When you enter the last year of your college, the only thing that is talked of is placements. Your teachers, parents, friends, relatives – everyone has a single question. How are you placements going on? Did you get a job?


While these people keep shooting up with questions, none of them realize that companies visit college campuses at a particular time and as far as my college is concerned, that time hasn’t come yet. But the thing which makes me feel bewildered is that why people think that job is the only option?

For me job is the only option I want to go for but that’s a CHOICE. Getting a job after graduation is never the only option people have, especially the engineers. After your graduation you have plenty of options and each of them is a good one.

The disappointing part is that the people who keep pushing us for bagging a good job through campus placements become too blind to our emotional state. Come on, getting a job isn’t that easy as people say. What if we don’t feel ready? What if after practicing lots of aptitude and C/C++, we just don’t hear our calling? What if we don’t WANT a job?

As I said earlier, you have lot of options. You can do plenty of other things after completing your B Tech. Here are some cool options mentioned by a Saurabh Pareek. Take a look!

  1. Start your own venture: While Saurabh has placed this quite below in his list, I consider this the best option. Become an entrepreneur. Start something new or give a fresh perspective to an old business idea. Entrepreneurship is the new cool thing everyone is doing and you should do it too. Don’t consider this as an option to become popular and rich in less time. Of course, that’s possible. But consider this as a learning opportunity. Learn how things work in the corporate world and learn how it feels like to fail and rise again. This is the best time to do that. START WORKING ON IT!
  2. Travel: If you have always expected something different from your life but have found yourself clueless about that ‘different’ thing, this is what you need. You need to travel and explore. It’s better if you do it alone for that would provide you with a fresh perspective. I would suggest you to try for an internship through AIESEC (No sponsoring) but having been an exchange coordinator at the organization, I know how it happens and how awesome it is. You can also consider going abroad for studies (if you need an excuse to get permission from the conservative parents. For more tips, send me an email. 😉 )
  3. Go for post graduation: This is the obvious option and yep, it is necessary to include it. If you don’t want your college days to end, if you want to enjoy for some more time – go for a post graduation course. MBA or M.Tech – choose whatever you want. And yes, these are never the ‘only’ options. A senior of mine is doing M.Sc. in fashion designing after B.Tech. in Computer Science. People call him crazy but I call him the ‘Master of his own life’. He rules and yep, he is one of the toppers and best designers at his new study place.
  4. Go for a short term course: If going back to college isn’t your option but studying is still on for you, try the short term courses. I recently inquired about the distance education courses available at Sikkim Manipal University. They are good and cheap and you can have a valid reason to stay at home, be lazy and think what you want to do with your life.
  5. Follow your passion: The last but not the least, you need to sit down and think what you really want to do in your life. Most of us joined an engineering college for our parents asked us to do that or because ‘everyone’ was doing the same. I never wanted to do B Tech. and I know neither did you. So, think about what you really wanted to do and do it now. It’s never too late.

While Saurabh’s list has 9 options, I have these 5 but don’t think that they are ‘just five’. There are many options hidden inside each option. So, in reality, you have uncountable options. All you need to do is to make a choice. DO IT!

If you are still confused, I am there to help. Shoot me an email or post a comment over here and let’s solve your (OUR) problem.

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  1. What if I say go for 2 year work experience and you can do all of these things after that bcz..
    1.you will have experience needed for entrepreneurship as well as u will know whether u need post grad or not..
    2.u will have money for trips, passion and all other dreams..
    so why doing job 9-5 is pathetic here??…

    • Hey Manpreet, glad to see your comment on this post and sorry but I don’t agree.
      1. You can never get an experience for entrepreneurship by doing a 9-5 job. I had the same kind of view until I was educated by plenty of experienced people in entrepreneurship. A job is entirely different than entrepreneurship. The latter is a completely different kind of experience and requires a completely different kind of skill set and mindset. And if in any way 9-5 job would help, working on it for 2 years would never get you enough experience. You would need to work for decades.
      2. If I had wanted to suggest you to go on a trip, I would have talked about going on a Europe tour or something. That would be a holiday trip for which you would need plenty of savings. Here travel is not for the purpose of taking a holiday or something. You need to travel to explore and for that even a few bucks would do the job, especially if you are a guy. Consider travelling within India.
      If you think of making enough money to spend on your exploring tours, you would never have enough and thus you would never be able to explore or realize your real calling.
      3. Passion is what you need to live for, not money. If you do consider living for money, you can never pursue your passion and thus, would live a life of contempt and failure.I know this sounds too crazy for you need money for everything – even while finding a soul mate! But if you keep waiting for money, you will keep waiting.
      If you are in dire need of money, 9-5 is the only option and it is certainly good in that case. But if you have a choice, you must consider something else. You can go for a 9-5 job anytime. Remember, we really don’t face unemployment because of lack of jobs, we face unemployment for we have lack of employable skills in people. So, if you have right skills, you would get the job anyways. Why go for it at such a young age?

  2. Wow wow u took it that serious…listen may b am wrong but I have never seen any successful entrepreneur who have started bussiness just after btech these days..here am talking about real bussiness.You need experience that is for sure and for experience u need to work , now that may depend upon a person here how much experience is sufficient for him.I have good example of my friend who had just registered his company just after 3.5 yr of experience in some silly IT company.He is growing day by day having sufficient employees and funds.Thing here is that u need to be confident enough to bear any kind of loss and that too on our own feet.I have seen many who had started their bussiness and shut it off bcz of losses.U need to be mature enough (experience wise) so that u know that curves on graph do change thier shapes if treated in good way.And as far as trips are concerned I dont know why a person would wait for btech to get over for just roaming locals or in india with parents money and looking for things which will be soft on his pockets, that he must have done in 22 years of his life.After btech atleast if I talk abt my own self would like to explore the world now and with my own money.and as far as passion goes I have it for macro photography but dont know how to do without a good dslr and prime macro glass (lens).would be grateful if u know and guideme to pursue it without buying stuff. 😛

    • I agree about all kind of things you said an entrepreneur needs to accept or learn except the first one about experience. Do I really need to give examples of entrepreneurs who started off without having experience in 9-5 jobs? I think the biggest examples don’t even have a graduate degree..
      That explains all.
      ‘Entrepreneurship doesn’t require experience. It is itself an experience.’
      It is good that your friend started off after an experience with a job but that’s coz he got his calling at THAT point of time. If you get your calling NOW.. Maybe U will get successful at a much younger age than your friend. What do you say about that?
      Travel after b.tech is of course not a compulsion. If one is wise enough.. One would have already had an experience of traveling and self exploration but if one is graduating and still doesn’t have that experience, one should go for it. That was the whole point over there that I tried to make.
      And yeah.. The need for expensive DSLR etc.. That is one topic I always wanted to talk about..
      Right now I wont explain it in detail. In a nutshell, I would say if your passion is photography, even a 500rs camera would do the job for the real artist is in you.. Should be in you, not in the camera. Right?
      If you do think DSLR is important.. Then your passion is actually doing photography with a DSLR and so on. Though I have never been able to buy this idea of requirement of expensive camera and all even before you have taken the smallest step towards your passion, I would have to accept defeat in that case. I am sorry I won’t be able to help you in such a case. For if you have bounded your passion with money constraints, nothing and none can help you except money!

      • Hehehe see I know u are stubborn, I read that article too..bt listen u need some experience to start something ohk..ya there are some areas where u can start fresh bt for that too knowledge is needed ,which comes from person who had experienced it earlier…those days were different when jobs and gates were lucky enough to get a start , there were other millions too who failed in the same..nowadays u think of some idea and its already being used and thrown by others.if am not wrong u are writing a novel, for that u read books and those books gives u knowledge and experience abt how things are written.Just think writing a novel without reading any of it .in last comment I was talking of opening an it company for that u need to work in that field to see the vertical and horizontal differentiation, simple.its not that u cant start something without experience, bt ya that journey will automatically make u realise that u really needed to have experience b4 u just showed ur soda water josh to start off with it.And in these days pls tell me where can I find a camera in range of 500 or even in deviation of 5000 which can shoot a good professional picture.Even if i had artist in me , i would never had known how to get blur out of 500rs camera and if u were talking about amateur photography ,that I have already done with my note 2 and am not satisfied. May be I need some “experience” in it.

