School education spoiled us. All those lessons on how you should always keep yourselves open to new opportunities and say ‘yes’ often is crap. Or the context was completely wrong.

Nobody told us saying ‘yes’ to things can be counter-productive. Nobody said how it would harm us. I am going to tell you today.

Why should you say ‘no’ more often?

Saying no

  1. You’ll have more time

I am a firm believer in the concept that if you actually want to do something, you’ll take out time for it. But if you keep doing everything, you will never have the time to do the thing you want to do the most. For example, if you do have two clients that require you to work as a full-time employee, and two new projects in pipeline close to your heart, you will never have the time to do the thing that gives you intense happiness – write on your blog.

So, it becomes necessary for you to say ‘no’ to things that aren’t a priority and make time for things you want to do.

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2. You will stop people from taking advantage of you

Did you ever come across employers who admire your work and tell you every once in a while about how much they love you and cannot possibly function without you? That makes you feel fantastic. So amazing that even when they double your work, you wouldn’t complain.

But try asking them for a raise, and they will simply have no resources to give you that (of course, they would happily give if they could). How accurate that statement sounds to you?

You’re lucky if you have never had such employers but if you do realize that you have them, either quit, find better people or just practice saying ‘no.’ Why should you be doing double work when there’s nothing of your interest to you?

3. You will save yourselves from parasites

The world is full of people who want their work done and don’t give a shit about what you may want or need. Sometimes, I feel like their sole existence is to test out your patience. They make your life hell and overladen you with work while making you feel bad about yourselves.

Why should you be feeling bad? You’re an excellent individual who is trying his/her best to excel in whatever he/she is doing. But at the same time, you can let people use you as a doormat.

Well, the fact has you let them do it when you keep saying yes.

“Oh yes! I know how to do it. I can help.”

“Oh! I will do that.”

“Yes, I understand that you’re busy. No problem. I will do it.”

Don’t do it! 99 out of 100 times that person wouldn’t even recognize that you did him a favor. There are no favors in professional life. So, don’t do them.

Favor bank concept exists but not when people think you’re entitled to work more just because they want you to.

4. You will get happier

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Once you learn what damage you’re doing to yourself, you will start saying “no.” Say it once and let yourself feel the relief that passes through each cell of your body. Say it more often, and you will feel even better.

Somewhere down the line, you will learn to respect yourself as an individual. You will feel happier, calmer and much more energetic. You will feel like working on things you love and catching up with friends you love. You will eventually become a more successful person. Try it!

Life is all about living it to the fullest. Fulfill your desires, work hard, be consistent, be determined, get what you want and be happy. Start that with saying “no.”

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