Do you have a bucket list? Are there some experiences you want to take in, some dreams you want to come true and things you want to do at least once in your life? If yes, that’s what your bucket list consists of.

12 Things On My Bucket List

A few years back, I found the idea of having a bucket list quite absurd. Why has it anyways? Now I know. A bucket list helps you set a personal goal and strive to get closer to them each day. They remind you of the bigger picture. What you actually want from your life. And today, when I was going through my old diary, I found a list.

And today, when I was going through my old diary, I found a bucket list I prepared. To be truthful, I completely forgot that I had one but when I read the things on the list, I realized how much I still want these things to happen. To make myself for more accountable when it comes to these things I really want to do, I am going to share what’s on my bucket list with you. Hope you enjoy reading.

Note: This might not be the complete list, but this certainly has some weird things in it. 😉

1. Host a Travel Show 

Why? Because I love the perks. You get to travel to different places, you get to meet and experience a lot of things, earn money through it and grab some limelight with your work. I get so jealous of people who get a chance of hosting travel shows for I have always fantasized of hosting one myself.

2. Be an anchor

I so love public speaking. Being an anchor doesn’t precisely describe what I want to do but that’s what was written on my bucket list. I want to host a show and address a large number of crowds while representing a certain thought or topic. Probably, that’s why I love youtube so much. Because, running a youtube channel makes me kind of fulfill this dream work in some way.

3. Be a marketing expert

So, marketing and I go a long way back. I have longed of being a marketer since years. At that time, I was too young to even know the correct term “marketing” but I knew I wanted it. I wanted to learn and experience and master this skill. This will to be an expert at marketing reignited in my second last year of college and since then I have been working day and night to make this happen.

4. Experience India

Going for a trip to some place as a tourist is one thing and staying there while trying to experience the culture of the site is an entirely different thing. I want to do the latter. I don’t just want to travel to different places and see the traditional monuments and taste food at famous restaurants. I want to get in. I want to see the kind of culture people still possess. I want to taste the authentic food cooked by a household woman. I want to experience my country, not just see it.

5. Experience world

The same goes with the world. After I am able to get an idea of what my country and countrymen are really like in its different corners, I want to go and explore the world. It is an amazing experience. I can tell that already.

12 Things On My Bucket List

6. Do Paranormal Studies

Do you know I thought of having a category called as “paranormal” right on this blog? I feel so glued to the topic of supernatural activities. No, it isn’t just casual interest. It is something more than that. I believe in these things and want to experience these. I want to find the science behind these.

7. Learn martial arts

I have had the will of learning martial arts for a long time. I even took taekwondo classes for a while but never got a real chance to learn the correct form of this art. With the growing cases of crime against women, I feel learning this art has become even more important for me. But more than that, I want to learn the game of concentration and power of the mind through martial arts.

8. Get a toned figure

Of course, this is on my bucket list. This is something that is there in every girl’s bucket list. But I am proud to say that at the time of writing this article I am doing my part very well. My baby steps towards overall fitness and toned body have just started producing results and I am going to continue walking until I reach my goal.

9. Be a writer

I have so many ideas in my mind that can be turned into a book. But due to lack of self-discipline, I seldom find myself working on a book. Instead, I blog a lot and spend lots of time doing other stuff. I wish I could be more serious about writing my own book.

10. Learn anger management

If you know me personally, you would know what a sick trait this is. I get angry easily and the worst part about that is that I end up affecting and hurting myself when I am angry. That’s painful. That’s horrible. And that needs to be stopped.

11. Learn saving money

I am so bad at it. I have tried several different methods to be able to save money, but they hardly seem to be working. But I am still trying.

12. Run a dog shelter

Well, that’s my retirement plan. I want to be able to earn enough money to run an independent dog shelter without having to kill the dogs who don’t get adopted. In fact, a dog home would be a precise term about what I want to do.

These are the things on my bucket list. Do you have one? Share the top five things on your bucket list with me. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Some from this list are mine too. No I didn’t write them anywhere but they were my secret dreams. Learn anger management , writing book, toned figure are mine too.

    About marketing, mine was finance field☺️Even though I didn’t know wat involved except I knew it was money..

    Nice post


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