Are you ready with your First Book? Writing your first story is the most difficult. It does get easier when you keep writing (or so I am assuming on the basis of my four year career as a blogger).

But what if you want to write a full-fledged novel? How can you get yourself motivated enough to write? How can you write it well? How can you write a book that people would like to read? Is there something to help you out?


First Book by Kiruba Shankar is a book that was written to help budding authors to understand the intricacies of the writing life and how they can actually walk this path to become a writer. I happened to read this book and review it on my channel and today, I am going to list the six reasons why I loved this book. Yes, I did have some concerns with it as well but that you can check by watching the video.

  1. Advice from actual successful authors

How many times do you see well-estbalished authors talk about how to write a book? It’s rare. Most of them don’t spill their best kept secrets. Most of them cannot even think to answer such a question when asked spontaneously.

Only few have answered and the author of First Book, Kiruba Shankar, has done a great job to look for all such suggestions that came out of the mouths of some great authors and put them down in one book.

2. Short and to-the-point book

The First Book is a fairly small book with precise advice on how to write a great book. It doesn’t have useless banter and stories that may bore you or waste your time. Writing is a serious business. Hence, everything you need has been explained in the shortest form.

I am a person who likes big stories and explanations. So, even when I liked the short format, I crave for a longer one with a stronger base. But the way the book is makes it appropriate as a quick guide for reference of authors in times of need.

First Book by Kiruba Shankar

3 .Great Structure

What makes it a good reference book on how to write your First Book? It’s structure. The book is divided into 48 chapters and each chapter is a great piece of advice that you’ll need in your writing career.

4. Easy to read

Naturally, the book is very easy to read with a short introduction to each chapter by Kiruba Shankar followed by quotes from various authors on how to be a great writer.

5. A motivating read

It truly motivates you and makes you think that you can do it. You’ll feel much more confident and clear about your goal and how to move forward with it.

The recommendations given at the end makes it easier to continue your research on what it takes to be a great writer while working on the figments of your imagination.

There you go! These are my five reasons why I loved the First Book by Kiruba Shankar. Have you read the book? If yes, share your opinions with me.

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