“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

The man who never reads lives only once.”

Reading for me is like feeding my soul. There is nothing better than having a good book in one hand and a cup of coffee in other while my eyes are constantly filtering the words on those soulless pages.

Reading is an unimaginable part of my life and so does for millions of other people. For the people who don’t read, I have nothing but remorse.  If you are lucky enough to be literate, you should be wise enough to understand the importance of reading books.

Those big bulky novels aren’t just stories of some non existing people written by a stranger, but those are the doors for you to travel to some other world. Humans are still trying to build a time machine but those who read books know that they can buy a ‘time machine’ any time by paying a few bucks.

Well, if I had to convince you to read books, I won’t. I would just ask you to use the ‘Google baba’ and search why should you read books. Once you do that, I know you will come back here to find out where you should start from.

For the people who are already the lucky and wise ones, I know it gets difficult when you have to choose from hundreds of books available in the market. Moreover, you cannot judge a book just by the cover page (and you shouldn’t). How are you supposed to pick up one book from the lot?

What you need is to know to make a correct choice is whether the book is of your type or not. Whether the book you’ve picked suits your taste and requirement!

I spend a lot of time in deciding whether I want to read a particular book or not and sometimes I end up regretting my decision for picking up a particular book like I did when I read Sita’s Curse. But I don’t want that to happen with you. I don’t want you to pick up a wrong book and then end up wasting your time and regretting your decision of reading books, especially if you’re a ‘first time reader’.

This is the reason why I have come up with this post where I am going to list 5 books that you should consider to read this vacation. I urge you to choose at least one and read it, in case you cannot manage to read all of them.

sitas curse review

1. You Can Win by Shiv Khera:  Who amongst us doesn’t want to be successful? Who doesn’t want to win? But sometimes nothing goes the right way and you feel too exhausted and too weak to keep going.

At such a time, what you need is a source of inspiration. You need someone to tell you that you can do it and show you a way to do it. Even if you’re not going through a tough time, even if everything is going just like you have wanted, this book can improve your success rate.

The book was suggested to me by one of my favorite teachers at school and there can’t be a better motivational book than this. At least I haven’t come across it since six years.

2. Love @ Air Force by Gaurav Sharma: If you really don’t want to pick up a book like You Can Win, then you should think about this one. It’s a very well written story about three friends and their lives.

Sushil Awasthi is a low rank Air Force officer and deals with all the things that come along with the post of a non commissioned officer in Indian Air Force. Shabd Mishra is deeply in love and has done unbelievable things for his love, but hasn’t confessed his love to the woman of his dreams – Soumya.

The story talks about what happens when these school friends meet after so many years. Does Sushil find happiness in his so called cursed life? Does Shabd confess his love to Soumya? Does Soumya reciprocate Shabd’s feelings?

The book, though often referred to as a love story, is a bit different. It ought to be unless it wouldn’t have caught my attention even when I made full efforts to ignore this book and just flip the pages and write its review.

When I read the book, my views were – “At last, a good book!” You would love the simple and impressive narration style of the author and you would be deeply involved in the book and at the end, you would smile for you would know that you have read a good book.

So if you want to read a simple but impressive story, go for this book.

love at air force book review

3. Brida by Paulo Coelho: This book changed my perspective towards love and relationships. Every other day, I am quoting the concept of ‘soul mates’ while clearly giving the credits to Paulo Coelho.

There is no doubt about Paulo Coelho being one of the best writers of the world but still, this book is the only one which I liked so much that I am recommending it to my friends every other day.

I have read 4 books of Paulo Coelho till now – The Alchemist, Brida, Eleven Minutes and The Devil & Miss Prym and this one is certainly the best.

I bet this book is going to change your perspective towards love and relationships. Try it!

book review by brida

4. The Steve Jobs Way by Jay Elliot: The book is written by a colleague of Steve Jobs where he has described the working style of the father of Apple Inc. and one of the greatest leaders of the modern era. There was something different about Steve Jobs and the way he used to work and the book has been written to recognize that ‘different’ thing.

The book describes the leadership style of The Steve Jobs and I find this a must read for people who want to be leaders for this will teach you what is true leadership.

Though the leadership style of Steve Jobs was very different and sometimes ‘unaccepted’ by many, we all know that this very style lead to those awesome iPhones and that awesome brand which many love.

5. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini: I was actually confused about this place. I had to make a choice between two books:  The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Eleventh Hour by Catherine Coulter. While first one is the story of a Pakistani boy and his destiny, the second one is an amazing thriller.

