Going on your first date but too nervous about it? Wondering what would be the right step? What you should say and what you should not?

Oh God! It really doesn’t seem so difficult when you actually ask someone for a date but when you everything is almost ready, the nervousness steps in. You get too worried and you simply don’t understand what to do. Chill! This may help you out. See what things you should NOT do on your first date.

first date

  1. Say ‘I love you’: It may sound too ‘How I met your Mother’ type but it is still a big NO NO for your first date. Saying ‘I love you’ is very serious even if you don’t plan to take it that seriously. But why say something like this when you can easily manage without this? So, instead of lying to the other person, you can just keep your mouth shut and not say the three words – ‘I love you’.
  2. Expect other person to start the conversation: If you asked her out for a date, you must be ready to be the conversation starter. The same applies to girls. During the date, if there is an awkward silence between you two, you must be ready to take the first step and talk. Failing to do so may lead you to a disastrous date and maybe it would be the last date with that person.
  3. Force other person to place the order: If you’re planning to go to a restaurant on your first date, make sure you decide what you’re going to order. Don’t leave the decision till the time you need to place the order. Try to find out about the favorite food of other person. If not, stay ready to give some suggestions without hesitation.
  4. Be late: Maybe you have never been the punctual kind of person, but this time you have to be. If you are a guy, you must understand that girls hate people who are late (even when they’re the ones who are almost always late). Yep, they would always take two hours instead of five minutes, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do that too. Be on time. And girls, getting late for a date means allowing your guy to fall prey to other hunters out there! You surely don’t want to do that. Right?
  5. Be a jerk: Guys, understand that no matter how handsome and awesome you are, girls still expect you to be nice towards them especially when you take them for a date. So, don’t mess up everything by boasting of your smartness or by talking about weird things which you consider ‘awesome’. Girls, don’t try to be too self obsessive. Everyone knows how much we love ourselves. This time, you need to pay attention to the other person sitting in front of you. Listen!

While the list of Do’s and Don’ts can continue, I want to close this article after these points. I have addressed the five main things which you must not do on your first date. Meeting a new person can always turn out to be magical if you give your best efforts to it. So, this time you must give your best shot and rest leave it to the God!

And don’t forget to tell me if these tips helped or if you have some more tips. Comment! Share!

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  1. Hi Manprret,
    Nice to visit your blog again, I really like the points very much. Yeah, there is troublesome situation in your mind at your first date. But you have stated all ideas promptly.

    • Hey Mohan, I hope this helps you and don’t forget to come back here and tell me if these tips came handy for you. 🙂
      And if you need any more tips, you know where to ask. Right?


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