While I was navigating around one of my most favourite blogging communities, I found the latest topic of discussion which was about Questions For God (#QuestionsForGod). This is the hashtag we’re supposed to use to share our opinions. Today, I am going to share my questions for God.

questions for god
Source: Facebook.com/PareshRaman93
  1. Why did you let some people present themselves as ‘God’? Obviously, by God, we mean the one who created the universe. Why do you let people believe that there were multiple ‘gods’ who created it? If there are really multiple gods, then who’s the person who supervises them? And isn’t that supervisor supposed to be the real God?
  2. It is said that one always has to deal with the deeds he does. But then why some really cruel people get away with everything they did without much misery? Why corrupt and cruel are ruling the world and why kinder people are constantly being pushed to be cruel?
  3. Why did you create a difference between humans and animals? Why couldn’t you put some sense into human beings and wire their brains so as to treat everyone equally?
  4. What do you really want us to do? Live our life, work hard and strive for good or spend hours worshipping you so as to please you. What?
  5. Why can’t you make everyone feel your presence? Why you have to be invisible? Why can’t we know you and see the real you? Of course, that would put many humans (godmen) out of business but still, why can’t you do that?

Well, I had more questions but I think God would be too busy to answer so many of them. Right? So, this are my questions for God. Comment down below if you also have some Questions For God

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  1. And God said,
    1. There is no real God but you. And he and she. Provided you all want to be gods.
    2. People refuse to use their brains. They are so much attached to the lesser organs in their body.
    3. Where there are preys there are predators. Or vice-versa.
    4. O, my god! What will I do with the worship of silly creatures?!
    5. I’m your creation, dear. How I can be more powerful than you?!
    6. 🙂

  2. I have those questions for God too. But I worry most for the innocent. The children who are not really aware of what evil is but are always the victims.

    Great post!

    • Hey Dark Knight, would have loved if you had used your real name over here but still, thanks for stopping by and I am glad you liked this post. I usually don’t do such posts here but thanks to the amazing response from you guys, I think I should do this more… just pour out my mind on a particular topic.


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