good cook, just the sight of such pakoras would be enough. It looks so good during cooking and for a glutton, these will be the best pakoras ever!

5. Experiment with Ingredients

Lastly, experiment with the masalas you put. Don’t just stop at chilli powder and salt. Coriander powder, jeera powder, aamchur… always try to put new ingredients for slight variations in the taste.

There you go ladies and gentlemen! You have my secret (not anymore) tips to make the best pakoras ever. No

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