Are you a beginner in blogosphere? Once you set up your blog and start posting on it, the very next thing you look forward to is blog marketing. Don’t you? In case you don’t, you should; for adequate marketing is very necessary for the success of your blog. While there are many ways of promoting your blog, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are considered to be the best.

promoting your blog

Today, I am going to share some useful tips which can help you in promoting your blog on Facebook. Before I start, I want you to make sure that you have already built up the Facebook Page for your blog. Even if your blog is personal and is aimed to share only your life experiences, you don’t have any excuse not to have a Facebook Page for promoting your blog. Go get it now!

Now, it’s time to share the useful tips I was talking about.

1. Post Scheduling: Once you build up a Facebook Page, you need to post on it regularly. While there’s no actual limit on the number of posts each day, you must make it sure that you post updates on regular time intervals. I know that’s simply impossible for anyone of us. We can’t just log on to Facebook every second hour just to post a status update or share a picture on the Facebook Page. Can we?

Because of that particular reason, you’ve an option to schedule your Facebook posts. I am sure many of you would have been doing that already. For the ones who don’t, start it NOW!

Also, make sure the posts on your Facebook Page are interactive. People should comment and share your posts.

Tip: Don’t just talk about yourself or your own blog. Share content which your audience would like.

 2. Use @ and #: The at sign (@) and the hash tag (#) are the ones which are usually ignored by people who are working on promotion of their business/blog through Facebook. Don’t you dare to make this mistake!

Through @ sign you can easily mention or tag a famous personality. For example, I posted a review about a book written by Agatha Christie who is a very famous author. I tagged her in the post while sharing the link to my blog. Similarly, you can tag popular people or interests using @. While this doesn’t have a direct effect on your post’s visibility to your audience, this certainly makes a difference. I am telling this from my own personal experience.

The use of hashtag (#) serves the same purpose on Facebook as it does on Twitter. This allows you to search for similar posts and add your own post to that search data.

3. Facebook Groups: Just when I started getting satisfied with the audience from my Facebook Page, I came across the concept of Facebook Groups. I know, it has been there since like years but as a blogger, you need to discover how to use it effectively.

You cannot make your blog popular by posting on any Facebook Group that allows you to share the updates. You need to pick up some good blogging related Facebook groups. This has dual benefits. You not only share your post with like minded people but also get to increase your blogging network.

Isn’t that amazing?

Tip: Also, find out some active Facebook Groups related to your blog genre. They would work too.

4. Message to Pages: There are many more pages which have a much larger audience than yours. Right? What if you could use the audience of those ‘popular’ pages with thousands and millions of likes? What if you could promote your blog post in front of those people?

Is that possible? Of course, yes. All you need is a small amount of hard work and a smart & strong convincing power. What exactly would you need to do?

Start messaging those popular pages about your blog post. Beware! Don’t SPAM. A short message describing about you and your post is enough. Make sure the post which you’re sharing and expecting them to share is relevant to their readers. See the example where I messaged a very popular and active page on Facebook telling them about my post.

Hi there

I hope The Times of India is doing great. My name is Manpreet and I am a student and part time blogger by profession.. I have a blog where I share my thoughts about Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment and very important – our country India. I have always been quite worried about what keeps going on in our country, in the media. And all such worries come out as words and that’s why I write articles like these. I recently published: Do we want gender equality or women rule in India? You can check out the article here Feel free to place a link or the entire article at your page.

I am a regular reader of your newspaper and a subscriber to TOI app as well and I hope to publish more articles soon, and your support would really mean a lot to me.

All the best, Manpreet

 While you cannot always be sure that this would work, a good effort would really pay you well in the long run. That reminds me of a book review on my blog that was shared by the writer of the book itself – Paulo Coelho. Just one share brought me 800+ unique visitors in 3 days.

Marketing is one area where no one can teach you enough. Each day you need to explore and learn new things. To do that, you need to know the things which are already working so as to devote more time to figure out new things. I shared the things which work with me. Hope they help you out!

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  1. Manpreet,

    Advice No. 2 is my favorite. Obviously using those signs on Social Media especially on Twitter and Facebook can turn things around you. Possibly.

    Liked your post actually.


    • Hello Hassaan, I am glad that you liked my post. Those signs really work like magic.. especially on twitter.. don’t they?


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