Do you like to read books? Do you like to read books by Indian authors? They help you relish the ‘desi’ culture and you can find things in the books that you can relate to. Not all the books are good but some books do turn out to be very awesome.

I recently got some new books by Indian authors and shared the books on my youtube video. These are mostly newly published books and have been handpicked by me to read and review for you guys. Here are the books I got:

1. The Curse of Surya By Dev Prasad 

The book is set around cities like Agra, Mathura and Dwarika which have a lot of historical and mythological significance in India and has been written by an award winning writer – Dev Prasad. Two innocent people are accused of being masterminds behind a terrorist attack in the renowned temple of Mathura.

There is a mysterious jewel which is being sort after by many international organizations and the duo has to find that jewel, which has been lost since thousands of years, to prove their innocence.

If  you’re a National treasure fan or you like treasure hunt novels, this book is an awesome pick.

the curse of surya by dev prasad book cover

2. The Arithmetic of Breasts & Short Stories by Rochelle Potkar

This collection of short stories describes the romantic sexual fantasies of the characters in the story. The book has been written in a very well manner and would be enjoyed by everyone who likes short stories.

If you like to read stories that are written in a fine manner while carefully refining the reader’s experience, this book is definitely a must.

book review The Arithmetic of Breasts

3. And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid 

And We Remained is an experiment where the author has played with the way how the story has been narrated. The story is about five friends who narrate the stories of their life and is in different time periods.

The thing which attracted me the most to the book is of course the narration of the book and also the cover of the book is really interesting.

4. Roll of the Dice by Anand Neelakantan

Anand Neelakantan has carefully carved his niche by writing books from the perspectives of the famous villains of the history. Roll of the Dice is the first part of the Ajaya series in which he has retold Mahabharata from perspectives of the Kauravas.

If you like to challenge your thoughts, this book can be the one. I haven’t read it yet so I don’t really know how the book is but theme is good.

roll of the dice

5. The Rise of Kali by Anand Neelakantan

This book has just been released and it is the second part in the Ajaya series. That’s all I know about it while I am waiting to start reading the first book.

These are books by Indian authors that I recently got. Three of them are recent releases while two of them are backed with peculiar and intriguing themes. Let me know which one you found the most interesting and also if you can suggest some more books by Indian Authors.

rise of kali by anand neelakantan
rise of kali – the second book in the epic of kaurava clan series
Image provided by author

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