It is the last day of 2014 and hence a good time to look back at what we did in the whole year and also make good plans for the next year. First thing I must do before I begin this article is to THANK YOU. It really feels great to see that someone is interested in reading what you have to say. That’s the best gift you can ever give to a writer.

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So, here’s what Finix Post did in 2014…

1. Blogging tips: We planned to come up with a huge Beginner’s blogging guide but somehow that got delayed. However, we did share some essential things about blogging. We began with the post Things you need to know before you start blogging and talked about stuff like internet marketing, earning money online, blogging break and other such tips.

2. Book Reviews: Books are really dear to Finix Post and that’s why we keep reading more and more books and reviewing them. In 2014, we did 20 Book Reviews. From love stories to paranormal fiction, from philosophy to erotica – we covered a number of different genres and introduced you with some newly published authors from India. We also had guest contributors sharing their Book Reviews like of the Murder On the Orient Express.

3. Author Interviews & Book Suggestions: We interviewed a few authors in 2014 and presented you a sneak peek into the lives of writers. We were hoping some of you would get inspired and take up writing as their passion. And then this weird thing happened where each of my friends started counting on us for book suggestions and that was an opportunity for us to generate more content. So, we did.

4. Movies & Product Reviews: We believe that reviews are important for they can really save you from wasting your money on a bad product. Reviews give you a fair idea about what to expect from a product and whether it is worthy enough to spend money on it or not. We did a number of movie and product reviews in 2014 so that we could save your money.

5. Latest technologies: You might not see the Technology section in the main menu now, but we did talk a lot of technology – especially the technology trends which were expected to cause a great stir in this year. We began from Wearable Devices and ended up with some coolest gadgets for the lazy people.

6. Social issues: No one completely agrees with the norms of the society and maybe that’s why there are certain social issues that create restlessness among a particular section of the society and it did the same to us. But we preferred talking out and hence presented our view point on various topics ranging from Laws & Indian Media to Pre-Marital Sex.

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7. Giveaways: ‘Free Stuff’ – the term itself seems so cool and we understood that very well and that’s why we tried to organize some giveaways through which you could win some amazing books or even an entire website developed according to you. Isn’t it awesome?

8. Cool Tips: what’s even better than free gifts? Cool tips that could help you in the tough times. Right? We had some really good and tested tips about a number of topics ranging from health & fitness to dating & relationships.

9. Events: We covered some really good events like Rose Festival, Chandigarh which is one of the biggest festivals in the country. And as you loved whatever we did, we’re going to do more of it in 2015.

10. Video Blogging: We know how many of you just don’t like the idea of reading so many words. World is moving to audio visual content and so we also moved forward by launching the YouTube Channel of Finix Post which would have a number of awesome videos in future.

11. We met you: What many people don’t realize while reading the articles on Finix Post is their importance for our existence. Your opinion and your presence is the only thing we crave for. We want to hear from you. We want to know how we can help you or entertain you. And this is what we had tried to do in 2014 and it did go really well. Your comments, likes and shares kept us in high spirits and we hope it stays like that in future as well.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS… Let’s begin with the new year with some well defined goals and with a motive to change the world and be happy. Can we do it?

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