Are you going to visit a dentist? Are you the kind of person who doesn’t visit a dentist that often? And now you’re totally clueless about what you’re going to experience at the weird looking hospital with scary equipment and uneasy smell.

Last time, I had to visit a dentist, it was literally my first visit since like 15 years. I was obviously very scared and experienced some different things which I think a person must know while visiting a dentist. That’s why I compiled this list of 5 tips to take care of when you visit a dentist. Hope this helps. 😉

1. When the dentist asks about your toothbrush 

“What toothbrush do you do/use?”

“Colgate” toothbrush toothpaste

And that’s the most stupid response you can ever give. It will make everyone in the room to have a small laugh while you would have no idea on what’s so funny in the answer. Well, let me tell you.

When the dentist asks about  toothbrush, you’re not supposed to be the brand ambassador of your toothpaste brand but you need to tell whether you use a soft brush, hard brush or medium brush. Yes, each TOOTHBRUSH falls in one of the three categories and you must do a little bit research about which one you’re using at the present time.

What? You expected me to give some scientific tips about visiting a dentist? I am not a medical student. Ask your dentist for that. I am going to give you the tips which I think are necessary (to avoid embarrassing situations).

2. About The Green Liquid

Green liquid

If someone gives you a green liquid during your visit, you must know that it is actually the mouthwash. Yes, your mouthwash might be the blue one but they use a green one. It usually lies on a big chair like thing and you’re supposed to spit it out just like your usual mouthwash.

3. While getting scaling done…

You might ask this out of curiosity but please don’t. Never ask them or allow them to show you the plaque that comes out of your teeth while they’re doing the scaling. It is not only a yuck! moment but would also give you nightmares for come on! you had been carrying that eewww thing in your teeth since a long time. Even the thought makes me want to puke!

4. About explaining your problem

If you had to visit a dentist because of pain or something, make sure you explain the problem properly. I had a very bad pain in my teeth but turns out ACTUALLY I had pain in the gums. How is that so?

I didn’t know the difference between teeth and gums. So, I went and told the dentist about pain in teeth and got a prescription. While I was getting scaling done, the woman who was doing it casually asked me about the pain and I showed her the area where I had pain and that’s when she told me – “Mam, you’ve pain in gums!!! You got the prescription as you said you had pain in teeth.”

Luckily, my prescription got changed at right time and I was saved from having the wrong medicine and going back to the doctor again. You might not be that lucky. So, make sure you explain the problem properly.

5. Hide the fact that you tried to be your own doctor (sometimes)

That’s the thing very common in India. Before going to a doctor, we try almost every home remedy our neighbours, roommates, parents and maids can suggest. Once they fail, we visit a doctor. But one thing you must remember is that never ever tell the doctor about this.

This was a rare visit to a dentist but a lot of visits to a doctor has made me confirm this theory of mine that doctors get furious when they come to know that you tried to fix the problem by your own self. Try to keep your mouth shut about the home remedies you use (unless your condition worsens because of your experiments 😛 )

Disclaimer: This post should not be followed as a sound piece of advice. This is just something I wrote for fun through my experience that I had when I had to visit a doctor.

Have you had some embarrassing but fun experiences when you visited a doctor? Share!

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  1. I like your tip to explain any problems you have properly. The best way to get the right treatment is to be able to carefully and accurately explain what the problem is. Taking note of when the problem started, where it’s taking place, and other such details can help your dentist more easily diagnose the issue. Thanks for the article.

  2. Nice share Manpreet. You’ve shared some important tips while visiting a dentist. Although I’ve never visited a dentist, but I’ll keep these tips in mind, if someday I need to visit one.

  3. Great post! Definitely some awesome tips and advice to keep in mind. I myself had no idea about the different types of toothbrushes (soft vs. hard). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice post. Tooth decay and gum disease are still very much in evidence, and people are suffering all manner of tooth related problems rather than visiting a dentist to have the problem sorted out. Why is this? Visiting dentist for regular dental check-ups can avoid those problems.

  5. The advice about the kind of toothbrush is really true. I recently moved to New York, New York and it was about time for my routinely check with a dentist. So I decided to go to Heejoo Pyon DDS, since it was just right there near me, and one of the questions Dr. Pyon asked was about my toothbrush of all things. I was told her I use a normal Panasonic electric toothbrush. Of course she said its good to use an electric one, but she wanted to know about was like your said, was it soft or hard or what. I was clueless, and then she informed me about the differences and recommended me that I move to a hard brush to improve my teeth. So yes, know what you are using folks.

  6. On my visit to my dentist, Solara Dental Care in SW Calgary, I had a long discussion on the right kind of toothpaste & toothbrush to be used. Though it is a fact that whichever brand you’re using, if you’re comfortable with it and if it is fluoride-free, go ahead with that despite what the internet tells you. However, consulting a dentist to help you choose the right one is undoubtedly important. Thanks for sharing this informative article.


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