Raise your hands if winter means wearing black for you. Black is the color of winter, and almost all of us have our winter wardrobe full of black coats, pieces of denim and sweaters. But it gets truly annoying after a while. Moreover, if you have a fur ball living with you, you may want to opt for different colors.

That’s why I started researching and noticing trends on how to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Here are my findings!

How to brighten up your winter wardrobe?

brighten up your winter wardrobe

Before you read, every point is a step, and it’s the easiest way to transition into a brighter winter wardrobe. You can skip any step or pick any one first according to what suits your taste, needs and the budget.

  1. Begin with brighter accessories

skin care in winter

Bringing a huge change in your life out of sudden is tough. So, start with small steps. Try adding some bright scarves or beanies that would go with your all-black outfits. For example, you can wear all black outfits and add a yellow beanie or a dark colored outfit paired with a yellow knitted scarf will also look great.

  1. Try brighter makeup

brighter makeup for winter

I know, we just wait for wearing those wine shade lipsticks and have those dark blushes on our cheeks, but if you want to brighten up your winter wardrobe and not spend extra on new clothes, you can simply do it by changing your makeup shades. Try pink and coral shades that are lively but will still go with the winter look.

  1. Pick neutral shades


These shades can indeed be worn anytime of the year, irrespective of the season it is. Having some neutral pieces in your wardrobe are a must, and if you don’t have any yet, you need to shop for them and then wear them extensively. Just incorporate a neutral piece in every dark outfit you wear, and you will have a brightened up look perfect for the weather.

  1. Wear colorful coats

Wear colorful coats to brighten up your winter wardrobe

Every winter, I go shopping for 1-2 coats and end up buying the same gray, black or brown clothes. But if we want to get out of that usual dark winter wardrobe, we need to be picking different stuff. And one of the easiest to adopt styles are picking colorful coats. For example, last year, I got myself a pink coat just to add that touch of brightness into my wardrobe. But you need not begin with pink. The red color is amazing for this season, and you need to grab colors like red, green and orange.

  1. Grab some bright knitted pieces

Knitted sweaters for brightening up your wardrobe

Knitted sweaters are amazingly comfortable, and we all have a few ones in blacks and navy blues. Don’t we? But if you want a little more colors in your wardrobe, invest in knitted sweaters of colors like red, orange and yellow. They go great with black or white bottoms. A yellow knitted sweater with a navy blue coat is my favorite combination. Try it!

  1. Go with furry whites and greens

Furry sweaters and coats are the trendings this winter, and the trend utterly smites me. With my slightly blue and cream sweater dress from Forever 21, I feel I am just getting into the trend of furry dresses again. They look entirely amazing, and they look better if you pick brighter colors. So, if you want to opt the furry clothes trend this season, go with brighter or lighter shades.

  1. Go with colorful belts

To be truthful, it’s not my style to wear belts but belts, are an excellent way to add some bright shades to your outfit without investing too much time or money. Grab some colorful belts – a green, red and blue one for sure and start trying them out with your existing dresses. Match and rock the trend!

  1. Colorful stoles

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Stoles with checks and prints are the best way to brighten up your wardrobe. A woman can never have enough stoles and scarves. Grab some and try them with different dresses you have.

  1. Try bright glasses

wear colorful bright glasses

Do you wear fake glasses? I don’t, but I have to wear glasses to be able to see and write. So, if I decide I don’t want to do any of the steps from this list, I can simply get a neon shade glasses. I am sure it will brighten up my entire wardrobe and how many pieces did I have to buy? Just one and I will be set for the season. If you try it, tweet me the pictures at @manpreet1011

  1. Try bright bags

Now, we were just talking about glasses, but we totally forgot the coolest way to brighten up how you look in winter. Just add a bright bag or even a white bag will do. I recently got myself a very nice white bag along with the tan colored bag. The latter is the color of the season, but I know myself and my affinity with black color so to make my outfits a little less than costumes from a Gothic movie, I planned to use the white bag to have a balanced brightened up look. Do you get the point?

  1. Wear a knitted sweater over a white shirt

You will need to see the neckline of the sweater to wear this dress right but the pop of bright color a white shirt will give will do the job for you. It really looks fantastic, and you will have to worry about only cleaning the collars clean of that white shirt. It’s less work, more show outfit. What do you say?

But, what are the best bright colors for winter?

I understand you. I have been just talking about bright colors, but if you’re like me, you’re just wondering, “WHAT COLOR?”

So, here are the bright colors that you can try in winter.

  1. Red: It’s the basic bright shade that will go well with coats, heels, knitted sweaters, hats, belts or anything. But if I have to suggest, I would ask you to invest in a red knee length coat.
  2. Blue: If you’re thinking about what color will suit for the bottoms, blue will work the best. You can also opt for a blue coat or knitted sweater. They will look great.
  3. Orange: I feel it’s the brightest and coolest color for the season. From orange lipsticks to orange coat, everything will look fantastic. But don’t go for the orange shade that’s close to neon. Just go for the original orange shade.
  4. Yellow: There’s the classic bright yellow straight from VIBGYOR and then there’s the mustard yellow. Both are perfect and will look good on knitted sweaters and scarves.
  5. Green: Invest in a green furry dress or coat. You won’t regret the decision.
  6. Purple and pink: Both purple and pink are great, and you can opt for any coat, sweater, scarf, hat, glasses, makeup that has these colors.

Why no shoes? Yes, if you noticed, you will be wondering why I didn’t ask you experiment with shoes. You can opt for bright yellow or orange shoes, but I personally would recommend you to stick with classic colors that you already own and build your wardrobe around those. Still, if you want to buy new shoes, here are some ideas.

Tell me what you think of these tips to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

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