I am not trying to be a racist. I am talking about Indian women here because I belong to that set of society. Born and brought up in Punjab, I have experienced a lot of things which I couldn’t agree upon. A large portion of my time has been spent on interacting with women – school friends, college friends, neighbourhood girls & aunties, random women I meet…

Each woman has her own personality and you can learn a lot from them (yes, even if you don’t like the person). But there are some women who haven’t been my favorites. The feminist in me couldn’t accept their actions and thoughts. This is what makes me write this post on things Indian Women need to do. Because I feel that’s something really important.

1. Start caring about yourself indian woman

Indian woman is considered an epitome of sacrifices. No doubt why we aren’t given the kind of respect we deserve. No wonder why we are undermined. When you don’t respect your own self, how can you expect someone else to respect you?

I think Indian women need to get out of that role of “innocent selfless girls” and start giving some attention to their desires. You’re not supposed to think of others all the time, care for them while completely ignoring your own self. Think about your own self too.

I am sure working women in India won’t agree that’s the case but go and live with a woman from rural India and you would understand how their busy schedule make them forget that their own body needs some attention. Yes, educated women in rural India go through that too.

2. Stop being ignorant

indian summer women with head covered

Ignorance is a disease which is highly spread in India, in all genders. But the worse impact of this illness is on women. Imagine being a woman who has no idea of the biological changes that are happening to her body after she reached puberty! Imagine being a woman who has no idea about giving birth to a child but is still pregnant!

Such women fall prey to stupid and dangerous ideas. Such women grow up to be the ones who don’t let their daughters enter the temple because they’re on periods. Such women grow up to be the ones who would take their daughter in law to a tantric when she is unable to bear a child.

No. Educating a woman isn’t a solution. I lived in a girls hostel for 3 years and I know what goes among the “educated” lot of women. What Indian women really need is to stop being ignorant and an inner desire to gather knowledge about the basic things related to being a woman and a human.

3. Get ambitious

Most of the women in India grow up with only one dream – get married and start a family. Is that all you can think of for your entire lifetime? Would you rely on your husband’s income and not even try to stand on your own feet? What if at some point of time, your husband is unable to make the ends meet? Is it only his responsibility to earn?

While a large part of the country is fighting for an equal status for men and women, there is a huge set of population which doesn’t really understand the meaning of being “Equal”. And I think this is because of lack of one important quality in women – being ambitious.

Instead of begging for your rights, fight for them. Instead of gossiping around and watching daily soaps, spend some time in self education. Instead of dreaming about your marriage, aspire to build a better future for yourself. Instead of cursing your husband for earning less, contribute to the household income.

Don’t consider this as a hate post to undermine women. I cannot undermine Indian women, because I am myself a one. But I do want to live in a good society and women play a large role in that. Get responsible. Wake up!

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    • Thanks Jasleen. I really want women to start working on their own self. It is important. We all are important. Each one of us.


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