        • Lets stop it here bcz u know different brains which leads to different thinking.I was just pulling ur leg.Anyways I dnt know about others bt u r going great with your blog.I came after long time and noticed changed theme.I would suggest go for genesis framework, it will really give u a upper hand.keep blogging

          • hahah.. well, you gave me two new blog post ideas and thank you very much for that. 🙂
            I am glad that you revisited my blog and yup, a change of theme was really required. One gets bored with looking at same design. Right?
            I would definitely consider your suggestion once I find myself ready to change the theme again 🙂
            Keep Visiting Finix Post

        • Yup Manpreet. I completely agree with the idea of requirement of some kind of experience. I cannot start an IT services company when I don’t even know what ‘IT’ is. That’s pretty obvious and none can deny that. Neither do I. But the thing which I cannot agree to is your viewpoint of requiring a ‘job experience’ for that. Getting a job as a fresher would fetch you little experience.
          1. You might not get a job at a level high enough to see what actually goes on in the market.
          2. 1-2 years of job experience might teach about the job environment and tiny bits of your work but do you think that is enough for starting a company from scratch?
          Well, there are many points for why a job isn’t a good enough experience for getting into entrepreneurship. In fact, I can write a complete new post on that.
          And about that camera thing, it all depends upon perspective. I am a girl who never asks an extra penny from her parents for her stupid hobbies and blogging is one of those ‘stupid hobbies’. When I thought of entering into professional blogging (getting a domain name, hosting and stuff), taking out money from my savings wasn’t an option for that was my father’s money. At that time, I could have just complained that I am not able to pursue my passion for ‘I NEED MONEY’ for it. Instead, I went on to freelancer.com , worked on 2-3 projects and got enough money to buy a domain name and hosting. In fact, I got a regular part time job!
          Did you get the point? If you really want something, money is never the problem. Your will is the issue. Solve it and your problem is solved 🙂

  3. Hello vivin, Thanks for such a nice response to this post. I really didn’t expect such a nice response to this article. Maybe this worked coz many of the students who are doing B.Tech feel lost for only few actually wanted to do engineering. Rest just joined the herd. But by the time we enter our twenties, we realize we want to be free, actually free. So, we look for options and posts like these kinda help them. right?

    • No need to say sorry. This is the kind of response I have always wanted to have on my blog posts. Trust me! No blogger like those ‘Wow! such a nice post’ comments. What we want is what our readers actually think about the subject. We want discussion.
      And yes, you caught the real issue. The people of our country lag behind due to this social pressure. And it really need to be changed.

  4. Hey Vaishali,
    If it is about passion, you must understand that you don’t discover your passion in one day. You would need to try new things in order to discover your passion. the things you hate… maybe they’re the things that would point you towards your passion, dream. I can say that because I have been in the same situation for a year. I didn’t do things for I hated them and I had wanted to discover my passion. But do you know how I discover my passion? By doing the thing I hated.
    The lesson I learned was don’t just say no to something because you ‘think’ you hate it and your passion lies somewhere else unless you really have discovered your passion. Sometimes the things you hate the most show you the things you love the most.
    About choosing between mba, mtech, job… Consider what you have done so far. Analyze things you liked or were good at. Carefully and very slowly. Once you do that, see what option gets you close to those things. Is it MBA? Is it M.tech? Is it job? or Is it some completely different field? See if that helps!
    If it doesn’t, shoot me an email to admin@finixpost.com and we can discuss more about this. Just remember, discuss it with people you trust. Open up and let those discussions guide you.

  5. Currently I am a 3rd yr student doing chemical engineering. I like trvelling n want to experience new things. I like photography too. What course I can do apart from technical course as mtech in which I can trvel n do some social services. I want to study abroad but the job should be successful in long run.

    • Hey Priyanshu,
      Considering the kind of hobbies you have and the kind of profession you want to get into, you must look for online courses for the hobby part. For example, you can find plenty of affordable courses on udemy or even groupon about photography or you can also follow some good blogs and learn all by yourself. Art can be better learnt with practice.
      For social services, you can join some NGO. About travel part, I doubt you can travel along with doing something like M.Tech. If you’re considering a full time job, then you can look for such jobs… there are plenty. You just have to look thoroughly. Contact job agencies and look on internet for such kinds of opportunities. They’re better available with channels like ndtv etc.
      Now, last line makes it all confusing. So, my first suggestion to you should be – figure out what you want to do. do you want to study or get a job? If you want to study, which course? Is it m.tech or some other course related to your hobby? If a job, then what kind? After you have answers to these questions, look for more information. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Hi, Currently I am working in a IT company since 10 months after completion of my B.tech. I am happy with my work but not my job. I don’t want to spend my whole life sitting in front of one laptop with so much mental pressure. Politics can also be one of the reason for my unhappiness. I am not able to decide what to do next, prepare for CAT, Civil services, Bank, Military etc. I don’t know I will be able to study with this job or not. I tried once but failed because I don’t know what to study and for what?will I be able to do it or not? These questions lose my interest to study. I have interest in Music, I sing and play guitar as well. But I am out of touch because of this hectic job and being away from home. Its high time for me and I have to decide a path in life ASAP. Can you please help? Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Sushant,
      If you don’t like the job you do, leave it. This is what you actually need to do. But you need to take up this approach practically. so, first you would need to figure out if you can leave the job without worrying about finances, what will be your next step after leaving your job and are you really ready for the kind of social pressure that comes with such a step?
      Don’t be scared. these points aren’t there to make you feel negative about your thoughts. You’re thinking on the right way. If you don’t like what you do, do something else. Life is too short to do a boring job that doesn’t make you happy.
      Those questions I mentioned are there to help you to make your decision successful. So, give a deep thought to each of the questions. Consider all the alternatives, write them down and analyze.
      What to do next?
      All the options you mentioned above can be a probable choice. All of them are perfect options but you need to find out what would make you satisfied with your professional life.
      If you like the corporate sector, go for CAT. If you like public sector, go for civil services. If you like a secure office job, go for bank job. If you like adventure, go for military. Each job has its pros and cons and you need to analyze each one and see which suits your personality. Find out more about each job profile, what you would need to do to get the job, what work would you need to do and so on.
      About clearing the exams and getting the job
      This is the most negative thing you can think of – whether you can clear the exam or not. And having been in your positing for some time, I understand that before even considering one job, your first thought would be what if I don’t clear the exam. Exams like CAT, Civil services exam, Bank exams have a lot of competition and are considered to be tough which makes people doubt their abilities.
      When you get clear about what you want to do, you should just start preparing without considering whether you would be able to clear the exam or not. For safety, keep a backup plan. For eg. If I really don’t clear, what will I do. And then just start preparing and give your best shot.
      Also, if you failed once, you must try again. For now you know, what caused you to fail. Analyze your weak points and try again. The chances of you passing the exam now are the highest. give it a shot.
      About hobbies
      No matter what career path you choose or how busy you are, you must give time to your hobbies. your job seems more hectic probably because you aren’t taking out time to relax. Would you take medicine if you get ill? you would have to because else you won’t be able to work. Similarly, hobbies are those medicines which fix our mental issues. They’re not supposed to be leisure activities which you can do when you’re totally bored or have nothing to do. They should be given special attention and you must take out time to practice them.
      Focus on your hobbies on weekends or early mornings. Don’t let them get away from you. They will keep you strong.
      Confusions are really normal during this time. You might be thinking every one in your circle is pretty clear of what they’re doing and what they want to do in future, but trust me! everyone is in your shoes right now. They’re going through same. But you’re better than them. you know why? Coz you have accepted that there’s a problem that need to be fixed. Be happy.
      And now clear out your mind and start working. Analyse the job issue, exam issue and start working.
      Also, if any time you have some more questions which you need advice on, do count on me. I will try my best to help. good luck 🙂

  7. Hello ,
    I am a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2013 pass-out),but I did not get a job till date.Now I don’t know where to lead my career terms and because of year gap it is becoming tougher for me .Please suggest what should I do which can help me to make up a good career.


    • Hey Ashwani,
      It would be possible to suggest you in a better way if you can tell me the probable cause of not getting a job.
      Here are some general tips I can suggest:
      sign up at all the online job portals and start applying. Don’t check the stipend /salary. All you need is to get started first even it pays you very less. Once you have a job, it would be easier for you to move on to a higher paying job.
      See if you need to sharpen some skill. Do some certification/specialization if you’re ready to study. Keep applying and don’t lose hope.

  8. hi…currently i’m doing my B.tech 3rd year(major as electrical) n i like travelling..i wanna learn new things n get to know their traditions and all..and my goal is to explore each and every place in the world…please suggest me what to do after btech.
    Thank you

    • I finished Engineering now. Iam planning on doing masters next year, is it ok for me to keep a year for mtech preparation and not do any job?
      And i’m also not interested in taking up the job offer.

  9. Hello Vishal,
    Rather than looking for a ‘job’ in foreign country, you must first decide about what kind of job profiles interest you. Then you must decide on which country you want to go to. Without answering these two questions, it would be very tough for you to focus on the task.
    Once you’ve decided the country you want to go to, check if you have the budget required to go there either on study or work visa. Why a study visa when you want to work there?Because for countries like Canada, you can’t just get a job. You need a work visa first which you can get only if some company based in canada calls you there. It isn’t easy for 1) you would have to convince those people to hire you. It is tougher than anyone can think 2) The company hiring you would have to explain why they want to hire you for they can hire you only if you provide a service which normal applicants in canada/the country won’t.
    So, work on this basis or if you want an easy way out, apply for study visa, take up a small course and then look for a job once you’ve finished the course and apply for extension of visa.

