Don’t be that boring person who doesn’t update his/her wardrobe. At the beginning of each season, go through your wardrobe and chuck out the pieces you didn’t wear at all the last season. Then look for what pieces go with the trends of the latest season. Keep those and obviously, keep those timeless classic pieces that you have been wearing since like forever. Once you’re done with that, start shopping for new clothes. There are a lot of sales coming up, and I am here to tell you what to buy.

I will inform you about 15 fall fashion trends that you can adopt in this year. Are you ready?

  1. Plaids: You can seriously see these everywhere, and you need to get yourself one piece of plaids. These are chequered fabrics that are usually made of wool. They’re perfect for cold weather, and you can look for other fabrics to wear during less cold months. Please don’t get intimidated by these designs as you can always achieve a classy minimal look by wearing something like an overcoat in plaids with a pair of leggings and ankle-length boots. You can also have a dress, and that will be perfect for date nights.
  2. Oversized clothing: Women! Thank the fall fashion trends of this year to show some mercy on you. For once, you can be extremely comfortable and still, look fabulous. An oversized poncho or a scarf is a must in your fall wardrobe. fall-fashion-trends-2016
  3. Maxi skirts: These are perfect for a change from your favorite comfy bottoms i.e. palazzos. You can achieve an excellent boho look with the help of a floral maxi skirt. Boho look is in vogue and you ought to try it out. Moreover, the whole dress up will be very feminine and easy to pull off. You can team up the skirt with a bodysuit which is another favorite fall-time clothing item of a lot of fashionistas around the globe. skirt for apple shaped body
  4. Leather dresses: You can always go for vegan leather. There you have it! Stop cringing when you think about this piece of clothing trending everywhere. Leather boots, leather jackets, and leather shorts are all items that you need to have. At least, do yourself a favor & get a leather jacket. It’s a classy must-have piece in your wardrobe that you should’ve had already. But if you haven’t got it yet, buy one. leather in fall fashion trends
  5. Velvet: I swear I told all my best friends last season that velvet was trending. No one believed me then, and now, I think I was just predicting the future. Velvet is such a great fabric. It’s so soft and warm. I cherish my velvet kurti that I team up with black leggings, but you can also try velvet pants. Trust me! They look gorgeous.
  6. Sweater dress: It’s one of the best fall fashion trends according to me. It’s comfy and stylish at the same time. It’s warm too. You can experiment with different kinds of sleeves, necklines, and styles of a sweater dress. It’s just so versatile and good. I like to team up a sweater dress with a pair of leggings to hide away the flab from my thighs. But you can also wear it as one-piece if you desire. fall-fashion-trends-sweater-dress
  7. Footwear: There are so many new kinds of footwear you need to buy. Start with ankle-length boots to cover the basics. Then grab yourself a pair of knee length boots. Flat men-style boots are also trending.footwear fall fashion trends
  8. Hoodies: We usually wear hoodies as sweatshirts. But grab a hoodie to wear over your little black dress. That’s the most excellent one of the fall fashion trends. The normal hoodies which are common are being used in such a classy and universal manner. I love it. What about you?
  9. Patches: I don’t like the trend at all. I have seen a lot of Youtubers sporting the look since summer, and I hate it. But if you like that kind of dressing, go for patches. Maybe on your jacket or your jeans.
  10. Ruffles: It’s a brilliant Victorian trend, and it’s so good. You can wear a ruffled top or wear a ruffled maxi skirt. They’re fun to wear and can sometimes help you hide away those love handles you are trying to get rid of.
  11. Mix mustard with Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is the color of the season but for fall, you need to get a bit warmer (Not so nicely built sentence but then you got the point. Right? ). Pair the rose quartz with mustard. How can you do it? Wear a mustard top and have a rose quartz overcoat. It will be fantastic.
  12. Sequins: I went for shopping a few days back, and there are so many brands that have collections full of sequins. The best part is they’re so subtle and classy that you can even wear them to the office. Now, before you get mad at me, not all clothes with sequins are fit for office wear. In fact, most of them are not. But if you can find one of those, grab it.
  13. Metallic bomber jacket: To be truthful, these are two different fall fashion trends. People went crazy over the introduction of bomber jackets during the fall fashion weeks. At the same time, metallic is a great trend. I suggest, you combine both of them and get a metallic bomber jacket. What do you think of it?
  14. Capes: Capes are just too classy to wear. I am sorry if you don’t find classy that exciting but that’s the kind of style I appreciate. No matter what’s the occasion and what kind of dress you’re wearing, it must make you look classy. You can have any sort of combination with classy but being classy is a must!
  15. Tan: Another color/shade you need to adopt this fall. Use it in your jackets, footwear, scarves and what not! It’s just fit for fall.
  1. tan fall fashion trends

There you go! It’s my list of fall fashion trends you must try in 2016. Which one do you like the most? Tag me in your pictures on Instagram. I am available at finix_post.

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