Hey friends, after a really bad April fool’s Day prank, I realized that yeah! I am not talking to the wall. You’re real people who like reading my blog and who do find my usual blabbering a bit useful. It felt so good… and I needed it so much. The endless work and huge amount of stress really made it difficult to live. You help make my life easier.

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Day

Leave apart the ‘showering love on readers’ thing. This is not my type. 😛 Let’s talk of business. So, today I am going to talk about 5 Tips to kick start your day. A day is really long and you seriously shouldn’t be allowed to have a bad start.  A bad start of the day definitely would mean a bad day. You can stop that! How?

I am going to list 5 important things that I follow in the morning in hope to make my day better. I believe they would help you as well.

  1. Be slow: what do you expect a lazy person like me to say? It would definitely be a good idea to keep sleeping but then you need to wake up to live. Don’t you? But when you wake up, make sure you do it slowly. Give your body sometime to get ready to wake up. When you just spring out of your bed at a lightning speed, your body feels a big jerk and that jerk can lead to headaches. Avoid that.
  2. Drink water: do you feel tired when you wake up? That is because of dehydration. Keep a glass of water besides your bed before sleeping and gulp it in as soon as you get out of your bed. I usually sit on my bed for 15 minutes before waking up. Remember, be slow!
  3. Meditate: Once you quench the thirst of your body, meditate for some time. When you sleep, your body still works. You need to do something to calm your body and mind.
    A calm beginning to your day would work as a magic pill that would keep you happy for the entire day.
  4. Write a to-do list: Let’s be practical. You cannot expect everyday to be a Sunday. Come on! We all work on something or another even on a Sunday. Don’t we? So, make a to-do list. Don’t assume that you would remember everything. Asking your brain to remember is a task that is a useless add-on to your already stacked task list. Keep it free from this. Use pen and paper.
  5. Walk around & get fresh: time to actually get up! Get off your bed and walk around your room for a while. If you can go for a morning walk, it would be great but who does that? Morning walks are for old people. Aren’t they? 😉 Just walk around your room and then splash some cold water on your face.

Tdaa!! Now you know how to kick start your day and ensure that it is always a good day. But you know what, every person has his/her own morning ritual that he/she loves and needs. What I need is my to-do list. What about you? What is your morning ritual that makes your day? What thing you have to do to kick start your day?

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  1. Hello,

    Well writing a To-Do list is really great habit and following it daily will surely make our day productive. You’ve shared really informative tips.


  2. I agree with most of these pointers because they do work for me, a couple of them I have not tried but after reading your post, I will give it a try and see.

  3. Hey Manpreet,
    Yes, these tips are great and handy! At least, for anyone who gets confused on how his/her day will go these tips will provide a refreshing. For me, one process I always do to kick start my day is to find a motivator – Pray, exercise and take action!

    I found this post in kingged.com where I also left the above comment.

    • Hey,
      Thanks for taking out time to leave a comment.
      Exercise does make a lot of difference. If you incorporate exercise in your daily schedule, you will definitely be happier, more organized and less stressed. Glad to know that you have picked up such a healthy and effective thing.


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