Hey everyone, I just added a new video to my personal youtube channel which is about 5 kinds of people you should avoid. Here’s the video. I have also added the Transcript of the video below in case you are the ‘reader kind’  <3

people you should avoid
stay calm!

Hey friends, welcome back to my youtube channel and today’s video is about 5 kinds of people you should avoid. Not all the people you surround yourself with are good enough. Some are just bunch of jerks that degrade the quality of your life. You should keep these kinds of people as far as possible from yourself.

But! the problem arises when you fail to recognize such people. Let me help you out!

No. 1   People who try to fill you with negative thoughts

They have done a doctorate on how to make you feel negative or small. Whenever you try to do something new or out of the box, they come up with a rationalizing approach that works like a black spell on you. You just end up dropping the whole thing or feeling so low that you eat up 10 packets of kurkure in one go. So, if you’re overeating, they’re the reason.

No. 2   Superstitious kind

They would give you big lectures when you wash your clothes on Tuesday or Thursday.

Side: Hey, you know what? I am not a millionaire with a huge closet. I have a couple of clothes and most of the times they’re dirty. They need a wash.

This doesn’t end here. Indians have a long list of superstitions which are totally rubbish and a superstitious kind of person would either make you follow these stupid things or leave you feeling irritated. Better stay away from them!

No. 3 Too sweet to handle kind

They have a master’s degree in flattery. Of course, most of the times they would boost your ego and make you feel at the top of the world. But soon you would start getting carried away by such thoughts of self appreciation and this would lead to a number of flaws in your personality and problems in your work as well as personal life. You must prefer to surround yourself with honest and straight forward people. Leave the flatterers for the fools.

No. 4 The Gossip Guy/Girl Kind

Each one of us has a friend who has news about every other known person’s personal life. And guess what! That friend won’t have a problem while discussing someone else’s personal life with you. But you must understand that vice versa would also be true. They’re probably discussing your personal life secrets with someone else or maybe with everyone else you know. So, are your secrets really secrets?

No. 5 The bankrupt kind

They are always the first ones to suggest chill out plans. Hey let’s go to that new restaurant. Hey let’s go to watch the newly released movie and many more… they’re always planning something and taking you along with them. But! When it comes to paying the bills, they either forget their wallet or are short of money. Unless you’re a millionaire and don’t mind spending money on friends for no reason, you must stay away from this kind.

These were the 5 kinds you should stay away from. Well, it is completely your choice in the end. You can either decide to waste your life on useless people or fill it up with awesome people and awesome memories.

In case you choose the latter, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. Also, do tell me if you think I missed any kind in the comments down below.

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