While I would certainly not want anyone to know where I was while writing this post, I would want to thank you for looking up to me for book suggestions. It seriously feels great when some of you ping me on my Facebook Page and ask me about which book should you read. And of course, you know how much I love the people who love books.

This post is about my favourite books of 2014. If you have been following this blog since a while, you would know that I really don’t have one all-time favourite book till now but yes, I thought yearly favourites would be a nice idea. Here are my favourite books of 2014.

1. Rearview My Roadies Journey: This book is written by the very famous “bad man” of Indian television Raghu Ram. It is the autobiography of Raghu highly focusing on MTV Roadies. As said in the review over here, I am not really a fan of the show. But I am certainly a fan of this guy after reading the book. It’s awesome.

My Roadies Journey by Raghu

2. How I braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a Million Dollar Company: I didn’t verify the statement but yep, this is one of the bestselling books in the country for now. With a great advice on entrepreneurship, the book allows you to connect with the author and learn a lot of life lessons. Though it is a fiction but then it is the best kind of self help books you would ever find. Go read it!

how i braved anu aunty and cofounded a million dollar company book review

3. Love @ Air Force: I read this book in the beginning of 2014 and loved it. The memories of this book aren’t really fresh on my mind but I did recommend it in the summer reading list as well. It has to be good for I pay so much attention to it. Loved it. Review Here.

love at air force book review

4. Brida: I know how some of you love to pull my leg and therefore you would read the review of Brida and comment over here that I read this in 2013. So, basically it is a 2013 favorite. I agree. But I feel I haven’t given much attention to this book since then apart from asking all my best friends to read it or never talk to me again. Yes! I so loved this book. Not many people would like this book because of the subject but those who would read it with an open mind would love it.

book review by brida

I think 4 books are enough for you to stay occupied for like a month. Go get the books and read them.  If you would buy the books from my links, I would be able to earn a few pennies. So, use those links in bold if you think I deserve some fruits for my efforts.

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    • Hello Akash, I deliberately kept it short for it has to be a top-books post… If you keep the list long… then what’s the point of doing a post like this. 🙂
      And thanks for acting upon my suggestion. Feels great.

  1. Hi Manpreet,
    I am a big fan of the tv show MTV Roadies, before reading of your article I really do not know about the book written by Raghu, I really love to read that book and the topic of the second book is also very interesting I would also love to read that book, thanks for sharing information on such interesting books.

    • Hello Alisha, I am glad that you liked the review and yep… the book is good. Do read it! And it is always a pleasure to share information like this 🙂


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