Do you love reading books? And what about the authors? What do you think of them? What kind of picture you make up in your mind when you think about new authors?

Since more than a year, I have been introduced to new authors much more than ever before. I read newly published books, enjoy them or loathe them and then share my views about them on my blog. Since a couple of months, I repeat this for my Booktube Channel as well.

new authors

But life as a book reviewer isn’t all roses. We get pricked by nasty thorns many a time. And those are mostly planted by the new authors who sometimes cross the limit. Today’s post is for those budding authors who care enough about their readers to not walk on the vengeful path. Today’s post is for those authors who often don’t understand the actions of book reviewers as much as other readers do. Here are the things I want to say to New Authors.

Sometimes reading a book becomes painful

Writing as a career is very popular. Every person has thought of writing a book at least once. Some just laugh at the thought and some drop the idea after considering what it takes to be a writer. But some go on, write a book and get it published.

I want to address to this lot that gets published. Trust me! I have no personal vendetta against you. In fact, as a book lover, I want to read about new stories, new perspectives and new worlds. But how many times did you think of the reader while writing those words? How many times did you think of what you wrote before getting it published? Did you consider if it’s worthy of being published?

A large number of people don’t. Maybe I am wrong with this statement but then why are there so many books that are published without a proper plot, narration and editing? Why some books are just unbearable to read because of the technical flaws? Grammatical mistakes, sentence structure mistakes, spelling mistakes, inconsistency in the plot… come on! Didn’t you read your book even once before getting hundreds of copies printed?

I want to support you for writing more and more books and I wish you a successful writing career but, my friend, if you make such silly mistakes, no one would want to pick your book. In fact, they will curse you for ages for writing such a book (in case they pick it up).

We can’t do free book reviews. And that doesn’t make us greedy or unfair

new authors

Reading a book takes time. Reading books is my hobby but when some new author sends me a book, he doesn’t do it with the sole intention of me reading the book. I am always supposed to review the book on my blog in a particular time period, then go on and review it at book shopping sites and then promote it.

Do you think all of that doesn’t take up my time or effort? Just because I love reading books, I must write the review and promote those books everywhere without any compensation? Just because someone loves his work, he must be willing to work for free. Is that so?

Even checking those emails where you say that you don’t have the budget to pay for a book review takes time which I could have spent with my readers or on my blog or on my work. Moreover, aren’t you being paid by the publisher for the copies you sell? You also loved writing the book. Then why are you accepting profits it makes? Why not let the publisher keep all the money?

It doesn’t suit you to be such a hypocrite. If you earn money for your efforts, we deserve the same.

Deal with negative reviews like a grown up 

There are some authors who would apologize to you for having a bad experience with their book and promise that they will deliver better results next time. And then there are authors who would never accept that what they wrote was nothing but a piece of shit and go on criticizing you for your review.

Come on! I am not declaring something. I am just expressing what I thought about your book. If you don’t like people talking about your book, why did you even get it published? You must have kept that book as your most precious asset in your cupboard.

When you encouraged me to review your book, you must have been ready for the result of your own work. I just told my readers about what you did in the book. Why behave so badly? After all, it was you who came to me to get your book reviewed and not the other way around.

Work on your attitude

When you publish a review of their book and if it is a positive one, they would love to share it and show it off. But would they care enough to leave you a thank you note for reviewing their book?

Good ones do. But some just didn’t learn the trait of thankfulness.

I must not complain over this for it depends upon someone’s personality. But I can’t help myself believe that authors are wise people and I don’t expect such a behavior from the wiser lot.

I cannot say it 100% surely but I believe almost all the book reviewers share same kind of feelings as I expressed over here when it comes to dealing with new authors. What do you think?

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  1. I so agree with all the points you have mentioned above. I wonder how people expect to get things done for free, even when knowing how many efforts go for the same. Plus it’s funny how some ask for genuine reviews and get offended for the same.

    • Exactly Rajesh. The word “genuine review” is so misinterpreted. For some authors, genuine reviews translates to positive reviews 😛


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