Do you want to get into the habit of reading books? Then, adopting a 30 day reading challenge can take you a great deal forward. However, for me, 30 day reading challenge didn’t work. I failed at it.

So, I did what I could – I took up an even tougher challenge – 365 books in 365 days challenge.

It was different this time. I didn’t just go on the internet and announce it, which is usually the case. I read about it, analyzed case studies of people who have been doing it. And I felt I could do it.

So, on June 14 2018, I started my 365 books in 365 days challenge. With some rules.

  1. Read books of or less than 200 pages.
  2. Finish the reading task as the first task in the morning.

Have I been doing it? No. It’s hard, you see. To follow the rule #2, I must wake up early, or I cannot devote that time to reading.

Rule #1 is something I followed for a month and it somehow helped but not so much. One issue is I’m a mood reader. Getting into the mood of reading a specific book is tough for me. If I don’t feel like it, I just don’t feel like it.

Secondly, I made the biggest discovery of the year – all short books are not quick to read. I even made a video about it – short books vs quick reads.

But I still wanted to begin this post to document my experience with each of the books.

So, here’s what I’ve been reading.

1. Eat that frog by Brian Tracy – A non-fiction on time management, I am very lucky to pick up and read this book. I definitely want to re-read it in the same year – it’s short & effective, only if you read it often.

eat that frog by brian tracy

2. Poonachi by Perumal Murugan – A fictional story of a goat written in Tamil and recently, translated to English. Borderline allegorical, I just loved the book just because it was story of a goat. I am an animal lover, you see.

3. Just Shut Up & Do It by Brian Tracy – Again a very short but effective read, a non-fiction on how you can achieve your goals in your life.

4. 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler – It has short passages on things you can do to stay motivated. Like Eat That Frog, it’s a book  I feel I must re-read quite a lot of times to take in the full essence of this book.

5. Think Straight by Darius Foster – It was one of those books that I saw as a ‘bestseller’ on Kindle Unlimited and ended up buying. But it was a short disappointment. I liked the concept of the book but it failed to make a mark on my mind.

6. Potpurri by Ruskin Bond – If you’re looking for easy light reads, Ruskin Bond books are a good pick. It’s the second book I’m reading of the author, after The Room on The Roof. A collection of short stories including his very popular Susanna & her seven husbands, it has some light horror stories and I really liked it.

7. Speed Reading by Justin Hammond – A non-fiction on how to read faster. I am not sure I liked this as all the tips were the basic ones and it felt like those kind of books that just draws concepts from other books and exists just to make readers spend money.

8. How To Stop Procrastinating by Steve Scott – It’s the non-fiction book that made me come up with that great idea on how every short book isn’t necessarily a quick read. This was certainly not a quick and effective read. Didn’t make a difference to my life.

9. The subtle  art of not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson – Again a short but not a quick read, the book is more like a copy of different self help concepts, stolen but presented in a manner that shuns all those other self help gurus. How could I even like it? Secret: I think the ones that did like the book liked it because of the foul language or it made them feel like hip or something!

10. Keepers of Kaalchakra by Ashwin Sanghi – A fiction, mix of history, politics, science fiction and more. I am glad I finally read a fiction by Ashwin Sanghi and I did enjoy this book. It’s more than 400 pages, so this is where I started breaking the rules. However, I didn’t like the ‘lazy writing’ in the book. What’s that? Ask me in the comments & I’ll answer.

11. The Greatest Salesman in The World by O.G. Mandino – I thought the book was about sales but it’s actually a self-help book. Excellent concept but it needs real hard work and excessive re-reading to actually make an impact on me. I’ll be working on that, some time.

12. Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling  A fantasy re-read, I liked this book as I love the Harry Potter series but I get it how second books in book series became infamous.

13. Eleventh Hour by S. Hussain Zaidi – A crime novel, recently released based around the theme of terrorism and Indian intelligence agencies trying to fight it. A quick entertaining read.

Wrap up as of July 24, 2018

Non-fiction books read – 8

Fiction books read – 5

Books below 200 pages- 11

Books above 200 pages – 2

This update would be continued… it’s more like update of month one. I’ll update this post on August 14, 2018 now.


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