Why google+ is important for internet marketing
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With over 1 billion Google+ enabled users and 300 million monthly active users, Google+ is marching on the way to become the king of social networks. It is giving a tough competition to Facebook which has 1.15 billion registered users and is expected to cross this number very soon.

After Facebook made changes to its algorithms, it became almost impossible for brands and online marketers to share their content with users for Facebook won’t allow that to happen unless it is getting paid. It is a huge statement but that’s how it is. Every internet marketer has realized this by now and that’s why everyone is looking for an alternative.

But tell me, do you really need an ‘alternative’ when you have a better solution? There is one platform that is going to give you better success than Facebook ever did. And that platform is Google+. I am totally in love with Google+ and probably that’s the reason why I have taken up the challenge to bring 10,000 organic likes to the Google+ Page of Brijraj Fashion Pvt. Ltd. within this year itself.

But why do I love Google+ so much? Read these 5 reasons why one should prefer Google+ for internet marketing and you would get the answer.

1. Get Google Search Engine Love: Google+ is a Google product so obviously, it is a favorite of Google Search Engine and probably that is the reason why the content shared through your Google+ Business page is indexed faster in Google and also finds itself on a better rank.

Though, Google Authorship is no more (sad for I loved watching my picture along with my articles in search results), the link between SEO and Google+ still exists. Follow this post on Social Media Examiner to track the analytics for your Google+ posts and find out the truth.

search engine love through google+
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2. Get More Referral Traffic: In 2012, Google+ accounted for 22% referral traffic to the sites and that was the time when Google+ had few million users. Now that Google+ has crossed the mark of 1 Billion, you can imagine what kind of referral traffic you can get from Google+.

According to this 2011 report, Google+ is bringing more quantity of quality traffic to the site’s blog and now in 2014, I can verify the same for my own blogs. And the fact that this report mentions that the Google+ users are more interactive than users of any other social media is really true.

3. Facebook Sucks: Just because large number of your target audience hangs out on this platform doesn’t mean you need to pay a large sum of money to interact with them. All Facebook did by changing is algorithms is to force the brands and internet marketers to start using paid campaigns to reach their audience. Your content, your efforts and your brand has no meaning, until you give them what they want – MONEY. I don’t find any reason why one should still stick to Facebook even when all the target audience is already on its way to Google+.

why fb sucks and google+ rocks
Source: whytheysuck.net

4. High Success Rate: Your success rate depends upon the type of audience you’re looking for. If your target audience is male, go for Google+ for 63% of active Google+ users are male. Also, college students and software developers are the biggest user groups on Google+. But this is not the reason why success rate is higher on Google+.

Use of hashtags, Google+ embedded posts and YouTube helps you reach your target audience in an easy way. Also, Google Hangouts is one platform which is being used by many bloggers to reach higher set of audience and have a greater impact.

5. Google owns it: what else did you expect? All that you needed, search engine love, quality traffic, easy reach to your target audience, high conversions and engagement – you are getting all of it that too in an easy way that doesn’t tends to empty your pockets. But still, if you’re looking for one more reason to start building your Google+ strategy and working on it, this is it – Google owns Google+. And your blog is highly dependent on Google. So, if you are in good books of Google, people would love you.

Internet is changing its trends at a very fast rate. One of the most popular social networks, Orkut doesn’t exist anymore. One ‘stupid idea’ to limit posts to 140 characters is now loved by 232 million people (twitter). Once a beginner in social media, Google+ is now one of the mostfastest growing social platforms.

What do you think about Google+? What kind of strategy are you planning for Google+? Any tips?

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  1. you are right Google+ is a great platform for the Internet marketing . i have one question regarding to the Google+ as Google+ has a very high PR so i am trying to create a back-link from Google and tried each and every method but stil i am not able to create back-link from Google+, Do you have any any how to create it

    • Hello Neha, It is a very big challenge that you have taken and I wish you good luck. But make sure you don’t opt for any black hat ways to get the backlink. Only way I know of getting a backlink from Google+ is get your page into the recommended pages of Google+

  2. For online publishers & entrepreneurs (Online + Offline) – Google+ should be the platform of choice for social networking as well as getting more serious and qualified leads than Facebook.

    Good article.

  3. Hi Manpreet,
    Google+ is one of the most important platform that we should not ignore. This platform help us in various ways to get huge traffic and leads.
    Thanks for the nice sharing. 🙂

  4. Hi manpreet,

    Google+ definitely is one of the most underrated platform of social sharing with over 500 million users. Maybe one reason why internet marketeers ignore it is because of its conceptual unfamiliarity. If made use of properly, it can be a great tool for marketing. It can potentially provide a lot of targeted traffic.

    • I agree, Navneet. Many people just don’t get how to use it and so they assume other people also won’t like using it, which is obviously wrong. Google+ is a great tool for marketing as you said and people would realize that soon.


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