Social Media Marketing is something I do out of passion and need. I love marketing and of course, I need a source to earn my daily bread. Though, a more precise term for what I do to make a living would be Inbound Marketing, still I think Social Media Marketing is a term relatively easy to understand and use.

Almost everyone who has this conversation with me gets fascinated by how I manage to earn a good sum of money with this easy and simple work at home. I wish it were true. I would be sleeping on a bed of dollar notes. But it isn’t. Inbound marketing or social media marketing requires a lot of time, hard work and knowledge.

You need to approach in a technical manner; you need to learn and analyze and then use different tools to get the task done. While I spent one year of my career thinking I don’t need such tools to work, as my job grew, I understood their importance.

Today, I am going to share five of my most used and favorite social media marketing tools.

1. Hootsuite: When I started working with this tool, its user interface was unbearable. It took me days to understand how it worked but lucky for you or anyone who wants to use this now, Hootsuite has a very friendly and attractive user interface that allows you to work very well.

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Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools and here are some reasons why. You can not only schedule social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. but also analyze the performance of the posts. You can set the timings according to your choice or put the posts on the auto schedule.

I love auto schedule option for it has worked very well for all my accounts. You can also check your posts, homepage, recent mentions and reply to comments or retweet through the hootsuite itself. It makes very easy to monitor all your profiles. And saves a lot of time.

2. Buffer: Now, buffer almost does the same what hootsuite does. But most of the social media marketers use both of these tools. Do you know the reason why?

There is one feature of buffer which is very amazing and useful. When you schedule posts through buffer, it shows you the top posts in analytics section and allows you to reschedule them. This is especially important for use while working on twitter. I use buffer only to schedule extra posts for twitter and love it.

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3. Just Unfollow: I won’t advice you to use this on your personal profiles but for business profiles this is a must. Just Unfollow is used to unfollow inactive people and people who don’t follow you back. You can also search accounts for a particular keyword and follow those people.

The reason why I love this is because when you do twitter marketing for brands, a large part of it is to connect with people relevant for your brand. You follow them and try to interact with them. But what if that doesn’t work out?

You can’t just sit back and let them take place in your precious following list. You have to remove them and Just Unfollow makes it easy to do that.

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4. Basecamp: This is not exactly a social media management tool but is a project management tool. When a lot of people are working on the same project, it is important that the relevant information is available to each of the member. All the time.

Basecamp is again very easy to use. You can have discussions, upload files, created text documents and assign tasks through this tool. I have a habit of forgetting passwords and when you have to do inbound marketing for a number of businesses, it can get quite cumbersome to remember everything. It doesn’t happen to me now for I use basecamp.

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5. Evernote: I have been using this since a long time, even when I wasn’t into social media marketing or inbound marketing. I used to use this to keep track of my thoughts, things to do and even passwords (It’s a secret). I loved how it could synchronize with all my gadgets and make everything easily accessible.

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Evernote really saved my life in college. And it is still helping me out. I even mentioned this in my must have apps a year ago.  Love this a lot.

These are the five social media marketing tools I love. This isn’t a sponsored post. When I re-read what I wrote, I found myself compelled to clear this out. These are the tools which have made my life easier and I just wanted to share it in hope of helping you out. Hope you liked the post.

Let me know what tools are you using for managing social media.

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