Have you ever felt jealous when you see big celebrities and models walking in high heels as if they were wearing flats? Come on! You did wonder how those women manage wearing high heels and look so comfortable. Didn’t you? They’re not faking all the time. It is possible to feel comfortable in high heels. Only thing you need is research for it and understand how to make that happen.

feel comfortable in high heels


Why do you think Finix Post exist? To make your life easier. I have done the research and tried this stuff so that you can simply feel comfortable in high heels without making any efforts on researching for what works and what doesn’t. So, here are the 11 tips that I have found, tried, and that really work!

  1. Invest in good quality high heels: Women love to buy a lot of new stuff and for most of us, this means compromising on the quality. What we focus on is quantity, rather than quality. But when it comes to high heels, you need to mend your ways. Not only they can make you feel utterly uncomfortable while you’re wearing them, but also they can pose a great health risk. So, make sure you buy good quality heels or just don’t buy them at all!
  2. Store Them Properly: Don’t just throw around your high heels like other pairs of footwear you have. They need special attention and care. Make sure you have a specific storage space for your heels. This will keep the heel away from any damage and save you from a lot of pain.
  3. Don’t wear them for long time: Heels are good if you’re going to wear them for a couple of hours (maximum). If you need to walk around and stay in your shoes for long time, just wear something else. Heels are just not meant for purpose of long time wearing.
  4. Be careful when you walk: There’s a reason why women take baby steps while wearing high heels. This helps the feet from damage or pain. Of course, we have seen women running around in heels in many T.V. shows, but that’s not reality. Right?
  5. Wear the right size: I have around 7 pairs of high heels and only two of them fit me perfectly. I bet most of you just don’t bother themselves much when it comes to size. Design and price matters more. But guess what, I can only wear two heels now. Because it is simply impossible to stay inside other 5 of them. Got your lesson?
  6. Cushion them up: Nowadays, heels don’t have proper or enough cushioning. This makes them a bit uncomfortable and can also give you blisters. At such a time, cushioning like these help. This one on Amazon (convet hyperlink) has been my savior. Try it!
  7. Don’t drive: It is good that I don’t know how to drive a car. But for those of you, who drive regularly, make sure you keep a pair of flip flops in your car and drive while wearing them. If you drive while wearing high heels, that can damage the shape of heel and cause you lot of pain and misery.
  8. Keep them moisturized: Yeah! They are as delicate as your skin is. They need moisturization. Olive oil works the best in this case. Oh god! Olive oil is seriously the ultimate savior. Isn’t it?
  9. Use tissue paper to maintain their shape: While storing your heels, stuff some tissue paper inside them so that they do not bend or lose their shape.

Follow these tips and make yourself feel comfortable in high heels. I bet that you would feel so good that all your friends would get jealous, unless you decide to share this post with them.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a blogger too. I don’t blog as frequent as you do but you missed out one thing here. The heading says 11 tips and post gives only 9.

    In future, have a check before posting.

    Happy Blogging!

    • Hey Shakthi Priya,
      It is always nice to meet fellow bloggers. would check your blog today.
      And LOL More than 260 people had read the post by the time you commented… and yes, I missed that. The initial draft had 11 points but then I clubbed a few of them and final count became 9. But I forgot to make the change in the title. Thanks for pointing it out. And Finix Post is lucky to have such an alert reader. Thanks 🙂
      Keep visiting 🙂


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