  10. Sir I am currently 3rd year student of B TECH ME. I am preparing for GATE. I wish to be an entrepreneur.It will be a kind help if you please provide me a list of ideas for a small scale startup. Also I would like to know your suggestions on options after B TECH ME other than what others commonly talk…

  11. Hello ma’am. I did my btech in electrical, graduated in the year 2015. After that I started preparing for state level exams but I am not getting any positive result. I want to do a job asap coz I don’t want any gaps. Recently I got two job offer as site engineer electrical with 12k pm salary in private, and another of tech support in a software company. Which job will be better? I want to give time for competitive exams preparation as well.

    • Hello Devi,

      State exams are a tough nut to crack. They require lots of practice and consistency. Don’t lose hope on them. Keep preparing. Be regular. give time for preparation every day. Never miss a day and I am sure you will see positive results.

      In case, you fear of having a gap in your CV, you can look for a job. Here you must think as if the state exam thing doesn’t exist in your life.
      Now, think if you want to stick to your field (Electrical). If yes, then low salary doesn’t matter. You might start from low but if you have good interest in the field and work hard, you will reach great success.

      IT jobs may sound lucrative in the beginning. They might offer you a bit higher package comparatively but they are not that great, especially if you belong to some other field. They make you work like donkeys and not even give you that great returns (that’s what I have heard from my friends who have joined IT companies). Moreover, you would be too stressed learning about entirely different things that you will have no energy and time for exam preparation.

      So, I would suggest stick to the low paying but easier electrical job. And save time for your preparation.

      • 🙂 Thank you so much ma’am. Very much pleased to get a quick reply. At least there is someone in this world who is listening to others and giving better advices. Really u r doing a great job. Thanks a lot.

  12. I believe everbody’s life is fucked up after B.tech. I am also an engineer in IT industry working in the telecom sector. I hate each and every day of my life.
    In India, students really need help while deciding their career paths.

  13. Hey,
    Ma’am I’m doing b.Tech (C.s.e) I have too may backlogs and I’m tottly screw up with This I don’t know what to do.
    I got a year gap in 2 year so what should I do Now?

    • Hello Akash,

      I can understand the situation you’re going through. A very close friend of mine has been facing the same issue. Here’s what you should do.

      1. Analyze the reason behind your backlogs: Is it because you just messed up during the first exam or is it because you just don’t understand the subjects? If it’s the latter, try getting some tuitions or asking your friends to help you with studying. You need to clear your basics. Practice. Practice. Practice. If it’s because the former, chances are you’re now too discouraged to try and pass the exam. Get over it. Bad things happen. Just because you failed in a couple of exams doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Tell yourself about this everyday and start preparing with a fresh mind without thinking you’ve already failed before.

      2. Tackle them slowly: Don’t try to sit for all the exams at once and pass them. I know it’s too difficult to calm down and not try for all the exams at once when you’re having so many backlogs. But the only way you can do it is taking it slowly. Apart from your regular subjects, take 2-3 subjects at a time and prepare for them and give exams. This will be slow but will ensure success.

      3. Consider quitting: There’s nothing wrong with it. Talk to your parents. See what options you have in future. There’s no point wasting extra years trying to accomplish something just for the sake of it. Stop worrying about society. Stop worrying about what others will think. Start worrying about what you will think of yourself. Would you be happy to know that you wasted years in getting a degree you didn’t want in first place? Would you be happy to know that you kept wasting your time in trying to pass your backlogs while you could have made a better career in some other field? If no, then change it. Drop it and start preparing for something else!

      I gave these answers from a general perspective. Please feel free to share in more details or argue over the pros and cons of these suggestions. That would help you find out what you really should do. And we both want the same. Waiting for your response.

  14. Hello sir i m aloukik now i m doing b.e. In mechanical branch i m confused what i can after b.e. I m not interested in gate exam.what is ths best way after b.e. For ths successful life for mechanical engineer plz give sme advise

    • Hello,
      If you want a successful life as a mechanical engineer, there are just two options: either you go for higher studies or you look for a job.
      As you don’t want to go for higher studies, let’s look at the second option.

      Job. Now, the beginning salary of a mechanical engineer from a normal college (other than IITs & NITs) is around 20-30k (in Indian rupee). You would need to look for a job in your field and then work hard to climb up the ladder. It would be difficult but I think it’s a great option has experience teaches you much more than books and increase your value as well.

      I would suggest you to go for a job. Make sure you’re working in your field only. The initial salary might be less but you should focus on experience rather than money in the first 2-3 years.

      • @Aloukik chavda if you not want to go for higher study then just try to get a job and off campus the starting salary is very less ,mostly you will be offered less as 10k . But not lost your hopes by seeing such low salary but just start your career. I also mech engg not accepted such offers and now wasted about 5years.after few years of experience you can opt for any speciflised course in mechanical engineering to enhance your career growth.
        Even if you do not want to go for higher studies just start perepare for GATE exam becuase this will help you in job interviews and you can give a try to PSU jobs/state govt jobs/ssc jobs.

        • Hello Maninder,
          Thank you for answering the query. I completely agree with what you say. One should not reject the job offers by thinking about money. Initially, your only focus should be gathering experience and the right skill set. Once you’ve it, you can start asking for the money you desire!

  15. Couldn’t have asked for anything better today!
    Thanks for this amazing article. The insights helped me sort out a lot. Made notes and shall be using the tips right away! 🙂

  16. Hi mam I have done B.Tech in information technology with 68.17 ./. Marks in 2012. still now I have not get any Job related to my field . I have spent almost 80 thousand on certification and on staying outside from home in different regions. I think it’s hard time is to get a job in your core line.so what should I do now , try for govt job exam or keep trying in pvt sector .

      • Mam I have worked in bpo sector for few months after completion of my graduation but as you know bpo sector is not related to my qualification. Then I start trying to get job software line or web development line and I tried in many company from last years in software line and web development line and still am trying to my related profile but every company expect experienced or referenced condidate and few companies offer me to join paid training program from 30-40 thousand without nay stipend or salary but I can’t trust on any company because I waste 30 thousand in a company on same process.now I am very frustrated for a Job I don’t know it’s my bad luck or anything else.now I am thinking for govt job exam or bank exam.what should I do mam

        • Don’t go for companies asking you to pay for training. They are just frauds!
          You can look for internship based jobs. Basically your pay is less or nil but you learn and get the much required experience. Or look for job opportunities available for freshers. They pay less but are a good start.

  17. maam, i passed out in 2012 btech ece with 73% and prepared for gate exam but could not get it in 1yr so turned to bank exams and wasted 3yrs and could not seected in interviews.now i joined hdfc life.tell me am i horribly wasted my career.

    • Hey,
      I see it took you some time to clear exams and get a job. But ultimately you have one, don’t you? Stop feeling bad about what you couldn’t do. Think about what you want to do now. Stop thinking of what you were not able to accomplish. Think about what you want to accomplish now and work for it.

  18. Hi ma’am
    I am very glad I came across your article. This article made me realise i shouldnt give up on my passion.
    Currently I am doing my final year in B tech in electronics and communication. Back in school, I wanted to do medicine and my parents supported it too. But suddenly they met an astrologer and my conservative parents decided to make me join engineering as per what the astrologer said.They ddnt let me study biology in 11th and 12th and made me take electronics in btech against my wishes. I tried to cope with it. But i cant and I perform very poorly in my college. I even tried setting up a start up company with my friend to explore the area. I ddnt like it either. I do service in a veterinary clinic and it made me fall in love with medicine all over again. I am ready to write the 12th biology and the entrance to study MBBS from the start. I tried talking to my parents. But they are very stubborn. They want me to pursue some kind of higher education and are willing to spend any amount of money on it but will never allow me to pursue MBBS or BVsc. Nor will they allow me to go for a job right now. I am really confused and screwed up.

    Please suggest me a way or an alternative course in India or abroad that will suit my taste. I really need your help, ma’am. 🙁

    • Hello Shreya,
      From what I can imagine, I see that you’re very much serious about studying medicine. I would suggest you to not drop the idea. Convince your parents. Do some emotional blackmailing. Show them why it’s best for you, not in one line. From different ways… for your career, for your personal self, for you matrimonial profile and everything you parents ever mentioned while talking about your future. Be good at words. Twist them to tell them how studying medicine is right for you. Try it!
      If it doesn’t work, tell them you won’t go for any other higher studies and would rather let your degree get wasted anyways… trust me! that’s the master stroke. It should work.

  19. Ma’am i am in final year of B.Tech. ECE and i have got placed in Cognizant. Now i came to know that the work they will going to take from me they are not going to give me that enough salary. So my question is i do not have problem in doing hard work but the thing is i need salary enough which will be of worth of my work. So to get a higher package i am thinking to do a course or something just after my B.Tech. so as to before company call letter came i will got better option before it and now i am confused what to do some people told me about data analytics some about sap and etc. but all they are pioneered in that stream. So i am confused what to do so as to get a handsome salary and from where as on net nothing is properly demonstrated their are several sources and all of them are confusing. i just want a particular direction and i will go towards it.

