Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl with a fair and flawless skin that radiated a unique charm. But her face always caught the maximum attention. Other people used to get jealous of her beauty. And one day the jealousy played its part. The girl woke up in the morning and as always she walked towards the mirror to see her face. But this time instead of a beautiful skin, she saw an oily face that reflected ugly pores. Havoc was played on her.

An oily face is the biggest issue in the life of young women, especially for the ones who like to keep the makeup minimal. And don’t you think that this is just a ‘girl issue’. Even boys suffer through it and we all know it is a big issue in our lives.

Due to an oily face, we end up buying lots of stupid products from the market that claim to free us from the oily face we hate but how many times do such products really work? They never do. But these tips will.

Here are my ‘tried and tested’ tips to get rid of an oily face:

1.Wash your face the right way: This is the most underrated way to get rid of oily skin. Most of us buy expensive oil clear face washes but complain of their ineffective results. Yes, I agree. Sometimes the products we choose are actually not good enough but most of the times, the reason is you. The best way to wash your face is to apply the face wash, massage the entire face for at least two minutes and use plenty of water to wash off.  In case, you are looking for a good face wash for oily skin, Try This.

Face wash for oily skin

2.Maintain hygiene:  When was the last time you washed your pillow? You spend almost 8 hours each day with your face resting on that pillow which is considered to be a big source of dust and termites. That unwashed and dirty pillow plays a great role in giving you that oily face you hate.  So either stop using pillows and cushions while sleeping or wash and sanitize them every week.

hygiene for oily skin

3.Home remedy: Most of the Indians have a unique expertise in coming up with home remedies for a number of problems. Home remedies to get rid of an oily face are many but these two are my favorites: 1. Use green tea as a toner. 2. Rub some lime juice on your face every week.

home remedy for oily skin

4.Diet: whatever you eat is reflected on your skin. Make sure you reduce intake of junk food and eat healthy food filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. And most importantly, drink water as much as you can. Water is the magic ingredient to get rid of an oily face.

mineral water for oily skin

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5.Exercise: Some people doubt over this but those are the ones who never exercise. The people who exercise regularly never face the issue of an oily skin. If you also want to say good bye to an oily face, start exercising. A 15-minute sprint walk would also be enough but do it regularly.

exercise for oily skin

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So, are you ready to get rid of the oily face? If you are, you must follow above 5 tips. In case, you think you have a better tip, PLEASE share.

And I would be looking forward to hear back from all of you about how effective these tips turn out to be for you.

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