Have you ever wondered what exactly the process to create fashion trends is? How do these magazines and fashion gurus predict what will hit the shelves soon? What should you shop for? What will be considered hot in the upcoming months?

Well, it all starts with fashion shows. The big designers create collections in the hope of setting up a new trend. Others pick up and soon mainstream brands make dresses in-line with those trends and viola! You get to see some brand new fashion trends everywhere.

Let me ask you another question? Do you love black color? This magical color which can make you look skinny and hot… how many pieces of this color do you have in your wardrobe? Do you plan to buy more? If you’re, this post can help you with what will work and what will not this season when it comes to wearing black color dress.

  1. Mixing black with other shades isn’t cool anymore

Do you what’s trending in the latest fashion week? It’s the solid black color. One piece and two piece dresses with complete black shades are picking up.  Be it a maxi dress, or a shirt pant, the trend of going all black is picking up the steam. Most probably, it’ll be the hottest trend during fall 2016.

wearing black fashion trends

  1. No more struggling yourself into tight dresses and pants

Here’s a relief for you ladies! Instead of the body hugging and extremely uncomfortable clothes, fashion trends are becoming consumer friendly. What else could we say about the trend of wearing loose, comfortable shirts and pants or maxi dresses? Please don’t go overboard with this by wearing extremely loose clothes but what you should try is loose-fit clothes. When you go shopping online or a local store, make sure you read the description or tags properly and look for a loose-fit black dress.

wearing a black dress

  1. No more skinny pants

Another thing which has said goodbye to us this year (& is a big relief) is skinny pants. Those black skinny jeans that you can’t wear unless you hop around like a bunny trying to wear it have to go. And I cannot see that any of us would be sad about it. Now, be careful with this trend. Palazzos and bell bottoms are designed that suits skinny women. If you’re a bit on the heavier side or plus-sized, keep this very moderate and go for a bit narrow bottomed trousers (no skinny ones).

  1. Colorful accessories aren’t a big hit

Discussion about fashion trends cannot be complete without talking about accessories. What kind of accessories should you pick with your full black attire? Go for black with shoes and handbags or clutches. When it comes to jewelry, wear classy golden pieces. Be it a neckpiece, a watch or a big pair of statement earrings, keep them golden and straightforward.

  1. No more messy hair this time

If you’re picking up this trend and wearing black this year, don’t combine it with messy hair. This trend is all about having a clean and classy look. A plain ponytail or straight hair would go perfectly with such a look. Anything else than that and you will ruin the appeal of the entire look. Be careful ladies!

wearing loose black dress

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about latest fashion trends when it comes to wearing black. What do you think of these trends? Would you pick these this year?

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