What’s the best way to pass your time when you’re all alone and don’t feel like working? Watch an American T.V. show. They’re all so good because of their unique concepts and awesome star cast. I keep on looking around for new shows that get added to the list of ‘must watch T.V. shows’ and Prison Break happened to be one of them.

prison break
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Prison Break is a story of two brothers – Michael and Lincoln. Lincoln has been sentenced to death and Michael is there to save him and thus, Prison Break happens. I think you already know everything about the T.V. series. In this post, we’re going to discuss the 5 best characters from this amazing show.

Here are 5 characters I loved from Prison Break. Once you read these, let me know which characters you loved!

5. Paul Kellerman: Of course, each one of us hated this guy since the beginning of season 1. He seemed to be the root of all troubles. He was doing all the wrong things and we really didn’t care whether he was doing it because of someone or not. But by the time of his death, you will make a connection with this guy. He was in love with the Vice President and that made him do whatever he could to make his girl happy. Alas! He meets a bad end – death with unfulfilled desires (maybe).

4. T. Bag: He could be the most hated guy from the show but I seriously felt sympathetic to him. He was an extremely bad guy but since the time he got out of prison, he was just trying to be with the woman he loved. Unfortunately, the woman was too scared to be with him. Once he started pretending as Cole Pfeiffer, he had wanted to live like a normal man but circumstances kept pushing him to what he did.

tbag prison break
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3. Fernando Sucre: Well, the whole star cast is crazy about women. LOL I found Maricruz quite cute and she was lucky to have a guy like Sucre. He broke out of prison just to be with Maricruz. Also, he was one of the most loyal friends Michael found in Fox River. He was there with him till the end, almost.

2. Alex Mahone: Oh! Since the moment he entered the show, I had a soft corner in my heart for this guy. Just because of one mistake, he found himself miles away from his family. He becomes a puppet of the Company until they go to Sila. Since then, he stays with Michael.

1. Michael Scofield: The brain of the whole show, this intelligent and handsome guy would become the hero for every girl who watches the show. The story revolves around this guy and of course, you love the lead character of the show more than anyone else. I do.

So, these were characters I love from Prison Break. Don’t forget to tell me which one did you love!

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