    • This is bad-luck of our country that after rendering a extreme handwork and exhausting all expensive liquidated asset for this higher technical study in India, there is no scope to get respectable job.. that to when the a number of idle graduates from art side are enjoying government job with huge salary.!!

      I suggest you all technical graduates to establish their own experienced based job and fix your remuneration as per your desire.. at a stage, you can sale your technical experience as much cost as 1 lakh rupees per day coz….. YOU ARE THE TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS NOT A MERE GRADUATE…

      • The real problem is no one is teaching engineering students to be real technical graduates. They’re just being taught to mug up theory and write for the exams. They don’t have any practical experience. Therefore, it’s impossible for them to ‘sell’ their technical knowledge. They don’t have enough.

  20. hello mam
    I have just completed by B.tech in electrical and electronics engg. and I am also doing theatre from last 2 years and i want to continue in that. but my parents wants me to get a job and get settled. and if i do job i wont have time for my passion. I think to do some diploma courses in delhi or mumbai so that i can get some time for theatre also. can u suggest any other courses or any other idea to overcome my problem..?

    • Hey Munis,
      First think about whether you want to take theatre as your full-time profession or just keep it as a hobby. If you want to keep it as a hobby, there’s nothing to think. Theatre is a big thing in Chennai and other big cities like Bangalore & Delhi have lots of theatre enthusiasts. So, you can continue doing it without harming your career as an engineer.

      If you want to keep it as your full-time profession, figure out if you’re ready. If your financial condition is very sound and no one will mind you just keep your engineering degree on one side, then start with theatre. Else, start part-time while working on your engineering job and work on a goal to make yourself capable enough to earn enough from your theatre job and enjoy it enough so that you can finally quit your engineering job and take up theatre full-time.

      These are the two choices you can make. Choose well. 🙂

  21. Hii madam, i hve completed my b tech in 2015 ECE till now i havent got any jobs and i dont want to go for IT industries as my programming skills are not good. I am realky in very confused state i always wanted to be with my parents and support them but there in no good jobs are avialable in Ranchi. I want jobs in networking domain but all i get is tech support job only which i dont want to join. Sometimes i think i should go for govt jobs. What should i do plz suggest me.

    • Hello Ashish,
      Can you consider moving to some other place? If yes, then go for it. There are plenty of more opportunities for engineers in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Mumbai than anywhere else.
      I know a lot of people look down to tech support jobs but as you said, you want to support your family, why not just go for it? Meanwhile, prepare and polish your skills. Figure out why you’re not getting the job in your desired profile and fix it.

  22. Hi,I have just completed my b.tech in civil engg. I am in a fix to decide what to do now.I am interested in sports and physical activities but now I can’t make a career in sports. Please suggest me some exciting, challenging and physically demanding carrer options which also pays well.

    • Hey Navdeep, I am glad that you understand your capabilities well. You don’t always have to do what you love as your full-time job. Keep it as a hobby. Always take out time for it while you focus on the job related to your study.

  23. I have been preparing for govt.jobs since 2 years but due to poor english i always get low marks in english,overall failed ,i always my try best to prepare for english like reading newspaper ,grammer etc. but on doing ques. related to it i always do error in it…i don’t understand how to improve my english in both verbal and non-verbal …

  24. Hi madam/Sir,
    i hve completed my b tech in 2013 CSC and trying for govt job but till now i havent got any jobs in govt sector. Now i am thinking to move in IT Industries. I am really in very confused state is it possible to got the job after 3+ year of GAP. For support the family I want jobs in IT Software Company. What should i do plz suggest me. is it possible to got the job in IT software after this much of Year GAP????


  25. hello mam,
    I am currently pursuing my btech in CSE and I hav just started my 3rd Year. I do like my field but i got to learn more about my passion after joining Btech. I have deep interest in culinary arts and its my dream to do something related to that. I am currently in web developing but i am much more passionate about my liking for food and culinary arts.Please cure the dilemma which I have been facing since past few years!!!

    • It happened with me too. Stop overthinking. Just focus on your degree while taking out time to learn more about your passion. Don’t let your marks suffer or yourself suffer with thoughts that you don’t want to do it anymore. It’ll be easier that way. Once you finish your degree, we can figure out a way for you to pursue your passion. 🙂

    • I am a Btech graduate passed out in this year and i am totally perplexed about what to do next!! Actually i have a great passion in teaching especially teaching school children.And i am not interested in doing m.tech right now because i have already seen the tough competition my seniors are facing after pursuing their Mtech degree and for a job in some technical institutes.So could you please suggest me some other options which can fulfil my passion of teaching as well as to have a better career?Can i do B.ed after this btech degree and what are the procedures?

  26. I finished Engineering now. Iam planning on doing masters next year, is it ok for me to keep a year for mtech preparation and not do any job?
    And i’m also not interested in taking up the job offer.

  27. Hi sir i’m completing B Tech in 2012.. but the problem is i don’t have a percentages and technical skills too. Present i’m doing some kinda process executive job like data entry and i’m not interested to do that because i’m doing that same thing for past 3 years for night shifts… i don’t even know what is my passion and what i’m going to do. i’m really tired please give my some advice…

  28. Hello Mam,first of all thank you for all the help you are giving to all the people out there,who are in a confused state of mind.
    Mam,talking about me,i am doing my btech(mechanical) from lpu with 7.62 cgpa(our universities multiplier is 9)i.e approx 68.58 %.
    I am planning to study abroad,preferably canada on my degree’s basis.
    Is going on Ielts a good option and do post graduate diploma there,as all the consultancies suggest and then work there on work visa.
    Would i be able to get P.R there for permanent settlement after completion of my course.

    • Hello Akshit,
      Going to canada through study visa is the easiest method to go there. Once you finish the course, you will need to get a job in the same field u studied for in Canada and then u can apply for work visa. You will easily get one.

  29. Mam i am an b. Tech civil 3rd year student but i am very deprsed to my future. Please mam how i can got a job after my b. Tech.. I have complete my college with a education loan and lots of intrest are required that loan mam how i can got a job just i have complete my engg. Mam my english also weak

    • Suraj,
      you’re in 3rd year and there’s is completely no reason for you to be depressed. Don’t be. You can prepare very well in next 1 or 1 and half year and you will easily land a job.
      Start with your communication skills, learn up the basics and practice aptitude. Be confident and do it! 🙂
      For weak English, start working on it now. Practice speaking and reading english and give yourself some time to improve. Work on it EVERY DAY.

  30. Hello Varsha,
    Ideally, your friend should look for a job in his own stream. It’s because IT streams are crowded and almost everyone is doing it. The competition is more and the payout is less. If your friends sticks to his own stream, he may to struggle a lot in the beginning but he will definitely be well settled than he would be as an IT professional.

  31. Mem i am a btech first year student from a normal college and doing graduation bsc final year student. I want to do mba next year after completing bsc . the reason is that there is no jobs or very less paid jobs are now days so please tell me what should i do i am interested in business line and want to get good job easily so tell me after btech or mba which one will be best for me to get job easily.

    • Hello Sumit
      There is nothing like “no jobs”. Jobs are there and there are extremely well-paid jobs. What’s the issue is people are not employable. You need to be an active and talented individual to bag such high-paying jobs. Develop yourself into one and you will have it.
      To go in business line, prepare for CAT or GMAT. Do your best, Get a good rank and get into a top college in the country. Then, work your best. Develop yourself from all the ways – personality, professional skills, communication skills… and then look for a job! You will not need to find them in real. You will need to choose between multiple offers!

    • Hello Sumit,
      It’s extremely tough to get a work visa in some foreign country directly. You should consider doing some certification/diploma course and go to the country on study visa. Once you finish that, it’ll be 10 times easier to get a work visa and a job obviously.

  32. Hello ma’am
    Ma’am i am a student of class 10 and from my st class i want to become an engineer but i got confused in which field i should focus. Some times i decide to be an software engineer and sometimes i thought to move forward on the path of quantum mechanics an d become an physicist. Ma’am can you clearly tell me what should i do and start focusing on it.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Prashant
      What you need is connect with the people working in both the fields, ask them to guide you on what it takes for them to do it, what they studied and what subjects they face every day. That will give you a clear idea on what’s good for you.

  33. Hi Manpreeth. I have done my MS in Germany and returned to India. I have been searching for job but not successful. May ne my interest is not in IT. Am good at creative thinking and writing. Can you suggest me what careers amI should search

    • Hey Sharath
      You will have to work a bit to get a job in India. There will be plenty of takers for a foreign educated engineer here. You just need to upgrade and refresh your knowledge according to the field/job profile you’re applying for.
      For getting a job in a creative field, you first need to figure out what exactly you want to do. Then learnt that skill and start working.

