World is going through a crazy time. While there are people who just cry out for help for there are ‘no jobs’, there are people who don’t have enough time to take up opportunities that come knocking at their doors. There are hundreds of ways of earning money but the problem is not many people know about it. So, how about we share all the ways we know that can help you to earn money in 2015 in just a few points?

An Advise for the ones who would read this article: To make it short I have clubbed many points so you would probably get more ideas from the points’ content than the heading.

1. Content Writing: Let me start from what I do to earn money. I don’t really earn much money out of my blog (more about it later) but then how do I survive without taking a single penny from my parents (except the money they paid for my expensive and useless degree)? I write for people. There are a number of projects I have in my hand where I basically sell what I write, be it on or There are tons of projects you can take up in content writing field ranging from blog post writing, ghost writing, copy writing to informative writing. But how did I get such projects? There are a number of sites like freelancer, oDesk, Elance that have plenty of content writing opportunities. Try!

content writing

2. Blogging: The next biggest thing that works on internet to make money is blogging. You can actually earn 6 figure salaries from your blog if you pay good attention to it. But how does a blog make money? Through advertisements, sponsored posts and affiliate sales. The biggest thing blogging does for you is build your identity on the internet. When people know you, they trust you and when they trust you, they give you lot of opportunities to make money.


3. Upload Videos: Yep, this article won’t just be about making money on internet but let me get over with these before I come to the others. Youtubers do make a lot of money. How? Just by posting videos. You don’t really need a high quality camera equipment to begin with… Just post whatever you feel like and there would be people who would watch those videos and youtube would give you money for it.

upload videos

4. Freelance Work on Internet: There is a lot of freelance work available on internet for people with varied skills. If you are reading this post, you know how to use internet and that means you can access all such great opportunities for work like doing paid surveys, handling social media marketing for brands, data entry work, graphic designing work, web development work and so on. Basically, there is work on internet for people with any kind of skills. Even if you feel you have no skill worthy enough to be paid for, you would make money on internet. Try.


5. Part Time Job: Maximum of my friends didn’t earn any money even in college. I have been earning money since I was in 7th grade. How? There are so many ways. Home tuitions, baby sitting, handicraft work and so on… What helped me then was my attitude. I was even ready to sell newspapers so that I don’t have to ask money from my parents. And trust me! You won’t find more conservative parents than mine. No one would let you work if your father is a reputed police officer in the state but still I managed because I wanted to. So, if you really want to earn money, shun your attitude and start looking for work – no matter how small it is or how meagre the payment is. I started from Rs. 100 and now I am at Rs. 30,000. You can reach to a much higher level.

part time job

6. Sell: Selling a product is the best way to make money – on internet as well as off internet. But what to sell? What if you cannot create any product to sell? Well, look around you in your house. There would be plenty of useless stuff that you can easily sell on sites like ebay. If the stuff doesn’t look good enough, give it a makeover. If the old jeans are ruined from the bottom, cut them and turn them into shorts and sell. Open your mind and try! My friend lost his Ray Ban shades during the Goa trip we went for in 2014. But we were left with the cover and I put it on OLX for Rs. 500/- Got four people who were interested to buy immediately. No one can be so stupid to sell a RayBan cover… but try being stupid once. It can get you more money than the wise ones get. You can also sell a service like consulting or doing blog posting for other people.

selling product

7. Network: In 2014, I had no new opportunities to make money which obviously implies that I was stuck with one figure and couldn’t find more work. In the end of 2014, I met one awesome person and through him networked with a few more people and now I have more work than I can do… which means I can make more money than I actually thought of. Networking with the like minded and quality people is the key. You won’t get a job offer instantly but once you have a quality network… opportunities would come. Be patient.


8. Go Frugal: I have been following this concept since last month and it is seriously awesome. What’s the point of showing off your Gucci jeans to people when you’re actually reading this article to find out how to make more money? I don’t believe in simple living, high thinking. Frugal living and high thinking is what we need. (Hope that doesn’t mean exactly the same).

9. Saving is earning: So, I had this ‘keeda’ of being self dependent when it comes to money in my mind even before I was in 7th grade. But before that I couldn’t find any way to earn. So, I started saving whatever I had. When some elder one used to give me money on some occasion, I used to save it and that money actually helped me to buy three mobile phones in future as well as to help my parents with a sum of Rs. 50,000 when our new house was being built. It was basically their money which I had full freedom to spend but I preferred saving and it did make me feel like I earned some money. Try to cut your expenses… extra T.V. bill, having pizzas at Dominos thrice a week… try to reduce them and save some part of it which you would have otherwise spent.

10. Add Another income stream: Many of my friends are now employed or have a job offer in their hand and soon would move to big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc and that would be when they would realize they are going short of money. It is a fact that the way we want to live these days doesn’t really happen unless we’re earning a lot and you can’t really earn a lot if you’re a beginner in your profession. What’s the solution then? Work more. You’re young and now you have energy to take up more load so that you can rest when you get old. Two jobs aren’t really too much. This thought just stays in India… once you got to a foreign country, your same body would be perfectly fine while working on three jobs… why can’t you do two jobs in India then?

11. Read more: Now, this isn’t really going to hand over those crisp cotton paper in your hands but in the long run, the habit of reading is going to multiply the money you would be earning. Reading has benefits which seldom people understand. I have been questioned for how a piece of fiction can help someone improve their life or learn a lesson. Well, this I think is like a question – how stories of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates help us to get inspired. Got my point? You can’t really see or measure everything but then you can’t even see or measure air. But it is there right? Reading does help you make money.

Sorry, if it became a bit long. I have been trying to communicate information in fewer words for the sake of your convenience. But this had to be like this… This is all me and what I believe that can help you to make money in 2015. And as I have tried all of these… I can confidently say that this do work.

If you have any doubts, I am ready to clear them for I know; I have been in the crowd saying that such articles on internet are stupid and don’t really work. But now, I bet these work (and I never lose bets).

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  1. Hai Manpreet,
    You said everything right. I too started earning money online but not from 7th grade. I worked in bubblews previously and it stopped its payments. And yes, blogging is little tough and making huge money from blogging requires huge skills and efforts. And I couldn’t understand what about that GO FRUGAL concept clearly. And you really did an awesome work. Keep writing such awesome posts. Have a Cool day.

    Warmest Regards,

    • Hello Mohan,
      Frugal living is a concept where you spend only the amount of money you actually need to spend… you spend as less money as possible. For example, say you need an item A for your work and item A is available in wider variety of prices but you will pick only the one that serves your purpose well. No show off!


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