But as it is clearly evident, I would go for The Kite Runner for it is the first book that made me cry; and it didn’t for a few minutes. I cried for hours. The words and the scenes from the book haunted my mind for many days, maybe months.

Do I still need to tell why you should pick up a book like Kite Runner?

I considered the entire list of books which I have read till now and these five are the ones which you should read for sure.  If you have already read any of these five books, share your reviews with me.

In case, you read a very good book which you would like to suggest other fellows who might read this blog, do share!


“Keep calm and read more books”

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  1. Hello Vishnu, Steve Jobs Way is obviously a good book. Though you can start with any book you want depending upon your own preference, but if I had to suggest, I would want you to read You can win first. The book is full of inspiration and stuff which would help you feel more confident and reach new success level. In fact, my interest in reading books doubled after I read that book, not because I liked the way it was written but because it made me realize what an enormous source of knowledge books are.
    So, go for You can Win 🙂

    • Yes, one has to read a lot in order to write. I am glad that you took the decision to pick up reading as a habit. 🙂 good luck!

  2. Loved the starting quote of this article.

    Back in 2009 I was not very fond of reading books as I was an engineering student those days and finding leisure time was little difficult task for me.

    But one day one of my close friends gifted me “You Can Win” and forced me to read the book.. I can say this was the first non-education book I read.. This books ignited such an interest to read books that I started reading more books.

    I read “Rich dad, Poor dad”, “Magic of thinking big” and many motivational books one after other. They were not only helping me to find hidden entrepreneur within me but I started observing great changes in my personality as well.

    I agree with on the part of talking about people who don’t read books.. This is such a medium which sharpen your power of imagination, as you feel lost in the story and involved when you read an interesting book.. This happened with me many times when I got lost in the characters and enjoyed the story.

    Till now I am have read inspirational, self-help type of books and learn many new things regarding life… This time I was thinking to change my taste, so order few books like “Corporate Chanakya” and few mystery novels which I am going to read in next few days.

    I have noted down books suggested by you in my Evernote and going to read them after completing my current stock..

    You can guess my craziness about books by just knowing that I have 100+ books in my bookshelf now. 🙂

    Hope many of your readers will add new books in their collection after going through this article and make their summer more entertaining..

    PS: This weekend I am going to complete “Autobiography of Yogi.” 🙂

    • Wow! 100+ books.. I do read a lot but I guess I am far behind you in this ‘reading book’ race which I love 😀
      After You Can Win, I did pick up more motivational kind of books but never found a one good enough and as a result, You can win is the only motivational book I like and I have completely read.
      Corporate Chanakya is in my wishlist as well… I am reading Business Doctors right now which seems to be a really good book 🙂

  3. Hi Manpreet, I must say that this is a great list, btw I’ve read the 4th one and I wud say it’s so inspiring especially for young entrepreneurs

    • Hello Jithin, thanks. I urge you to read all these books and then come back again and tell me how is this list. 🙂
      And yep, that book is certainly a must read for budding entrepreneurs.

  4. Hello Tuhin, I am overwhelmed to see such a response to my suggested list. 🙂
    And I am very sorry but I haven’t heard much about that book. Maybe I am too busy reading the books that are previously scheduled by me. But this reminds me that I should keep a check on books In U.S. markets as well. So, I am on it.. soon i will try to find some good and new books from other countries as well..

  5. I thought I couldn’t add anything else to my TBR summer list until I came across this blog 🙂 I am going to be busy! My summer reading recommendation for you and your budding entrepreneur readers are “Conversations that Sell” by Nancy Bleeke (www.conversationsthatsell.com). The book focuses on today’ sales market and gives easy methods and tools to adopt into your workplace. The author shows you how to collaborate with buyers and convert those leads and turn socially connected people into buyers of your product/service. It is great for people in sales and those who never thought they would be – you don’t have to be a born salesperson! I hope you will check it out! Happy Summer Everyone!

    • Hello Julia, Thanks for this amazing recommendation. I will surely grab this book. Learning how to sell is very important. It is important to all, not only to the people in sales and marketing profession. you know why?
      What do we do when we go for a job interview? We actually need to sell ourselves to the person who is taking our interview. So, at the end, all we do is ‘Sale’. And thus, learning how to sell efficiently is really required. Thanks for adding to the list. 🙂
      Keep visiting Finix Post and dropping such amazing suggestions 🙂


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