  34. Hello mam
    Good morning
    Now I am a B.Tech 2nd year Electronics and communication from Bundelkhand University ,(jhansi ).I want to get job in NGO company in india. It’s my dream of life .so please tell me achieve it,and suggest what should I do which can help me to make up a good career in NGO .
    Thanku mam

    • Hello,
      To get a job in NGO, you can start volunteering right now. Once you do that, you will have a lot of experience on how to work in an NGO plus you will have great contacts. Landing a job after you finish your degree would be EASY then.

  35. hello,i am siri and recently i completed my b.tech with good percentage also.and i got job in software field.next month i will join on that company.but,i want to start new business by my own.but,i don’t know what type of business shall i start.plz let me know what is the best option either join in job or start new business by own.plz tell me….

    • Hello Siri,
      Firstly I would say take up the job. you will need lots of financial help to start a business and taking up a job will help in getting the money. It will also give you experience on how to deal with people.
      While you’re doing the job and saving up money, start looking for different business ideas and what truly gets you interested and passionate. You will need to research, read more and meet more people and gain more ideas to find out what business to start.
      And once you do that, just start working on business part-time. You keep the job even now. When your business starts earning more than your job, you quit and focus full-time.

  36. advise me for what should i do after b.tect for higher studies in mechanical engineering to job in foreign with higher paid sallary i m bright student in mechanical stream.

  37. Hi
    I m a btech in Electrical n Electronics(2013 pass out) .
    I prepare for Govt exams till 2016.But didn’t get positive results.
    After that i joined a company in june this year as a sales engineer.its a marketing company.i m earning only 12.5k per month.i hate every single minute spending there.But now i hv an offer to join a bpo as a customer support executive,also they are offering me a salary of 18k + cab to both side.
    I m so much confused plz help me.

  38. hello mam,
    I have completed my b.tech in 2016 and now am working in a bpo in bangalore.I had a dream to join indian army but during my college days I got a permanent ligament injury in my left knee .so I can never join indian army however I want to serve my nation so I have volunteered in many campaigns organized by different. ngos but I want to make my career in it.please do suggest me something.I dont want a IT job or bpo job at all.salary doesn’t matter .Actually I donot want to be in those sectors.

  39. Hello,
    I Finished my B.E (EEE)in 2012, Now i’m working in saudi,
    1) I want to get a job in Australia/new Zealand/Singapore/ South Malaysia. how can i try there to get a job?
    2)what are the certificate should engg have(Like ISO & etc)? Rather then B.E Certificate. Plz reply.

  40. Hi ma’am,
    I wanted to know how can AISEC help in getting interns abroad? What are the required qualifications to get that?

  41. Dear Mam,
    I have completed 13 yrs of my JOB after completing my Diploma in civil engineering. in view of future i have joined in regular B.Tech course.

    I am now worried that shall my experience will be counted in future after completing the B.tech .

    Please tell about my future.

  42. Hello,
    I am B.E Electronics and Instrumentation 2015 passed out.I gave many govt exams in engineering discipline and till now i didn’t get any as it creates gap.I am not interested in IT.But i did many online courses from August 2015 (around 10-11 courses,1 or 2 hobby related curses also)and also pursuing now(around 9-10)till i land a job or higher studies.I also did 3 months short term course in industrial automation.Now i want to do ms in US/Canada.Am i eligible for doing ms for spring 2018 ,as i have around 2 years gap?Can I justify my gap with these courses in SOP?I am preparing for GRE,govt exams and doing online courses(keeping productive daily).But these two years i learned a lot about the society, job market, learning english etc. Plz reply ASAP for doing MS as I am really confused whether i am eligible or not and i am not able to concentrate on exam preparations .My CGPA : 7.68(No history of backlogs).

    • Hello Ashwin,
      I would have loved to help you with this but I am not aware about the eligibility criteria for MS. I have never been interested in higher studies in a foreign country so never cared to know.

  43. Currently I am a 3rd yr student doing Civil engineering. I like photography n want to experience new things in photography. What course I can do apart from technical course as mtech in which I can go for photography. As im in 3rd year , i have one year left, and i need to be in photography, recently i’m doing work in normal fields of photography and do more and more in photography.

    • Hey
      There are plenty of online courses available that can help you with photography. Check udemy.com for some brilliant courses.

  44. hii it’s Bhavana I am the student of EE engineering and i want to go for travel agent with good sallery.I am a student of nit so it must be atleast match with NIT’s pakage which is minimum 6lac per anum.pls guide me sir.

    • Hello Bhavana
      First of all, it’s wrong to think you will get a package same as you would get from NIT. Why?
      1. You have no formal education or background to be a travel agent. You’ll have to start low.
      2. Being a travel agent is more like a business than a salary based job, unless you land a great company, which you won’t for you don’t have any formal education. So, forget about salary.
      I would suggest before you look for being a travel agent, you need to learn more about the trade. Do more research. It may sound offensive but you don’t seem to know much about the field you’re planning to go into while you’re already expecting the big numbers.
      Find more about it.

  45. i btech ece student …i love painting and i good hand in oils as well ….how can i pursue my passion……….

  46. Hello mam;
    I have completed my B.tech in computer science this year,after that i go for software testing course and searching for job but i am not getting good job due to my below 60% marks in B.tech.Small company are offering me job on the package of 1.2PA but its to low to survive in Delhi.But my aim is to do MBA in future,should i change my line from Technical to non-technical(Marketing).Because in future i will go for MBA can i go for marketing and after that MBA as part time,is this will be good or not(Doing MBA from distance).As i was thinking to join a marketing job.
    Please suggest me some path

  47. i m student of electical branch and completed my btech in 2017 this year. But engineer is not my passion ,i m devotinly do sketch painting and i waint do somthing in fashion designing but i have only 1 year to do for this. so plzz help me and in 1 year how it be possible for me aur what will i do to pursue my passion..

  48. Hi Manpreet,
    really appreciate your effort to guide btech grads on the right way. Hope you’ll advise me too.

    I am a B.Tech from a private institution and working in a big MNC with a very average salary for 1.5 year now. I really enjoy public speaking and writing such stuff also. I don’t exactly hate my current job but am sure that if my job would be somewhere in coherence to what i just mentioned a line back, I will do something special and with full zeal.

    Is MBA a kind of option or should i gather guts and go for journalism course?

    Am Confused !!

    • Hey Shiva
      Enjoying something is one thing and taking it up as your profession is another. Are you ready to be a professional public speaker – go through the ups and downs of the business and force yourself to do it even when at times you just want to take an off?
      I would advise you to test it first. Join a club like Toastmasters. Start public speaking, start holding events. Stat doing it part-time.
      If and when you discover you are really good at it and have enough means to convert it into your full-time job, just go for it.
      I don’t see how an MBA will help you in public speaking or even journalism. So, just focus on actually starting public speaking – join organizations, talk at events and conferences and then see where your hobby takes you.

  49. Hi Manpreet,
    I have just completed my btech in CSE.
    To be very frank I hate btech and maths?. I only did it for my parents seck.Right now I’m ​in a turmoil state. I have searched many Nd now Iam some what interested in the field of doing event management. But I’m bit perplexed, which I should opt for MBA ,PGDAME,PGDEM or some other in event management after btech?which would be the bst to do currently.
    I know this is not a career counseling site but if you can help me in any way that would be really grateful of you.
    Thank you

    • Hello, shravani..
      This is shiva kumar from hyd. Even I completed my btech this year’
      I’m also thinking of MBA in event management..
      I don’t know..much’ bt wanna share some idea abt this’
      NAEMD- national academy for event management and development, Mumbai.. Offers a MBA.. I came to knw’ abt this..by my frnd.. This is one of de top institute for a event management career’

      Even’ I’m still tryin to convince my parents to allow me to continue my career in MBA EVENT MANAGEMENT..
      Hoping for de positive decision’✨

      • Hi Shiva,
        Thks for sharing Ur idea. I’m also thinking of doing MBA in event management. Im even interested doing it in NAEMD
        But my parents are not allowing me to do that.
        Hopefully I too convince them very soon for this.
        Hope for the best.

      • I forgot to ask?….
        I have heard that we have to write cat exam for applying MBA in event management.
        Is this true else we can directly join.

  50. Hi Manpreet,
    I have just completed my btech in CSE. To be very frank I hate btech and maths. I did it bcz of my parents. I’m in a turmoil state now. I searched many and finally Iam interested in the field of doing event management after this btech. But I’m bit perplexed now. Which should I opt for MBA ,PGDAME,PGDEM or sme othr?which would be the bst to do currently. I know this is not an career counseling site, but if u can do any Help from this, then that would be so grateful of you.
    Thank you.

    • If you don’t know what to start, you shouldn’t start it.
      Work in the field, generate ideas and when the right idea comes, start working on it. When it works and pays off much better than your regular job, quit and completely focus on growing the venture.

