After I am pretty much satisfied with what I am doing with blogging as my full-time career, I am truly fascinated with Youtube. I have always had the passion for expressing myself through words and videos. I loved to edit ever since I got a computer myself back in 2006. So, my inclination to Youtube has been natural. I have been trying my luck on the platform for a while, and I thought of sharing some things I have learned through it.

Youtubing In India: A Short Case Study

youtubing in India

  1. You won’t earn as much as Americans do

A lot of people in India do Youtube because money attracts them. They love the idea of getting free products and earning money through ‘just’ making videos. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. While I will talk about video production later, let me tell you the real process in India.

First of all, you have Adsense that lets you earn money when people watch your ads. The amount of money you make depends on some factors out of which the location of the visitor matters a lot. For example, if a person from U.S.A sees the ads, you’re likely to make more money on that as compared to a person from India. So, being from India, if you have a lot of Indian audiences, you will make almost half than other American YouTubers do. For every 2000 views, you can expect to earn $1 while you’re YouTubing in India. It’s an intelligent guess I have made from looking at my stats, my visitor demographics and from comparing it with other Youtubers’ stats.

Another way to make money from Youtube in India is sponsorships. Youtube is still relatively new for the brands in India, and few brands are willing to sponsor people. Then it’s about the audience. Only the Youtuber with thousands of subscribers get these sponsorships. Being a beginner or a person with a small audience, you will earn little less than your pocket money.

  1. Video production isn’t easy

While almost everybody will say that you can shoot with any camera and with virtually no equipment, it’s not true. If you jump into youtube in India, you need to invest in it regarding equipment and your time. You need a good camera, good background setup, good lighting and good mic.

Then you need a good script, good content and make that content fast enough. One of my best examples of how you can grow by making content often enough is Shreya Jain who owns a beauty channel on SJLovesJewelry. I have been a follower of her since she put up her very first video and I have seen how she grew exponentially once she increased the amount of content she put up. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to be like her. It takes a lot to become a famous YouTuber in India.

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  1. You won’t grow in a day

If you notice any youtuber from any country, you will see a pattern of how they kept making videos for years until they hit fame. While you see how they live a wonderful life full of amazing stuff, you forget how many years they spent while making videos and getting little views on them. They spent their time on building their channels even when they had little motivation to continue. That’s why everybody cannot be a Youtuber.

It shows you so many disappointments and asks for so much of hard work, solid efforts, planning, and determination that not everybody can do it.

  1. Haters will bring you down

Another major factor behind people leaving youtube even before they hit success is the hate. Youtube hate is a huge thing. These are those people who just come online and are frustrated by too many things. They have no way to take it out, so they choose you. They leave hate comments. They make you feel bad and get into your head. They almost make you quit.

It’s tough to ignore these people just when you’re starting out. And you just can’t avoid it. You have to sail through it.

  1. Youtubing in India is slow

I am amazed by the efforts that are being put in by youtube team to grow the trend of youtube in India. They’re doing workshops, helping people collab with established Indian Youtubers and they’re doing a lot to make people get into it. But in the end, it’s still slow. Why?

Look at how many different niches are popular on Youtube in India. It’s mostly beauty, tech, and comedy. There are few popular Youtube channels about cooking, and there are few that are having a high growth through Vlogging. But specific niches are still nowhere to be found in India. If they exist, people barely know about them. So, if you have some specific passion, it is going to be tough for you to grow even when Youtube is doing so much for the creators.

These are five things I have noticed about Youtubing in India. I am not specifying it to discourage you. It’s the best kind of motivation you will get. I get inspired with these as these keep me grounded and right on the track. So, when I see myself growing slow, I tell myself about all the famous Youtubers who were at the same phase as I am now. When people tell me I should stop making videos about books, I don’t care for I did my research and took my decision after putting careful thoughts on it. I am INFORMED, and that keeps me going!

In the end, the only things that matter are you stick to the digging long enough to find the diamonds and not quit. My purpose of writing this post was to make you understand that you have to keep digging to get popular for youtube in India or do a business out of it. What did you learn from this post? Tell me in the comments!


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