Summer is here and so, are those tight shorts that barely hide anything. I mean, those always make me cringe. Why do you have to wear something so tight that your body parts are literally bulging out?

Sadly, it’s not the only cringeworthy thing you see in summer. You see a lot and then, if you’re a fashion blogger, you learn. Here’s what I have learned.

1.Black Black Black… an overdose of black

Black Black Black… an overdose of black

Okay, for people like me, black still remains our go-to color of the season. It’s fine. I wear black twelve months of the year. Problem happens when you walk outside with an insanely heavy black gown laden with embroidery and embellishments… for what? A shopping trip in the mall? Trust me ladies and gentlemen! I have seen that happen.

Side note: Red lipstick with a little black dress looks hot. Red lipstick with a wedding wear black Anarkali looks scary.

2. Tight Tight… Too Tight

Tight Tight… Too Tight

I mean, I had to mention it again, in case you missed it. Summer is all about free-flowing comfortable clothes. Yes, I understand that you want to wear those shorts but please wear the right size. If you know you have put on weight and the thing doesn’t fit you properly anymore, hit the gym or buy a new one. Please don’t torture yourself and others by not accepting what’s your actual size is.

3. Makeup and sweaty you!

Makeup and sweaty you!

While I am still making up my mind to go and ask my gym buddy about what eyeliner she wears that doesn’t smudge even after all the cardio and weightlifting, I want you to be very careful with your makeup choices.

Invest in makeup that is sweat proof and water proof. You don’t want your blush to come rolling down your cheeks. You don’t want your mascara to offer you a role in a scary movie. You don’t want your face powder to make you a cake, certainly a bad tasting one.

You want your makeup to make you look better. Let it do that by going for summer proof products.

4. Burn With No Sunscreen

Burn With No Sunscreen

NO. Please don’t. Sunscreen is important. Also, picking up a good sunscreen is even more important. Sunscreen isn’t makeup. Make it clear to you.

While I see women who love makeup, I also see women who refuse to put on a sunscreen for they go with the no-makeup motto. You couldn’t do more damage to yourself.

If you don’t use a sunscreen, your skin ages much faster, it wrinkles more, there are more fine lines on it and you may get a severe sun burn – it’s painful, if you didn’t know. Use a sunscreen. Repeat with me. Use a sunscreen.

5. Killing the Comfort?

Killing the Comfort?

Lastly, we may see a lot of new trends this summer. From the even more ripped jeans (how far can we go?) to the backless blouses which offer no protection from the heat, you’ll see all. But hey! You don’t have to pick them all. Go for the comfortable ones. The ones that are wearable in summer. Okay?

Keep these five tips in mind and you will have an awesome and very fashionable summer. Good luck.

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