  51. hello ma’am,
    this is the awesome work you are doing. i need your help. please reply soon. i had completed b.e. in 2013 and then i was preparing for govt sector exams but i was unable to clear them with very less marks. and now its around 4 yrs and i get nothing with this, and now i’m totally frustrated and confused. i don’t know what to do for getting a job and for my future. i’m so much irritated with every thing that i don’t know exactly what my passion is and what should i do. please help me what can i do in this situation, i surely want to do a job and be successful but don’t know how? please help asap.
    thank you so much for reading it.

    • Hey
      First of all, indulge yourself in activities that will help you get over frustration in general. Exercise. Read books – fiction. Meditate. Work.
      Secondly, you need to look for a job. And you need to keep trying until you get one. There’s nothing like you’re not getting a job. If you’re not getting it, you have either set your standards too high or you’re not trying hard enough. Keep looking. Look harder. Be sensible and don’t just look for top tier high paying jobs. You need to get your foot in the door, you can enter the room of happiness and money once you’re able to open the door.
      And about passion… if you cannot find it, don’t go looking for it. Nobody ‘looks’ for their passion. They find it. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry. You just need to do the things you need and have immediate requirement of. You’ll find your passion one day. But if you go looking for it, you’ll never find it and end up wasting your time.
      So, my suggestion is set your mind straight and get a job. Then start trying new creative things to see what you like doing.

  52. Hi manpreet,I did my petroleum engineering from lit nagpur .I worked 2 yrs with reliance .I am working with consultancy from last 8 yrs.total 10 yr experience.i had 6 yr daughter and one yr son.now I want to work either from home or part time.in order to give time to my kids.kindly suggest career opportunity.

    • Hello Pooja
      There are several career opportunities that allow you to work from home but all depends on the field you want to be in.
      Would you want to change your field entirely? If yes, go for something like blogging, youtubing etc.
      Do you want to stay in consultancy field? Start your own firm and set up your office at home.
      Similarly, you can start any business and work from home.
      The possibilities are endless. You will need to decide on the basis of what your interests and skills are.

  53. Hello manpreet kaur I was started to study EIE in private college.plz send me, what are various options after btech in eie.i have more interest in animation,gaming.i want to do it differently to reach success,plz suggest me.i am so confused

  54. I have wasted my 5 years in doing Btech but still struggling to complete it.what should i do in life in completing my education and in other aspects.

  55. Actually now i have joined in MSIT after my btech.but I don’t want to do this course and am in very confusion state what to do in my life so can u please help me out that what should i do if i want to get a clarity in my life.give me some suggestions to do something other than software side.

    • Hello Sankalp
      First of all, figure out why you don’t want to do that course. Is it because you have different interests? Are you ready to fight with the world to pursue those interests? Are you ready to spend next 10 years of your life pursuing that and getting no big enough outcome? If yes, leave the course and go do it.
      If not, figure out why you’re in such a doubt. Most of the times, it’s because of the peer pressure. The so-called friends we have around us do a very good job in making us hate our choices and regret them. That doesn’t always mean you hate them. So, figure out if you really hate that course because of yourself or because of some outer influence. Every answer lies in this.

  56. Hello mam, i completed my b.tech this year in mechanical engineering, but there was no campus placement. I did job at bpo sector for 2 months but due to family issues, i have to came back to home now i am struggling for my future as i want settle life , i am unable to find out what should i do with life.

    • Hello Ashish
      How about you try for a government job? I know, it sounds a cliched option but if you have some family issue and have to stay close the family & if you don’t live in a big city, it can be a wise idea for trying for a government job.
      But do keep in mind to check all the options you have in your city for getting a job related to your field.
      There’s nothing wrong and confusing in your life. It never goes the way you plan. You always have to make alterations to your life plan as you go. This is your time to do that. 🙂

  57. hello, I have completed my b.tech recently in the stream of EEE and got placed through campus placements.But the job i got is a finance company . Is that job suits for me to improve my career. please give me some suggestion?

    • Hello Rajesh
      I believe it’s not an EEE related job. Is it?
      If not, it won’t help your career as an engineer who studied in that field.
      If you want a career in finance, it will obviously help.
      IF yes, it will help your career.
      I suggest you decide whether you want a career in EEE field or finance and then ensure you have a job that boosts your career in that field.

  58. After B.Tech fashion designing !!!!! HOw is fashion designing related to technology and does it not lead to change of profile if I want to pursue such a career

    • Yes Aadhyraa. If you pick fashion designing after B.Tech, it will change your profile – you’ll become a fashion designer instead of an engineer.
      That’s a choice you have to make. Do you want to work as an engineer forever in your life or do you want to become a fashion designer?

  59. I had an inquiry of a fashion blogger as to what he should do in order to get a fashion blogging based job in e-commerce websites …Is degree or diploma good for an experienced fashion blogger with a literature or commerce graduate?

    • Bloggers are usually picked on their talent, not according to their degrees.
      If you want to be a blogger, start a blog. Run it well. Then apply to various websites for blogging gigs.

  60. Hello mam
    I have done my btech in cse and now am preparing for govt jobs but side by side i want to study something so dat theres no gap . What should i do mam?

    • Hello Gopika
      It depends on what you want. As you’re going for a govt job, you can take up a course in social science or something around those lines. It will help you boost your career as a government official as well for you will be well equipped with the knowledge required to do your job to perfection.

  61. Hi there, I am currently in my 4th year of Btech. I am doing electronics but I have absolutely no interest in this field. I did not sit for campus placements either since I didn’t want to get carried away in that field. The problem is I don’t know what I’m good at. I have a lot of interests in languages , cultural events, dance, music, writing , travelling. Basically everything but studies. I have a good background for expressing myself( I won many dance awards (but this was when I was young, I’m 20 now), I can communicate exceptionally well) But my future still looks bleak and I’m worried. I can’t figure out what I want to do further and I am having a difficult time trying to solve this puzzle. I don’t think I’m interested in MBA either. I definitely do not want a job in any of the Tech companies. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    • Hello Ishwari
      Personally, I feel you’re just being pressurized by people and having weird ideas in your head. if you had no interest in the field, you wouldn’t have done it for four years. Ask yourself truthfully… did you always hate it? Or did something happen that made you lose interest in your field?
      Now, there could be two reasons. 1. You found another calling. Well and good. You already know what to do next. 2. Your thoughts were changed by some outer sources that won’t do you any good. It’s a path to self-destruction. You’re tricking yourself to think you don’t like it & you have nothing else you actually are passionate about. Talk to yourself and tell yourself to be wise and understand the difference between hobbies and profession. You can do anything you like as a hobby but as a profession, if you have studied engineering and there’s no other thing you’re insanely passionate about, go get that job or do M.Tech. and work hard to become a successful engineer.

  62. hi mani preeth
    Iam jyothi.i completed my b.tech in 2017.after b.tech i dont know what is the best method to grow ur career.my opinion is to take bank coaching and doing m.tech in private.is this is the best way or not.please tell me fast reply to me.there is no time.plsss give a best solution

    • Hey
      Grow your career in what? As long as you don’t answer that question, you cannot be right.
      You want to grow your career as an engineer? M.Tech or a job is a good option.
      You want to grow your career in banking? Take bank coaching
      You want to grow as a professional? Take a job.
      It’s always going to be different according to what career you want.

  63. Hello, I m baktiar. I have completed b.tech in civil engineering this year. Really I want to go for higher study like(m.tech,MBA etc.), But due to family financial problem,I have to work,need money. Many people’s are saying to join local companies as a engineer, someone says to prepare for government jobs, banking,go to western countries for money. What will I do now? Really in a big confusion. If I join any of company, Govt jobs, is it possible to me to get back on study or is it possible to continue study during work? If not, what will I do now? Please help.

    • Hey if you want to go for higher studies, why are you even listening to others? Just get a job, arrange the finances and go for them.
      I have a friend who is doing MBA, now at age 35. He couldn’t do it right after his engineering, so he waited, secured his financial position and is, now, doing his MBA from one of the top international universities in the United States.
      Just get your financial position secured and keep your bigger goal (higher studies) in mind.

      • I am also a btech student engineering student in computer science i am also a ebizer but some financial conditions that was not possible but if we think we create new things and uniquely we will success definately

  64. hey Manpreet,
    This article was so much motivational. I loved your work totally. I Am currently pursuing my final year in civil engineering but i am not happy about this. As a student in school i have always excelled in biology. animals and biology fascinate me a lot. I am also working as a part time dance teacher. i have this weird thought that i want to learn veterinary. can you help me out in this? i badly want to do veterinary.

    • Hey
      The only person who can help you out is you! If you want to be a vet, you will need to do a medical degree. Think about it and if you really want to do it, go for it.

  65. Hello ma’am. I have just completed my btech in EEE branch and got placed in Infosys. But I am confused whether I should join IT sectorlike Infosysor shouldi prepare for gate as I have done my degree in a non IT branch. Please help me here

    • Hey
      It depends on what career you want for yourself. Do you want to work in EEE field only? If yes, why just go for GATE? Why not look for a job?
      I would suggest you to keep looking for a job and prepare for GATe simultaneously if your answer to my first question is a yes.
      If it’s no, then go for the job!

