With the changing season, dog lovers face a queer and gross problem – dog ticks. No matter how much you try to keep your dog away from grass, strays and possibly infected places, those filthy parasites manage to jump on your dog’s body.

The first thing a dog owner does when he sees tick is to remove it and carry on with his business. That’s a blunder. Spotting one tick means you should start your defence procedure against hundreds of them.

Unfortunately, dog owners don’t think that’s important enough, not in the initial stages. If you’re that kind of dog owner, I dare you to read this until the end. This will make you more responsible towards your health and pet and take quick action instead of lazing around and waiting for more ticks.

  1. Chances of heavy infestation 

heavy tick infestation

One female tick can produce multiple offspring in a short span of time. There are hundreds of species of ticks which reproduce differently but on an average, a female tick can produce up to 3000 eggs. Imagine these ticks multiplying by reproduction amongst themselves and also that they can live for years by staying dormant during winters! Within days, your house can be full of ticks crawling on your carpets, floor, furniture, pet and even your body! So, when you see one tick on your dog, understand that there is a hundred more coming no matter what you do.

  1. Diseases of humans

Ticks are small spider-like parasites that feed on your dog’s blood. And they don’t mind tasting human blood. That’s the reason tick bites is something you can face. Tick bites can cause anything from flu-like symptoms to a severe infection. You might need to get a tetanus shot or go on a lot of medication to get back to health.

There are some tick-borne diseases which are specific to the areas you live in. So, if you think it’s just a problem with your dog, think again! Anyone in your house with a weak immune system can get seriously sick due to the dog ticks. Beware! Read more about this here.

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene issues

dog tick fed for 7 days

Such parasites carry some diseases. And I am not saying that because I just saw an episode of House where a woman caught plague because of dog ticks. It’s the truth. Ticks can be deadly. They can spread diseases.

If you still think that’s highly unlikely, think about how it feels when you see ticks all around your house. It looks unhygienic, especially when there’s a visitor in your house and he’s the one who spots a tick moving around your living room.

  1. Dogs eat less

Are you thinking why your dog is eating less than usual? The moment the spring announces its arrival, all dog owners face this. I have two dogs, and both are facing the same issue. Instead of buying that Pedigree Chicken Liver Gravy to make your dog’s food more interesting, try treating him for tick infestation. You will see the difference.

Isn’t it simple to understand? Would you feel like eating if there are tens of parasites sucking your blood all day long? Do consider that a lot of them stay unnoticed for days.

  1. Cause discomfort to your dog

why dog ticks are serious

Obvious. Isn’t it? Your dog feels the itch and feels lousy all day long. It doesn’t feel like eating or sometimes even playing. Add to it the fact that these ticks can be deadly to your dog. Yes! I never thought it was that serious, but a simple Google search about the affect of ticks on your dog would prove it otherwise.

What’s the solution? Act quickly. Spot-on treatment, oral treatment, tick repelling shampoos must be in stock when the spring sets in. You should also try to limit your dog’s access to lawn or just make sure you mow the lawn properly before you let your dog play with it. Wash your dog’s feet with Dettol every time it comes back from a walk. Yeah! That’s something I stated for hygienic purposes, not because it is a way to fight the ticks.

Be careful. You know you love your dog. Be responsible for it. Pay attention to its problems as it can’t just shout at you and tell you that ticks make it uncomfortable.

I hope this was enough to raise an alarm and make you more careful about ticks and health risks caused by them for you and your dog. Share it if you think it was!

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