Book Lovers are one of my most favourite people in the world and they’re seriously adorable. Now, what do true book lovers do when they want to start a business? They look for business ideas for book lovers. Don’t they?

But are there some good enough business ideas for book lovers that would really work and help them grow? Yes, there are. A few days back, a friend of mine insisted on discussing about such business ideas but due to my office hours, I wasn’t able to finish that conversation. But I certainly did have some really good business ideas in mind. They’re good because they’re cool and not saturated (at least not in India).

So, here are 5 business ideas for book lovers that I think should be considered if a booklover wants to start a business.

  1. Book subscription box

indian book box - story trunk

Subscription box services are now getting very popular, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Come on! Who won’t like the idea of getting a surprise box each month with some high quality goodies at rock bottom prices? This is exactly what subscription boxes provide to the customers. They consist of curated products of a specific niche.

About book subscription box, currently there are a few services like OwlCrate, Bookbox etc which are being loved by book lovers. These are majorly popular in United States. OwlCrate is popular in Australia. In India, there are a few businesses in their native stages like The Big Book Box, Books And Beyond, Stroy Trunk etc.

But even these are not completely true to the idea of book subscription box. They’re boxes priced high and aren’t as lucrative as boxes in foreign countries are. They’re good but have a big question mark besides them when the value for money is concerned. So, you have a big void to fill.

Don’t doubt about the prospective customer base. India is the second largest country in the world with English speaking audience and book publishing business in India is thriving. That can happen only if people are reading loads of books in the country and if in a country, such a population exists, a book subscription box service is going to sell like hot cakes.

(If you do plan to start a service like this, keep me in the loop. I so want to be a part of such a business 😉 )

2. Brick & Mortar book store

Bookshelf Tour 2015

Barnes & Noble, Half price book store, Crossword book store… oh there are many book stores but these big giants seldom tap the smaller cities. I am not asking you to open bookstores in small towns but pick up some medium sized cities and start a bookstore. One thing that most of the book stores miss is adopting aggressive marketing campaigns. Marketing is important for any business. Do it.

Why not an online bookstore? First of all, there are too many of them. The market is too saturated and there is a specific set of audience that would prefer to visit a physical bookstore instead of an online one. My post on the importance and scope of offline businesses can help you get a clearer picture on why I insist on setting up a brick and mortar store.

3. Book Café

Restaurant business is one of the most profitable businesses till date.

Imagine! There’s a restaurant with soothing interiors and a huge library, serves all the delicious beverages you can think of along with some tasty snacks and has cozy seating arrangement where you can sit in peace and read! Won’t you love such a place?

Such a place is often a dream destination of book lovers and I think this one of the best business ideas for book lovers. You can actually help people live their dreams!

4. Book goodies manufacturing business

Since yesterday, I have been shopping for Harry Potter necklaces and bracelets. No one is too old to buy Harry Potter goodies! Do you know what a huge business is being done because of the Game of Thrones merchandise? And who can forget the Fault in our Stars?

This manufacturing business can earn you a huge profit.  People are crazy about book goodies, especially after the movies based on those books come out. And this is happening very often.

It is a huge business opportunity for a person who wants to get into manufacturing business but wants something unusual and cool that could target a specific set of audience/fanatics!

5. Booktube

business ideas for book lovers by indian booktuber

If you’re looking for an easy to setup side business, try starting a booktube channel. Youtube is a great source of income these days and booktube is the book specific part of youtube and it is getting quite a lot of attention of publishers, self-published authors and even movies.

Come on! Haven’t you seen famous booktubers interviewing star casts of maze runner and so on? There is a huge scope in starting a booktube channel. But you will require lots of hardwork.

And I also happen to be The Indian Booktuber who was one of the first people to implement her own business idea for book lovers and start a BookTube channel focus on Indian writing. I started when everybody thought it was a waste of time. Well, investments were high and I am still not in profit when it comes to my Booktube Channel but I am sure the day I turn this into a profitable business is very near. Moreover, if you’re not as specific as I am, you don’t need to splurge on the setup and you can start this with much lesser investment than I did. It will help you turn profitable much sooner.

So, these are 5 business ideas for book lovers which I think should definitely be considered while thinking of starting a new business. What do you think about these?

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