        • Depends on what you want to do mate. Let me tell you the GATE side of things, qualifying gate gives you a possibility of M.tech from IITs or a job in PSUs. But that is the green side of things. Only the top 200 get jobs in PSUs and top 1000 and half get the IIT/NIT offer. Gate 2017, about 9,22,167 candidates applied for the exam with 85% or 7,87,148 writing the exam and 16% or 1,29,149 qualifying, including general, OBC, SC, ST, or people with disabilities.
          The point is, getting a job through gate is not peanuts, but at the same time, it isn’t impossible. Choose gate if you think you can commit 14 hours every day to rigorous studies.
          Otherwise, a one year job experience is more valuable.
          And regarding, whether or not an IT company, first off, you haven’t stated the position offered. Infosys doesn’t only do the IT thing. A company has multiple departments to enable it to run. I’m sure all those computers at their office would need wiring and proper circuit design, management and maintenance. Do your own research, what each field has to offer. Google the job responsibilities of your role in either field and choose what is best for you. Yes, you have to make a choice.
          Still clueless? Go and work in each industry for couple months, you will get the hang of it. Goodluck

  66. First things first. Terrific job at answering every comment thrown your way. Tempted me to burden you with my share of confusion.
    2015 btech Mech passout, a year down with gate and ESE preparation, got cold feet and chickened out, spent half of another year introspecting at home, the other 6 months doing a CAD course. Love building stuff. Had building a camper van or a motorhome on my mind. Was about to join some low tier company to get some hands on experience. And then the bomb dropped.
    Knew a girl, asked parents to talk to hers, and next I know, mom finds her and assaults her, right there on the street. And that was about when home got over for me.
    P.s Its a culmination of a long journey of domestic violence and troubled childhood, not just me being selfish for a girl I met some years ago.

    Cutting it short, I have given myself a year, to be in a position to independently ask for her from her parents. Ya, she has agreed to wait for a year. Moreover, this gives me all the more reason to give up procastinating and do something. I’m willing to move wherever, do whatever. No financial support except for what I will earn, no owned accomodation, how do I pull it off in a year?
    Working in different machine shops for some months in exchange of ground experience and continuous switches is what I can think. But somehow through the switches and in-job growth, landing myself a financially secure image in the said timeframe, I so wish it didn’t look so bleak. Any insight will be appreciated.

    • Sigh. Wondering if my situation was too complex to be too finicky in answering or just another facepalming tragedy of life. In any case, id appreciate if the comment is brought down. It’s anything but comforting to have a public exhibition of my apparent melodramatic situation. I guess I will figure it out myself. Thanks again

  67. I think you quit too quickly. If you went for govt job prep just because you couldn’t get a job otherwise, you made a huge mistake. But that’s past now. You are over it.
    Don’t quit on govt jobs prep now. Work hard. Work really hard. Channel your frustration into working hard, instead of second thoughts about whether you should go for a normal job or keep preparing. Just don’t quit!
    And you are most welcome to email me and talk to me. I may not always give you the advice you like but I think, sometimes, you need to listen to the truth and be harsh on yourself! There’s certainly something that’s not letting you clear the exams
    1. Maybe your second thoughts?
    2. Maybe you’re not working hard enough?
    Do and clear those exams!

  68. Hi ma’am I had completed my beech in electronics and communication in 2012 tried for govt. Exams but no luck in this time I have been an active volunteer in orphanage to teach children there and some slum kids after 4year gap I decided to go for something different so I went for MBA in event management now when I entered this field I know it is not for me. I want to get a good job but now I have no technical skills no technical knowledge now MBA is going to finish soon n I don’t know in which field to try for job as now my family is not going to support me for any more course as time doesn’t allow they want to get me married but I want to have some carrier before marriage Please show me some path suggest me something regarding right career

    • Megha, When you went for MBA, you should have thought about the field you were going into. And you just said, you haven’t even finished your MBA. How do you know it’s not for you? I suggest you give that job a try. Work hard on it for at least a year and then see if it’s for you or not.
      Often, people just see difficulties ahead of them and declare “it’s not for me”. That’s stupid. Try it, work hard on it, face all the challenges, make it happen and then give yourself permission to think if it’s for you or not.

  69. Hi Manpreet mam, I completed my B.tech in CASE this year only and got placed in Yamaha…But now I’m not able to cop up with projects… I’m not interested in CS I have no clue what to do..There are many thoughts in my mind like Government jobs, MBA,B.Ed, Travel courses what should I do…I’m confused

    • Well, this is a simple case of you running away from difficult things. You may easily quit this and do something else. But then, when you will find difficult things in some other field, you would feel like running away from that too. So, there’s no best option here. There’s no option here.
      It’s just you who needs to work hard and stop looking for options just because this one is difficult at the moment.

  70. Hello mam,
    I have completed my btech in 2016 with electronics and communication branch. As my college was not so reputated so hardly any company came for campus placement , those which came were all bpo and kpo and i was placed in bpo company.
    But I wanted to do a job in core company so i didnot joined the job provided by my college. After my exams I tried a lot to get job in core company but I didnot got job in core company anywhere and 5 months were passed like that only , at last i decided to go for ssc cgl 2017 preparation. But i couldnot cleared that also and now my parents are forcing me for my marriage and to do get a job also as they are saying that i have wasted 1½year. In the mean time while i was preparing for ssc cgl i have forgotten my all techincal concepts due to which it is now almost immposible to do get a job in core also and my parents are not allowing me to do any further preparation for government jobs..
    Please help me what should i do my whole life is ruined neither i can get a private job nor government.

  71. hello ma’am
    i am really confused what do to next…i have done b.sc in chemistry and b.ed now i feel like i am not interested in teaching in my stream i want some non teaching jobs
    my interest is towards designing, creativity , imagination
    Now i am confused to do m.sc, m.ed in my line or i should change it and get masters in some other field.

    • If you don’t feel interested, change your field. Be prepared to face intense challenges while you shift and read well about how tough it is to be a designer or whatever you find interest in. If you think you can do it, go ahead and change the stream.

  72. hi manpreet,
    i have completed my B.E in electronic and communication in 2014. and then i had worked for company as an IT engineer 2.5 year and still now working as a desktop administrator to last 1 year in another company. But in India no more salary provided to employee.
    so i decided to go abroad (Canada or Australia) for study in M.S of computer science.
    can you please tell me my work experience is useful for there and it is right choice for future?

  73. Hello mam-:
    I really confused too… Fr wat to do nxt aftr compltng me B.E EEE… As u told those steps, it s so useful nd i still confused.. So culd u help me by contact me by my mob no – 9750757739 plz clarifie my doughts….. Plz mama my future s n ur hand…. Plz mam, i ll b waiting fr ur cal

  74. Thanks you so much for letting us know about what to after completing betch as many of us really confused what to do after completing engineering weather to go for higher studies or other things. Thanks for this valuable guide.

  75. I have a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering but never had i any interest in PCM earlier (parents forced me to choose PCM instead of Biology then) nor in Mechanical Engineering. My passion after my 12th was Computer Science but due to circumstances i ended up with a a Bachelor Degree in ME. Now i have opportunity to go abroad( Germany) and do PG(MBA) but my mind is still stuck with CS. So is it advisable to do Bachelor Course again or to carry forward with MBA as i have no interest in ME. As it will take four more years and I’m 21 years old.

  76. Sir. I am ECE student of 2015 passout…I prepared for bank exams and couldnt make in final list…now I decide to do some course in embedded and get in some startup.Is it possible to get a job after two and half years gap after education…pls guide I am tensed

  77. Hello mam
    I am deepika.i done my b.tech in electrical in 2017.Now m searching job in my field from last 4-5 months.but not find a suitable one. Because each industry require experienced candidate nd male candidates always prefer for that field.Yes i also got job in companies bt for the posts like CR executive nd sales department bt i want to learn something from my job profile so i can lead a bright future with experience. And then i go to the industry they offer me job profile technical coordinator that was ok for me nd i was just going to join it but there are some security issues nd i refuse to do again.Now m confuse that what should i do? Should i wait for the same thing or u can say wait for suitable job call in my core field? Or i should do a new start in another field?and if yes ? Then what should i do?someone suggest me to do some diploma course in CS & IT sector or something different courses. But i dn’t know about the more courses related to my field or u can say,so i can connect with my field. I know about embedded system,robotics VLSI etc.but m not damn sure that these courses leads to me a good job.please mam help me to decide.

  78. Hello I am Prashanth .I am doing my b.tech 4-2 at present .As I am from Electrical and electronics I can’t clear the technical rounds which are kept in each and every campus drives.
    I am fed up with this .I need to get a job and my family background is not too good .I am thinking that I need to crack a job which is out of my field but my heart is not accepting to go out of my field .So please help me what to do in future .

