Friends are equal to happiness. They possess lot of importance in our life and we spend most of our time with them. But are all friends good enough? Do all your friends really deserve to be your friends? Are they your ‘real’ friends?


Company has a great impact on our life. If your company is good, your life would be filled with happiness and memorable moments but if you make a wrong move in choosing your friends, you are bound to live a life full of tensions and unhappy moments. You would be backstabbed and hurt.

That’s why it is important to choose your friends wisely. And there are few kinds of people you should definitely avoid.

1.Those Who Don’t encourage you

If your best friends never encourage you or believe in you, it is time to bid farewell. You should be surrounded with positive people who encourage you to believe in yourself and keep trying until you succeed. They should be wise enough to build your self esteem and at the same time, they should watch every step you take and try to save you from any harm.

2.Those Who Don’t recognize your efforts

Did you ever do a great favor for your friend but see that he never recognized what you did for him? Such people are very common these days but they should certainly not be the ‘common ones’ in your friend list. Keep yourself at a distance from such self centered people.

3.Those Who Leave you alone when you need them

Sometimes you feel so low that all you need is to stay alone and be with your own self. In such a case, you repel people but that doesn’t mean your friends really need to leave you alone. Giving you some alone time is what you asked for. You never asked them to leave you until you solve all your issues all by yourself.

friends-you-must-have5 kinds of friends you must have in your life

4.Those Who Are Not transparent to you

Is your friend hiding some things from you? Maybe it is something that he doesn’t want to share with you. But if this starts happening every now and then, it is time to look for a change. Go out and make some real friends. You really don’t need to welcome backstabbers in your life.

5.Those Who are Extra sweet

If you are girl, you would have found yourself in a situation like this. Some girls around you are too sweet and good. It seems like they are angels who have accidentally come on earth. But that rarely happens. Extra sweetness equals flattery which is never a sign of a good friend.

Do you have such people in your life? They are the real reasons for your unhappiness and less success. Try to make a distance from them. Be happy.

I did the same in my life and I can see a lot of improvement in me, my behavior, my personality and my life. In fact, I am here talking to you because of that decision of getting rid of friends who don’t really deserve to be called friends. Remember, life is too short to be unhappy. Stay happy all the time. Choose the people you have in your life wisely.

Tell me what you think about this? This post comes from my personal experience and I want to know what you think about this.

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    • Then you are really lucky. I have actually dealt with such friends and I know how painful it is. Good to know that you’re lucky enough not to get such friends 🙂

        • Oh! Well Then I would liked to know one thing from you..
          See.. if I have had such friends and what I feel now is that they actually taught me great life lessons. I am a different and better person because of such painful moments.
          As you said you have been through a same process.. I want to ask if you feel the same?

          • Yes true I really feel d same… After handling dis pain i can easily handle all kind of big problems. Now i damm shit care about anything .I give my 100% to others and dont expect anything from them .. which make me a happy person …Now i feel that i am person with more experience ,more energy , more confidence and more positivity.


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