Considering that most of the readers on the blog are women, I shouldn’t be posting this – 5 irritating things girls do. But come on! even all girls know that they do it and wish that they hadn’t done that. Looking forward to read the post? Sorry, you can’t. Because it is a video. Watch it here:

Though it has been a few days since I posted this video on my personal youtube channel, I couldn’t share it on Finix Post. Yes, the procrastination kick happened. I have overcome procrastination quite a lot but still, sometimes I decide not to work on it and that’s when such a thing happens.

But I do believe this video is fun, at least funnier than other videos created by me. I suck at humor but there is no harm in trying. Right?

I hope you enjoy watching 5 irritating things girls do and tell me about your views regarding the same. I would be happy to know about your feedback

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