In my latest YouTube video about people you should avoid, I talked about the superstitious kind of people who are always telling you to “be careful” and follow some “essential” rules. Those made me wonder how some superstitions in India are totally ridiculous and irritating. And I thought let’s share some of those with you.

5 Most Ridiculous Superstitions in India
Here are the 5 Most Ridiculous Superstitions in India:
1. Women are untouchable: Seriously? Yes. When women are going through periods, they’re treated as nothing less than an ‘untouchable’. They are barred from entering the kitchen, touching sacks full of rice and even worship God. I have been lucky for my mother hated these superstitions as much as I did. But not every woman in the country is that lucky!
2. The cook theory: I haven’t witnessed such a tradition in my life but I read this on Quora. In South India, it is believed that when a baby plays with its own poop that signifies that he/she would become a great cook. Now, instead of trying to figure out your dreams and passion, go ask your parents if you ever ate your poop or not. 😛

3. Personal Grooming is a sin: You cannot cut your nails on Thursdays and Tuesdays. You cannot cut your nails inside the house as that will bring bad luck to family. You cannot get a haircut on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Also, cutting nails, stitching clothes, shaving, using a broom are all forbidden after sun set.

4. Be Careful if You’re pregnant: Pregnancy is a crucial time and one must take extra care then but did you know clicking the photo of a pregnant woman can harm the baby? They say that flash can cause defects in a baby and yeah! Asking for scientific explanation for this is again a sin.

5. Racism against animals: Black cats, no matter how beautiful and poised they look, are hated in India. It is said the black cats are more effective in stopping the traffic instead of red lights in India. Seriously! They have been associated with witches and that’s why are considered a bad luck. And this is why I was never allowed to keep a cat in my house because it turns out one black cat brought down the whole species.

Yeah! I tried to refrain myself to comment on such superstitions in India. Yes, I am trying not to be cruel for a day. Hhahahah…

Hope you enjoyed reading this short and sweet post 😛 If you’re from India, you would have a list of superstitions in India. Feel free to comment down below with that list. 😉

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