  79. It is my pleasure that I did No#4-“Go for a short-term course”. Now, it is my inspiration. I am doing a B Tech. Thank you so much for this brilliant writing and keep up the great work like this.

  80. Hey mam.
    I am pursuing btech in cs. This is my last year. And I am a food blogger so I found my interest in food industry. I want to do jobs in food industry. I thought about food inspector but in that i have to done my masters in food technology. I DNT want to study 1-2 yrs more. I need a job in food industry. Can you please tell me what can I do?

  81. Hi Ma’am
    I am currently pursuing my second year B.Tech From Electronics and Communication and i feel like this is not the right field for me.After having realised that i am not the technical person required to be i thought of preparing for CAT.But I am not sure if an MBA degree will keep me happy or not.I have also come to the realisation that i have a keen interest towards fashion and i would love to be a fashion stylist.I am frightened to take this as a career option because we rarely find someone doing that and also I have no clue how to start working for it.

    • Hello Subhashini
      Most of the times, it’s the tough times that are making you think you don’t like it anymore. Be brave. Stick to it. Find out what’s making you want to run away from this situation. Fix it.
      As your interest in fashion goes, start a fashion blog. Start it as a pet project and see where it takes you.

  82. Hai this is athira j completed be electronics and communication 2016 passed out and I had no work experience but I had completed embedded systems course (6 month) now I am looking for an job but still no results what I have to do really so confused and frustrated about this. Can you help me to find an solution?

  83. I completed my graduation btech Ece.. I’m interested in drawing… I want to become an artist what can i do after btech to become an artist

    • Hello, first you need to see if you have any financial limitations.
      If you need to earn money and support yourself or your family, get a regular job and start purusing drawing as a side job. Once you have learnt enough, you can look for options from earning through your art and then switch.
      If not, then you can go for a course in drawing to get started.

  84. Hello ma’am myself sahil. I am pursuing btech in information technology . I am in 2nd year right now. I came to know that I can’t bear interest in programming or stuff like that. I want to join merchant navy.My question is can I apply for a merchant navy after doing btech in IT ? please suggest me some relative ways to join merchant navy.

  85. Hello Manpreet,
    I finished my BE in electronics and telecommunications in 2016. But i was always interested to pursue a career in fashion. After doing jobs for 2 years finally i decided to do an Msc in fashion designing from an institute in Mumbai. But i am taking a loan to pay the fees. This particular institute is not a top notch one but a good one. So i feel scared to take this risk. What should i do .

    • Everybody feels scared. Everything you do involves a certain level of risk. Work hard and try your best to make yourself employable… even before you finish your degree. It’ll be fine. Don’t lose your focus and work the best you can.

  86. Hello Mam I am Sam . I done my btech in cse in 2016. My Interst is not want to go in IT Sector but family forced me to do the Job in IT Line . So , I came into Mohali and search the job . Now , After the 2 years I am having only 7 months experince as a software engineer Trainee not Permanent . The company will fired after 3 or 4 months . In past 2 years i had given 100+ interviews and selected more than 20 companies but they not given me salary well. Some of companies are startup n Mostly companies will fired after 3 or 4 months . My company seniors told me that you r taking so much time and logically u r not strong but U will doing well if u practise more . Now , Mam m having so much pressure. My parents not supported me more after this month.
    After the B.Tech, My Interest is in government job but not tried at all. Many peoples were guided me government job taking 2 or 4 years for cracking the exam . Now I am Fed up .I don’t Know what is the next step . My hometown is jalandhar and now I want to go back into my home and doing some non technical job . Like Bank or bpo . I Thought While doing the job side by side I Will doing the goverenment exam preparation. and second option is stay mohali or searching again job in IT . Mam ,Please Suggest me. I read all the blog of your .

    • Hello Sam
      1. You not getting paid well – are you sure you aren’t expecting too high?
      2. You say you get fired after 3-4 months. That’s bad. No company wants to spend time on an employee who has such a record. So, you need to fix this issue.
      3. As you mentioned what your seniors told you, you definitely need to work harder. Not think if you’re being paid well etc. Your focus should be in being good at the job.
      Your next step? Well, this ‘pressure’ is self inflicted. You can’t complain if you haven’t sharpened your skills to perfection. So, stop looking for alternatives. Get good at what you do, do that job with more focus and work harder. once you have done that, then think of other stuff.
      If you’re running away from this because you’re not good at it, there’s a 99% chance that the next thing you will pick up will make you feel and do the same. Don’t do it.

      • Thankyou Mam for suggesting me but Mam Right now I am Fedup . I don’t want to make future in IT Because Programming is not my Cup of Tea. I just wanted to go back my Home Town and Do some Non -It Job . Altough , Side By Side I Will Preaparing for the Government Exam. So Mam just advice me . Should I Go to my home town Or not??

  87. respected mam,
    i m a btech (ece) 2016 passout from delhi itself. till now i have been selected by 3 companies but couldnt join due to my ill ness as i had brain fever some 2 years back and i still often fall ill and treatment is still going on for that i m under medication and some sort of depression as well.i have became weaker than before .it has been 2 years gap and i dnt knw wht to do ? from my childhood itself i didnt had interest in studies but due to my father i took non medical and then engineering .but now i dnt knw whtto choose as my career but wht i knw is from my childhood itself i wanted to earn name and fame and at the same time i wantd to do something for animals ,underpriveledged etc .ifrom childhood itself i have suffered a lot of trauma due to my family circumstances ,abuses beating and even i trid to commit suicide sometimes ,but now i wana do something grtt .i inspite of being god at studies am confused abt whtto persue in future.though i like designing clothes,jewellery etc for my doll and i have a good voice too i dn knw wht to persue kindly guide me in this regard?

  88. Hi,
    Completed my diploma in EIE branch and now am studying B.Tech 3rd year in IT branch.

    Could you please suggest me in all aspects of my future career?

    Thanks !

  89. Hello ,my name is ritvik
    So my problem is that ,I have completed my 12th exams and I want to do fashion designing and I am really passionate , interested about it .I know it’s tough ,it has lot of competition but I am ready for it because I really love fashion a lot and I want to be a very good top designer but my family members thinks it’s not a good field their is not scope after that .They think after I complete my course I will be a having a small tailor shop .I told them their are many job I can go for after fashion designer their is lot of scope .They think it’s something new I shouldn’t do it and some is think of the 4 people every time they tell those 4 people will not like it and if relatives don’t like it so I shouldn’t do it I mean seriously I am not doing those for 4 people or those relatives I am doing it for myself because I love it and have really serious interest in this field and Willing to give my 100% in this industry.I won’t think of relatives what they feel I am not here to take care of their feelings and do something only they want.i Want to do something I really love and I have found it just they are not understanding my determination ,my passion ,my love for fashion designing.pls suggest me a way to convince them that this field is really good. Because of designers only in the world we are wearing these cloths we wear and buy now.if their was no designer in the world we couldn’t have able to wear these clothes which we all are wearing now.

  90. For your condition I will suggest you to get into a job of your field and side by side you can prepare for government jobs also. For job in your CSE field also you should have knowledge in a specific technology for that you have work hard.You can also get this training online also sitting at your home.

  91. If you’re not interested in engineering anymore, go for what you want to do – fashion designing or makeup. And study that.

  92. Hii mam
    I have completed my graduation (btech) in cse but I’m not interested to work in this field.im not able to set my goal. But I love to do the things differently not as regular job.can u help me out

  93. Hello mam.
    I am in my final year btech(ece). I am really confused about what I should do after my btech. My percentage is below 60 and can not go for placements or do MBA or write GATE because of my percentage. All of them require above 65% Are there anymore options for me?Even if it’s not technical. I wanna a job were percentage is not the main criteria.

    • Hello Ma’m,
      I’m glad for your help to students like me who need guidance,
      ma’m i finished my engineering in electronics and communication and i want to pursue a career in travelling as i love to travel around the world and im unaware of the world in involving myself in travel careers.. i love to be a part of media like fox traveller,tlc,dscovery,nat geo etc .. but i do not know what steps i need to take to achieve my dreams

  94. Hi…I’m a b.tech final year student in EC…
    I don’t want to go forward in that field ….
    I want to make my career in creative field …I just love to do sketching…but I’m totally confused right now because I opt engineering field ..& now I’m totally depressed… What should I do right now?

  95. hello ma’am
    i m in 3 rd year , pursuing my btech degree from ece branch , i started gate prepartion from 2 year , bcoz i think i dnt have other option n ya might be i ll knw about my branch more , bt its going to be 1 year least interest in my subject actually dnt lyk to study bcoz i hardly understand concept ,
    . i m very much frustrated w to do in my life /carrer bcoz i hate coding , my logic for coding all that stuff r worst .. i cnt do job 9/9 from my campus placmnt …
    .i m very much interested in “fashion designing” n” travel n tourism” , i also tried for this in 12 th class bt my parents dnt allowed me ,bcoz their is no stability n its not good career option . please help me i dnt know w to do …..hope u understand me , i m most confusing personality type 🙁


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