Happy relationships are rare. For a few months you are the hottest love birds and then it all just fades away. It feels like love has just left both of you. Such things are really sad and I am sure none of you would want to leave your loved ones. And that’s why it is important to try to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

A Happy Relationship

Before that, you would be wondering why am I talking of this today. Well, I had this sad page “It really hurts when someone ignores you and you can’t” since years and suddenly it started getting likes. Hundreds of likes.  That was a sign of how many people are going through the sad heartbroken state and it hurts. But there is a way out! You can actually maintain a happy relationship that would last till the end. How?  Read on to know more!

In this post, I am going to list 5 thing or ingredients that would help you build and maintain a happy relationship. All you need to do is keep these in mind and incorporate these in your daily life. It would be great if you can ask your partner to read this as well. That would lead to a perfect recipe for a perfect life. So, here’s what you need for a happy relationship.

  1. Communication: Most of the breakups happen because of lack of communication. Some people break up just because they don’t get enough to time to talk to each other. Make sure such a thing never happens in your relationship. Communication is the key to strong and happy relationship and you must keep it there. All the time.
  2. Understanding: Sometimes you just don’t feel good enough to talk. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going on a date in a fancy restaurant. At such times, your must understand that it is just a bad state of mind that will pass. This applies to you as well. Don’t panic if you girl don’t want to go on a vacation with you. Maybe she is just too busy with her work schedule to get out. Don’t panic if you guy doesn’t make you meet his friends. Maybe he just doesn’t find his friends’ company good for you. Understand such small things about your partner.
  3. Appreciation: I used to think that only self obsessed people like me long for appreciation. But the truth is everyone wants it. You do. I do and your partner certainly does want to her some words of praise from you. I find no reason why you cannot appreciate your partner. If you can criticize, you can appreciate as well. Just do that more often.
  4. Honesty: Lies are the worst thing you can bring in your relationship. Did you do something really wrong and you are afraid your partner would get mad over it? Well, he/she will be madder if you hide it. It is better if you just confront and let the bad moments pass. If you fear confrontation now, you are planting seeds for a huge disaster. Be honest.
  5. Respect: This is a trait common to all human beings. They want to be respected. So does your soul mate. Loving a person isn’t enough. Because that is just one part of his/her life. There is a more important part that you need to conquer. You need to let your partner feel that he/she is important in your life and you respect his/her decisions. You need make him/her feel respected.

Just five things and you can have a happy relationship that everyone fancies for. All you need to do is keep these points in mind, share these with your partner, discuss and practice these. And if you find this helpful, do me a favour and share this with your social media circle. Thanks in advance!


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