Can you make yourself lucky? Isn’t being lucky one of those numerous things that science cannot explain? Like science can’t explain how the universe came into existence and what’s the force that keeps this world running. But here’s one book that claims that you can make yourself lucky.

13 steps to bloody good luck

The first non-fiction book by India’s very favorite author Ashwin Sanghi made me intrigued. I immediately ordered the book and dived into it to find out what’s in there.

It turns out that the book isn’t as illogical as it sounds. It explains to you how you can be lucky through some steps, through 13 steps. Why 13? The author chose this number for 13 is always considered unlucky. It is a cool way to build more hype around this book.

The book begins with an excellent introduction by the author and tells you what it is about. Then starts the part where Ashwin Sanghi tells you how to be lucky.

What impressed me was that it wasn’t that high promise, low return book which usually get churned out in the country. Having finished reading the book, I am totally satisfied with what I know.

The author, through this book 13 steps to bloody good luck, has explained various concepts and ways you can implement in your life to attract good luck. Now, those things aren’t some superstitious jargon. Those are practical and logical things which are based on real-life examples.

In fact, the author uses numerous real-life examples to explain the concepts. These examples or short stories about various successful people around the globe are very inspiring. These stories also spice up this book. I mean, if you ever get bored while reading self-help books and think those are not your cup of tea, read this one. You will never get bored with this book. And you will never feel uninspired.

This book, 13 steps to bloody good luck, cleverly glues you to itself, then makes you flip pages, makes you read stories that will inspire you and instill a willingness of implementing the theories proposed in the book. It is simply amazing.

I don’t think there’s anything one wouldn’t like about this book. It is short and to the point. It is full of real-life examples that back up the theories proposed in the book. It’s written in an easy flowing manner. It has sensible concepts explained in a twisted and inspiring way. Twisted? Yes.

If anyone tells you about the same concepts but while addressing a different subject, you will just listen, admire and ignore. But the author has effortlessly associated all those things with making yourself lucky, and that just boosted the overall appeal of those concepts. You feel that much-required sense of urgency to implement those concepts and theories and reap the benefits.

It’s such a short, cheap but great book. I wouldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t appreciate it. I bought this book, and I feel euphoric about my choice. In fact, after I have finished this book, I feel like reading more self-help books and will be on a lookout for something similar and as good as this book.

I would certainly recommend each one of you to read this book. It will certainly have a good impact on how you live your life. And how you can attract bloody good luck.

My Ratings for 13 steps to bloody good luck: 4.5/5

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